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Top 10 Characters We Want to See Venom Fight

VO: Adrian Sousa WRITTEN BY: Michael Wynands
We've all seen what Venom is capable of in the Spider-Man comics, but who knows what he'd be capable of against these fearsome foes! Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Characters We Want to see Venom Fight. In this list we'll be looking at various characters from different franchises who should totally go toe-to-toe with every ones favorite Symbiote. Have an idea you want to see made into a WatchMojo video? Check out our suggest page at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest and submit your idea.

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Though these franchise crossovers are unlikely, we can always dream. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Characters We Want to see Venom Fight.

For this list, we’ll be cherry-picking worthy combatants from pop culture to pit against Spider-Man villain turned anti-hero, Venom. The only condition is that they not have faced off in an official crossover before.

#10: Batman

Over many decades worth of comics, the Caped Crusader has made a habit of punching well above his weight class. On paper, a mortal armed with nothing but his wits and an assortment of gadgets would be no match for a superpowered extraterrestrial force like the Venom symbiote. However, this is no mere mortal that we’re talking about; this is Batman. The Dark Knight might not be Venom’s physical equal, but using his brains rather than brawn and given enough time to prepare, we have no doubt that Batman could devise a plan of attack that would even the playing field.

#9: Battle Beast

Not familiar with Robert Kirkman’s take on the superhero genre? You’re missing out. Across 144 issues, Kirkman told a superhero story to rival the best of them, and created an unforgettable cast of characters to inhabit his colorful and bloody universe. One of the greatest warriors created by Kirkman was the imposing Battle Beast. Once the Guardian of his home planet, he forsook his post to indulge his obsession - fighting. Battle Beast (or Thokk to his friends) lives to fight and during his lifetime was constantly on the hunt for an opponent worthy of his prowess in battle. We think we would have had fun tangling with Venom since both characters are absolutely vicious combatants.

#8: Hellboy

Venom is more than just another villain or anti-hero with superpowers, he’s something out of a nightmare. A hulking frame bulging with muscles, a long reptilian tongue, claw-like hands and a gaping mouth full of razor-sharp teeth make him truly terrifying to behold. If you want to take Venom down, you need someone experienced with such hellish creatures; you need a monster of your very own. Enter... Hellboy. The literal beast of the apocalypse, Hellboy is living proof that nurture trumps nature. He fights to keep earth safe from the most malevolent and powerful supernatural forces, meaning he’s squared off with some truly savage creatures. As Hellboy’s adoptive father Professor Bruttenholm puts it…

#7: Black Canary

Yes, Black Canary is a formidable hand to hand combatant - arguably one of the best martial artists in DC comics - but her strength isn’t superhuman. She might be able to outmaneuver Venom, but one serious blow from the symbiote could very well kill her. Be that as it may, Black Canary brings something to the table that makes her very well suited to take down Venom, her Canary Cry. Dinah Lance has the ability to create powerful sonic blasts with her vocal cords. This is more than a loud singing voice, she can stun opponents with it, or even deafen them. Her control is incredible. And unfortunately for Venom… his weakness is loud noises and sonic waves.

#6: Swamp Thing

Venom can swing, punch, and decapitate with the best of them, but how would he handle an opponent so fundamentally different from himself? Swamp Thing is an Earth Elemental charged with protecting all plant life. As such, he doesn’t usually involve himself in superhuman conflicts unless they threaten nature. But if, for example, Venom were to get into a collateral damage-heavy altercation in the Amazon rainforest, he could find himself on Swamp Thing’s radar. Comparable in size and strength, Venom and Swamp Thing would make for formidable foes, but Swamp Thing’s unique nature-based powerset would force Venom to get creative.

#5: Optimus Prime

The leader of the Autobots has faced off against more than his fair share of formidable foes over the years. And sure, he’s nearly been sent to the scrapheap on more than one occasion, but he’s a leader and survivor with a fight record that speaks for itself. The thing is, he usually dukes it out with other Cybertronians. Metal on metal combat is one thing, but how would he perform against an organic threat like Venom? By the same token, we’d be curious to see Venom’s approach.

#4: Deathstroke

Slade Wilson is the most skilled and infamous mercenary in DC comics. Even from a young age, Wilson excelled at pretty much every form of combat he was exposed to. When he subjected himself to scientific experimentation, however, he awoke from a coma capable of using 90% of his brain. Not only that, but his strength, speed, and stamina all substantially increased. Not unlike Battle Beast, Slade longs for a challenge and has rarely encountered a foe he couldn’t best. He’s squared off against and defeated some of the greatest warriors in the DC universe. Maybe Marvel comics can invite him over to play with Venom? It would be a fight for the ages.

#3: Predator

This extraterrestrial warrior race, also known as the Yautja, pride themselves on their abilities as hunters and fighters. Traveling the stars in search of new prey and opponents, they’ve visited earth on multiple occasions, but imagine the excitement they would feel upon coming in contact with a symbiote like Venom. Now that would truly be a prize worthy of a Predator’s trophy room. Furthermore, if like in the new Predator movie the Yautja were actually looking to genetically modify themselves using the DNA of their prey, a symbiote could prove to the ultimate addition to their genetic cocktail. Of course, beating Venom is easier said than done, but the Super Predator would make for a fair fight.

#2: Xenomorph

Predators are all too well acquainted with this extraterrestrial species. While we think that Venom and the Super Predator would make for an interesting bout, there’s something even more compelling about the idea of Venom going up against one of these fearsome killing machines. We actually see similarities between Venom and this would-be foe. Fangs would meet fangs, claws would lock and heads would surely roll. While xenomorphs bring acid to the party, Venom’s unique physiology balances the scales. More so than any other pairing on our list today, this fight would be extremely fast-paced and animalistic, bringing out Venom’s savagery.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions

Geralt of Rivia



#1: Spawn

They might hail from different publishers, but this is really a battle between brothers. Todd McFarlane co-created Venom for Marvel Comics, and then after helping to co-found Image Comics in 1992, unleashed Spawn upon the world. The visual similarities between Venom and Spawn are obvious, from the facial markings to the clawed hands and extreme musculature. They are two of the most iconic comic book characters of the ‘90s and they embraced the excessive violence that defined the decade. It’s not just us who want to see these two throw-down on the big screen; McFarlane himself told CBR that if his upcoming Spawn movie were to be distributed by Sony, he’d love to direct the crossover himself down the line.

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