Top 10 Best Ian & Mickey Moments on Shameless



Top 10 Best Ian & Mickey Moments on Shameless

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Love, heartbreak, and prison; these two have been to hell and back again. For this list, we're looking at Ian Gallagher and Mickey Milkovich's standout moments as "Shameless'" surprising but endearing 'ship. Please be warned, spoilers ahead. Our list includes Their Break Up, Their Prison Reunion, Mickey's First Declaration of Love, Mickey Rescues Ian, Mickey Comes Out, and more! Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Gallavich Shameless Moments.

Top 10 Gallavich Shameless Moments

Love, heartbreak, and prison; these two have been to hell and back again. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Gallavich “Shameless” Moments.

For this list, we’re looking at Ian Gallagher and Mickey Milkovich’s standout moments as "Shameless'" surprising but endearing ‘ship. Please be warned, spoilers ahead.

#10: Their Break Up

Season five really put Gallavich and every one of the relationship's fans through the wringer. Following Ian's bipolar diagnosis, the couple begin to drift apart, although never stop caring for each other. Disregarding Mickey's repeated pleas to seek help, Ian stops taking his bipolar medication, which creates a rift between the two. After some bad advice from mom, Ian decides that Mickey is just trying to fix something that isn’t broken, and brings down the curtain on the Gallavich romance - despite an earnest and rare declaration of love from Mickey.

#9: Their Prison Reunion

"Shameless" doesn’t care much for happy endings, so fans assumed the worst when Ian was arrested for blowing up a van as “Gay Jesus”. Coinciding with actor Cameron Monaghan's departure from the show, the sixth episode of season nine used a stint behind bars as a way to write out the character; however, Ian finds a surprise waiting in his prison cell. Ian's roommate is none other than Mickey, whose last appearance occurred during season seven. Being in prison is not exactly a happy ending, but this is about as good as things tend to get on "Shameless."

#8: Ian Crashes Mickey’s Wedding

Mickey's reluctance to accept his sexuality is among the largest hurdles faced by the couple during the first four seasons, culminating in Terry hiring a hooker to compulsorily reaffirm his son's heterosexuality. To make matters infinitely worse, Mickey is forced to marry Svetlana after the prostitute becomes pregnant. With all hope seemingly lost for Gallavich, Ian storms the wedding in a last-ditch effort to change Mickey's mind, and the stunt initially appears to pay off! The guys find time for a steamy quickie before Mickey goes ahead and marries Svetlana anyway.

#7: "You're Under My Skin"

Following actor Noel Fisher’s decision to move on from "Shameless," at least for a while, season six opens with Mickey serving eight years in prison for attempted murder. Much later however, in episode seven, Ian is suddenly kidnapped by Mickey, who plans to flee to Mexico after escaping from prison. The time spent behind bars only served to strengthen Mickey's love for Ian, and the fugitive finds the absolutely sweetest way to verbalize this affection. Along with temporarily reuniting a fan-favorite couple, this moment reaffirmed that Gallavich was more than just a fling that could be disregarded.

#6: Mickey’s First Declaration of Love

Mickey's journey to self-acceptance proved to be a long and arduous one, with Ian practically being treated like a “mistress” during "Shameless'" earliest seasons. Following years of hesitation, Mickey finally finds the courage to say those three words Ian and fans had been waiting so long to hear! While a pivotal moment in Gallavich's relationship, Mickey's declaration of love coincides with Ian spiraling out of control following a string of manic episodes. Just like “Shameless” to bring Mickey to a good place, just as Ian starts to spiral downward. Gallavich never takes the simple route, does it?

#5: Mickey Finds Out Ian is Bipolar

Towards the end of season four, Ian begins to show signs of bipolar disorder, which happens to run in the Gallagher family. Fiona recommends seeking professional help, but Mickey refuses to abandon Ian in a psychiatric hospital. Proclaiming Ian "family," Mickey shoulders the responsibility of taking care of Ginger, a decision based more on emotion than logic. In subsequent episodes however, he would gradually come to the heartbreaking realization that Gallavich is simply not enough to “fix” Ian’s bipolar disorder. There are few things worse than having to helplessly watch as a loved one breaks down.

#4: Mickey’s Reaction to Ian Joining the Army

Devastated by Mickey's newly minted marriage to Svetlana, Ian understandably gives up on Gallavich and turns to the military as an escape. Enlisting without uttering a word to any of the other Gallaghers, Ian pays Mickey one final visit to break the news. Up until this point, Mickey's feelings for Ian had been mostly implied rather than outright stated; however, met with the very real possibility of never seeing Ian again, Mickey is left with no choice but to be a tad more direct. So much emotion is packed into just one word.

#3: Mickey Rescues Ian

Life in the army ends up disagreeing with Ian, who almost immediately goes AWOL and launches a career as a stripper at the White Swallow. High on all of the drugs and refusing to return back home, Ian pushes away anyone who tries to help, prompting Mickey to personally drive down to the bar. Following the most awkward lap dance ever and a short fight between the two, Mickey decides to wait outside for another chance to speak to Gallagher, before intervening when an older man tries to take advantage of a practically passed out Ian.

#2: Mickey Comes Out

It was a moment multiple years in the making that was more than worth the wait! During the christening for Mickey's son, Svetlana demands that Ian is kicked out. Tired of being treated like a “mistress”, Ian calls out Mickey's cowardly refusal to publicly acknowledge their relationship. Terrified of losing Ian, Mickey stops the party and spectacularly comes out to everyone. It's hard to say who was more surprised by the announcement - Ian, or Mickey's homophobic father. Initially, the news sparks a massive brawl, but the night ends with a bloodied Gallavich standing tall for the whole world to see.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

First Kiss

Piggyback Ride

“Just Wondering if We’re a Couple or Not...”

Ian Visits Mickey in Prison

“Southside Piece of Trash”

#1: Their Goodbye Scene at the Border

Hey, nobody said these have to be happy moments! On the run after escaping from prison, Mickey initially manages to convince Ian to come along for the ride. "Shameless" treats audiences to two glorious episodes of Gallavich, before abruptly ending the duo's reunion. Realizing he can’t just abandon everyone back home, Ian gets cold feet at the very last second, leaving Mickey to travel on to Mexico alone. After sharing one final kiss, Mickey crosses the border, seemingly dashing all our hopes of a Gallavich fairy tale ending.