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Top 10 Best Cree Summer Voice Roles

VO: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Andrew Tejada
This legendary voice actress has brought over 100 characters to life with her remarkable voice. For this list, we'll be highlighting the best vocal performances on Cree Summer’s extensive resume. We’ll be considering both her film and tv roles for this animated countdown. Our list includes Inspector Gadget, Danny Phantom, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Drawn Together, Tiny Toon Adventures and more! Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Best Cree Summer Voice Roles.

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Top 10 Best Cree Summer Voice Roles

This legendary voice actress has brought over 100 characters to life with her remarkable voice. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best Cree Summer Voice Roles.

For this list, we'll be highlighting the best vocal performances on Cree Summer’s extensive resume. We’ll be considering both her film and tv roles for this animated countdown.

#10: Penny

“Inspector Gadget” (1983-86)

Cree Summer kicked off her prolific career early with “Inspector Gadget”, playing Penny, the intelligent niece of the titular bumbling cop. Whenever her uncle Gadget had trouble with a mission, she was there to bail him out... not that he knew. Penny usually saved him from behind the scenes with her computer savvy and assistance from her dog Brain. But she’d also put herself in danger in the field if it was a matter of life-and-death. While the plots were often formulaic, Summer gave Penny variety, and a voice that Gadget’s enemies should have feared.

#9: Witch Haggar [aka Honerva]

“Voltron: Legendary Defender” (2016-)

When a rift in reality opened up on a planet called Daibazaal, an alchemist named Honerva was invited to study it. Her studies enabled her to harness an energy from the rift she called quintessence. But after her husband uses that energy to save her life, Honerva transforms into the malicious Witch Haggar. Haggar is insanely powerful, clever and calculating, and unfortunately for the heroes, she can follow up on her threats. Summer’s raspy vocals and sinister tones make the witch sound terrifying. Not only does she create an excellent antagonist, but demonstrates she has the range to play seriously evil roles.

#8: Miranda Killgallen

“As Told by Ginger” (2000-06)

You can’t talk about Summer’s villainous roles without mentioning her turn as the meanest teen in Lucky Junior High. Miranda is a stuck-up student who lives to dominate her school’s social ladder, and is more than willing to lie and manipulate people for her own selfish ends. Miranda’s biting comments and frosty personality made her either the scariest or funniest part of each scene she appeared in. Sure, she's hateful, but you have to love how Summer brings her to life. Miranda’s wicked nature and her trademark cackle are absolutely perfect.

#7: Valerie Gray

“Danny Phantom” (2004-07)

Valerie Gray is just another popular kid at school. But after Danny’s battle with an enemy accidentally causes her father to get fired, she adds ghost hunting to her extracurricular activities. Gray used technology and her 9th degree black belt to stop specters in their tracks. But what really made her stand out was the great character development she received. Throughout the series, we see Valerie gradually let go of her blind hatred for ghosts and become a better person. Summer stepped into the role, taking over from Grey DeLisle, but her subtle vocal changes make every step of Valerie’s journey believable.

#6: Cleo

“Clifford the Big Red Dog” (2000-03)

Sharing the role with Regine Candler – who voices the pup in the British version of the show – Cleo should be annoying. After all, the hyper poodle can be self-centered, tends to stretch the truth, and can turn simple problems into complex issues. Summer prevents the pooch from becoming the show’s main villain by balancing Cleo’s negative qualities with an innate kindness and notes of empathy. Although she won’t always admit her mistakes, she is willing to correct them. She never completely loses her mischievous streak, but with each misstep, she reminds younger audiences to always learn from their mistakes.

#5: Numbuh 5

“Codename: Kids Next Door” (2002-08)

The operatives of the Kids Next Door protect their peers from adult and teenage threats. Within the organization, Abigail Lincoln, codenamed Numbuh 5, defends kids as one of the strongest members of her team. If she’s not calling fellow operatives out or referring to herself in the third person, she’s tackling missions with street smarts, intelligence and determination. Summer gave the character a commanding voice to match her outspoken nature. When it’s time to show the caring person under Numbuh 5’s cool exterior, her volume and cadence hit the right notes.

#4: Foxxy Love

“Drawn Together” (2004-07)

This reality TV parody so isn't safe for work! Here Cree voices “Foxxy Love”, who is largely characterized by her promiscuous lifestyle, which is balanced with her musical career and penchant for solving mysteries. Summer takes full ownership of the role with an energetic style that constantly pushes the boundaries of good taste. She also finds places to made Foxxy the most grounded character on a show full of wild personalities. Summer’s turn as this sultry musician is something that has to be seen to be believed. Just make sure kids are out of the room before checking it out.

#3: Maxine ‘Max’ Gibson

“Batman Beyond” (1999-2001)

Even Batman needs help sometimes. When Terry McGinnis became the caped crusader, Maxine “Max” Gibson stepped up to help him fight crime. Max was a genius in the classroom and behind a keyboard. After using a computer program to narrow down Batman’s identity, she discovers Terry’s secret and agrees to keep it under wraps. Max had the courage to face supervillains head on, stopping them either with force or quick wits. It wasn’t surprising that Summer slayed in the role. After all, Max is basically “Inspector Gadget’s” Penny with a tougher attitude, pink hair and much cooler friends.

#2: Susie Carmichael

“Rugrats” (1991-2004) & “All Grown Up!” (2003-08)

Before Susie arrived, the “Rugrats” crew was constantly tormented by Angelica. Once Susie moved into town, the babies gained a new ally. Her boundless kindness was only surpassed by her immense talent, especially when it came to singing. This gave Summer several opportunities to show off her impressive pipes. Outside of her singing talents, the actress brought a wise and confident voice to the role. As a result, fans knew that Susie’s appearance was a sign of good things and even better sounds. Although it began as a small role, it’s impossible to imagine the “Rugrats” universe without her.

Before we shout out our top pick, here are some honorable mentions.


“Mummies Alive!” (1997)

Elmyra Duff

“Tiny Toon Adventures” (1990-92)

Mari McCabe / Vixen

“Batman: The Brave and the Bold” (2008-11)

#1: Kidagakash Nedakh [aka Princess Kida]

“Atlantis: The Lost Empire” (2001)

Kidagakash Nedakh was the princess of Atlantis for thousands of years. After Milo arrives to the lost city, Kida goes from a royal warrior to the ruler and savior of Atlantis. She is an intelligent and strong fighter that’s unafraid to rush into battle, and at the same time, she’s consistently hilarious and a little naive. Summer’s ability to channel all sides of Kida’s personality as well as the effortless way she speaks Atlantean made the character feel like a real and complex figure. Her performance ensured that Kida will be remembered as one of the best Disney queens.

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