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Pro Tips To Get You Started in Destiny 2: Forsaken

VO: Adrian Sousa WRITTEN BY: Cem Ertekin
So you've gotten the Destiny 2's newest expansion, but don't really know where to go, what to do, and how to be good? Well look no further, because we've got you covered. We'll tell you all you need to know to get started in Destiny 2: Forsaken, including some tips to be the best Gambit player out there. So equip your auto-rifles, stock up on legendary shards, and make sure to keep your Ghosts hidden during combat.

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Whether you’re a Kinderguardian or a seasoned sherpa, Destiny 2 Forsaken has something new to offer for literally everyone. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re gonna share with you some tips and tricks to get started with Destiny 2 Forsaken.

Maybe you decided to take a long rest after getting all those IKELOS [eye-kell-os] kills for Rasputin, maybe that last sentence made you go, “What the heck is an IKELOS?” The point is, if you are jumping into Forsaken right now, you actually don’t have to worry about any of that.

Why? Because you can skip all that and jump straight into action. You see, Forsaken comes with a boost that allows you to level up one of your characters to level 30 with 320 Power (or Light, to use the old parlance). If you’re a newcomer, that’s gonna let you skip the campaign missions of previous expansions. And if this isn’t your first time in Destiny 2, you could use that to level up a secondary character. So if you’ve been wondering what it feels like to play as one of the other classes, now’s the time.

But what exactly is new in Forsaken? What has changed? Well stick around Guardian, and we’ll give you all the pro tips you need to make sure that no one can tell that you don’t know what the hell’s going on.

First, there’s a whole new campaign – and you simply have to play through it. This time, you’re on a path of vengeance – the time for “guarding” and “waiting around” is over. (Unless if you’re like Zavala… But hey, to each their own) Not only is the campaign full of some really cool moments (and at least one “HOLY CRAP” twist), but it’s also a great way to level and gear up. Well… You also technically need to do the campaign to unlock other content.

The game itself has also changed slightly. The most obvious change would be the nine new supers that have been added – 3 for each class. Right after you finish the first mission of Forsaken, make sure to check in with Ikora before you continue with the rest of the campaign. She’ll give you another mission that will allow you to collect Visions of Light. These drop from enemies and look like bright shiny feathers. Once you collect enough, you’ll unlock the next step of the quest, which will send you to Io. Then you’ll get yourself a Seed of Light, which will allow you to unlock your newest Super.

Since you won’t be able to unlock the other two until much later into the expansion, it’s important to pick one that you’ll really enjoy, but also one that’ll be the most useful. Do you like playing as a speedy death machine? Or do you like providing the most utility for your fireteam? Whatever your answer, just don’t forget that that’ll be the new super that’s going to carry you through the rest of the expansion until you reach the end-game.

Also, weapons, mods, and masterworking have slightly changed as well. Firstly, random rolls are making a comeback from the original Destiny. Which means that even if you think your gun is the best out there, you can still get an even better one. On top of that, you can now equip shotguns and sniper rifles in any slot, which can be a game changer. Equipping a kinetic or a special shotgun in the Crucible can and will make you very deadly in close quarters. The same applies to your opponent, so you might wanna be doubly careful when you’re rushing in for that melee kill. This goes for you too Titans.

In addition, infusing has changed as well. Now you have to use planetary materials – Dusklight Shards, Simulation Seeds etc. – to infuse your guns. While this gives you more incentive to go back to older planets, you can also buy these materials from the Spider using your Glimmer. (Well… Sometimes. He only has 4 types of materials on any given day, but his inventory resets daily.)

How you upgrade your weapons is really up to you. If you want to increase your Power as fast as possible, then there’s no need to infuse or upgrade weapons until you reach max Power, just keep equipping the biggest weapons you got. But, if you’re really addicted to, say, auto rifles, then by all means keep upgrading. But you’ll soon realize that it’s too expensive and time consuming a habit. But, we have to say that the better you are at using a particular type of weapon, the more fun you’ll have. Unless you’re a total pro with all weapon types. Then please, be our guest.

Oh and also, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t collect exotics until your power is high enough. Go and do those quests. They’re great challenges and will help you polish your skills. But it might be more time and cost effective to wait until you have a really big Power difference to infuse them to become really big. And besides, if you’re a die-hard Crucible fanatic, your 540 Ace of Spades is just as good as a 650 one since level advantages are disabled. If however, you want to do some PvP in Gambit, then you’re gonna want a bigger gun, since your Power will matter.

Speaking of Gambit, this brand-spanking game mode is the biggest new thing Forsaken brings to the table. Now, what the heck is Gambit? Essentially it’s a game mode that fuses PvE and PvP elements in a glorious amalgam of chaotic combat. Two teams of four are pitted against one another, with the objective of killing enemies of humanity. As you kill these enemies, they drop Motes. You collect these motes and deposit them in your bank. When you collect 75 motes, you summon a Primeval. If you kill that Primeval, you win the game! Sounds easy right?

Well… Not really. You see when you deposit the right amount of motes, you can summon three different sizes of Taken on your opponent’s side. These Taken are quite powerful and while they’re up, your opponent can’t deposit their motes. On top of that, each time your team deposits 25 motes, a portal will open up, allowing you to invade your opponent’s side. You’ll then have 30 seconds to wreak havoc. And if you invade while your opponent is fighting their Primeval, it’s even better: because every opponent you kill will heal their Primeval.

In other words: Death heals primeval.

Here are some Gambit tips in quick succession: Don't let motes despawn. Don’t always save up to 15 motes. Grab power ammo before you invade, bonus points if your super is ready. If you’re being invaded while fighting the Primeval and death seems inevitable, just let the Primeval kill you instead of being slain by a player. But don’t die, in general, especially not to mobs. Make sure to deposit your motes before you invade. Make sure your opponents are holding motes when you’re invading (Check the progress bar on top of your screen, if it’s grey, you’re good to go.) Kill the Primeval envoys. Revive your buds.

Well… That about sums it up. Forsaken has quite a lot to offer to all kinds of players, so you should totally give it a go. Especially now that you’ve been powered up by these pro tips. If you want some more specific tips to become a proper Destiny 2 master to make even Zavala proud, then make sure to check out our Top 10 Tips to Dominate Destiny 2.

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