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Most Hilarious Soulcalibur Creations

VO: Adrian Sousa WRITTEN BY: Ty Richardson
The character creator, and players in Soulcalibur VI just keeps churning out gold. When we went through the best creations you guys made, we hit too many funny ones that they had to be their own list. So from Marge Simpson to Mewtwo, these are the strangest Soulcalibur creations we found.

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Most Hilarious Soulcalibur Creations So Far

Whether they’re great or not so great, some people know how to make the most out of character customization. Welcome to MojoPlays, and today, we’re taking a look at some of the Most Hilarious Soulcalibur Creations So Far!

For this list, we’re taking a look at the funniest custom characters we’ve seen in “Soulcalibur VI”!

Justin Timberlake in “D**k in a Box”


Here’s one way to let online players know what’s on your mind… It isn’t a perfect replica, but this is still a great tribute to the classic “D*ck in a Box” video from “Saturday Night Live”. On top of following the color scheme of Justin Timberlake’s character, there’s a lovely present strapped to the crotch area. Judging from the pose, we can tell he’s been given Voldo’s moveset, and there isn’t a character template more fitting. Now we can engage in combat while thrusting our soul into every move! Give your opponent your a box!



“Pokemon” characters have never translated well into character customizations. They often come out obscenely ugly or a terrifying monstrosity of nightmare fuel. That isn’t to say these shocking transformations aren’t funny. Take our adorable Pikachu, for example. He doesn’t exactly translate well into “Soulcalibur VI” and looks like a knock-off toy you’d win from a carnival game. Wait, he’s got a sword, too?! Folks, we have found the best Pika Pi on the market! What makes it better is he doesn’t have Voldo’s freakish animations! No joke, we had to sift through too many of those...



You know, at least Pikachu looked just fine as a living sock puppet. With this, we just...WE CAN’T EVEN!! Jynx was already one of the weirdest Pokemon in the franchise and this takes it to another level. This looks like if Jynx had been put into an episode of “South Park”. Look at those massive lips and stone cold eyes! Seriously, those are the eyes of killer!! Even the comments section of this Reddit post is filled with people screaming in terror or laughing at the freaky design. Thanks, PatBeefy. We won’t be sleeping tonight.



Holy “Pokemon Hell, which minion of Giratina is this?! Everything about this is wrong in so many ways. It looks as if one of the Power Rangers wanted their suit to look like a hybrid of a rabbit and a lizard. And those eyes… Those soulless EYES!! Either Mewtwo has seen some serious s*** or his psychic powers have snapped his mind! In all seriousness, this is pure gold. We’d love to take Mewtwo online now just to see the reactions we can get out of our opponents.

Red Pikmin


Remember that weird commercial for “Pikmin 2” where the Pikmin are a bunch of dudes in spandex yelling “hot dog”? [show commercial] Yeah… Well, imagine if they were given muscles and only wore underwear. There you have it, folks! This is what a Pikmin looks like in “Soulcalibur VI”, and we don’t know whether to call it hunky or horrifying. What we DO know is that if this Pikmin was in “Smash Bros”, there would be no survivors. For as weird as it looks, we still give props to Dangatopreto for the amusement!

Marge Simpson


You know, there have been a number of character creations that will haunt our dreams. So, when we saw a Reddit post titled, “I’ll krump with you, sweetie pie”, we knew that could only mean one thing. Ladies and gentlemen, Marge Simpson is ready to krump with SOOOUUULLL! Dear god, this thing is so unsettling to look at from the hair and eyes to the gaping mouth. Let’s just hope our editor doesn’t pan over to the traumatizing portrait and OH SWEET LORD, NOOOOOO!! Its hillarious and scarring at the same time!

Link Kirby


Not every Nintendo character needs to make their way into a character editor system. Link is pretty easy to replicate, and Mario doesn’t require much effort either. However, there are some characters that are clearly not made for character creation. You see this walking piece of gum with a green, flaccid hat? This is supposed to be Link Kirby! One Reddit user comments that this is Satan in his true form, and honestly, we couldn’t argue against that notion. We’re going to need a heavy palate cleanser after this list...

Thomas the Tank Engine


While we were looking at the dozens of custom characters, we came across many hilarious versions of children’s cartoon characters. Out of them all, Flookerson’s creation was the funniest! Can you take a wild guess at what this geometric mess is? This is Thomas the Tank Engine, and damn, he is jacked! This really useful engine is ready to show his really useful fists...or giant axe, since he’s sharing Astaroth’s moveset. Thomas has already become one of the biggest memes on the internet, and this perfectly encapsulates the immense power he wields.



Sorry, but we had to squeeze in one more “Pokemon” creation. This one is worth it! We promise! At first, this custom character doesn’t look like anything but a jumbled mess of assets. However, when going into Voldo’s crab walk, things become clear. Magikarp has entered the stage of history, and he’s ready to wreak havoc with his soul-crushing Splash attack! We applaud this creation simply for how absurd it is to look at. sunagimo_x, you have created pure comedy gold, and we thank you.

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