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Another Top 10 Most Dangerous World Records

VO: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Owen Maxwell
Whoever said fame can be dangerous wasn't kidding. For this list, we're looking at more people who put their lives and health on the line for a world record. We're basing our choices on a mix of high stakes, daring feats and just how all-around insane these attempts were. WatchMojo counts down Another Top 10 Most Dangerous World Records.

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Script written by Owen Maxwell

Another Top 10 Most Dangerous World Records

Whoever said fame can be dangerous wasn't kidding. Welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for Another Top 10 Most DangerousWorld Records.

For this list, we're looking at more people who put their lives and health on the line for a world record. We're basing our choices on a mix of high stakes, daring feats and just how all-around insane these attempts were. If you don’t see a worldrecord you thought should be here, be sure to check out our first video on the topic!

#10: Game of Thrones

With fewer episodes than their usual run, 'Game Of Thrones' had to creatively up the ante for its seventh season. For the series' climactic dragon attack, the crew decided to push the carnage past anything else on TV. This involved setting a record 20 people on fire in one shot, just to make things look real. The stunt actors were alight for over 10 seconds before crews even put them out. Unfortunately Guinness avoids tracking such stunts for film and television, which is likely in an attempt to dissuade productions from being reckless. Even without Guinness's official mark on the feat, it still made for one badass war scene.

#9: The Space Cowboy

Chayne Hultgren aka The Space Cowboy has chased enough chainsaw records involving juggling that holding the blade near his mouth now seems pedestrian. In the Australian record holder's quest to expand his collection, he had 21 apples cut out of his mouth by a chainsaw in one minute. While this might seem like a unique challenge, Preacher Muad’dib previously held the record with 18 apples. Some of Hultgren's other records include swallowing swords and getting run over while lying on nails. If this doesn't seem dangerous enough, Hultgren has also earned the blindfolded version of the record while cutting the apples with a chainsaw himself.

#8: 637,000 Bees

Though many people are terrified of bees, they can be very tame if you keep your cool. Unless you're allergic, it's estimated it would take approximately 1000 bee stings to kill the average adult. Luckily China's Ruan Liangming wasn't allergic to bees when he attempted the world's heaviest bee mantle. Liangming had 60 queen bees placed on him, which attracted approximately 637,000 bees to cover his entire body. In total the swarm weighed just over 140 pounds, and even covered Ruan's eyes and nose. With such a lethal amount of insects on his body, it's a wonder Liangming shakes them off so fearlessly.

#7: Human Arrow

Brian Miser has been working as a human cannonball since 1999, so turning himself into an arrow isn't a crazy stretch. As dangerous as the act seems, human arrow acts were part of Barnum & Bailey's acts as far back as 1896. For Miser's record, he flew an amazing 104 feet and seven inches, all while he was engulfed in flames from head to toe. Despite everything that could've gone wrong with the stunt, Miser calmly prompts the audience for cheers while he's still on fire. He's so fearless in fact, that the hosts only end up extinguishing him mid-bow.

#6: World's Strongest Eye Sockets???

Even with several world records under his belt by 2009, Chayne Hultgren continued his record pursuits by pulling a rickshaw with only his eye sockets. Hultgren also loaded the vehicle with three women and metal plates, bringing the total weight to 907 pounds. Fishhooks were attached to Chayne's lacrimal bones, which enabled him to drag the cart across the show floor. Much to the hosts' disgust, Hultgren pulled the rickshaw over 10 meters. With over 40 records to his name, Chayne knows the difference between dangerous and stupid. Thanks to Hultgren'spractice of calculated risks, the hooks didn't even pierce his skin either.

#5. Greatest Distance Walked on an Observation Wheel

Nik Wallenda is no newcomer to the Guinness book, currently holding nine records including being the first person to walk a tightrope over the Niagara Falls. In 2015, he set his sights on the Orlando Eye, a 400-foot-tall Ferris wheel overlooking Orlando, Florida. On a particularly wet and windy morning, Wallenda rode to the top of the wheel, before climbing out and walking over a steel support beam only 6 inches wide, with no harness of any kind. With a first person camera showing the sheer height and shaky conditions, Wallenda gave the hosts of “Today” quite the scare, as well as everyone watching.

#4: 1000-Horsepower Beast

The Top 1 Ack Attack is a one-of-a-kind streamliner motorcycle designed with the specific purpose of setting land-speed records, and in September of 2010 it did exactly that at the Bonneville Speedway in Utah. Piloted by Rocky Robinson, the bullet-shaped motorcycle attained a whopping top speed of 376 miles per hour. This landmark achievement was the result of several attempts by Robinson, who had previously crashed and rolled the bike sixteen times while riding at speeds in excess of 320 miles per hour. At speeds like this, there’s understandably very little room for error, but Rocky Robinson held down the 1000-horsepower beast like a boss, and still holds the record to this day.

#3: 900 Pounds in 7 Years

After dealing with childhood obesity, Rosalie Bradford went on to become the heaviest woman ever in 1987. Bradford weighed 1200 pounds at her heaviest, although she never gained that weight quite as quickly as the heaviest woman to give birth, Donna Simpson. Fitness icon Richard Simmons stepped in to help Rosalie, and gave her a diet and exercise plan. Bradford moved from clapping to full-body exercise, and shed 420 pounds in her first year. Rosalie's hard work helped her shed more than 900 pounds in 7 years, but not without the starving and dangerous heart strain that goes with it. Bradford went on to give weight loss seminars by treating her eating habits like addictions.

#2: Iceman

Since 1986, Jin Songhao has been training his body to be extremely resistant against the cold. Songhao has even made a habit of hosting In repeated ice-bathing contests against his friend Chen Kecai. Jin took the lead when he set the worldrecord at 113 minutes in the ice. In 2015, Songhao went on reality TV to push his record to 115 minutes. While it's not as scary as being buried alive for 10 days, which is what Czech man Zdenek Zahradka (xref), the cold temperatures can reduce blood flow to the brain. Nevertheless, Songhao made his way through the last two minutes with musical encouragement from the audience before emerging triumphantly.

#1: Superhuman

Some people chew on ice, but Michel Lotito ate the glass that it comes in. Lotito, aka Monsieur Mangetout, was born with pica, a disorder which caused him to compulsively eat non-food items, like metal. Luckily, Michel was also gifted a superhuman ability to absorb around two pounds of metal per day. Monsieur Mangetout has eaten TVs, bicycles, and chandeliers and is allegedly the only person to ever have a coffin inside of themselves. His most extravagant meal was a Cessna 150 airplane, which he ate from 1978 to 1980. Lotito finished the meal in good health, though the compounds or edges alone would kill most people.

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