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Top 10 Action Movies That Should Have A Sequel

VO: Matthew Wende WRITTEN BY: Andrew Tejada
Written by Andrew Tejada These action movies were so good, we want more of them! WatchMojo presents the Top 10 Action Movies That Should Have a Sequel! But what movie will take the top spot on our list? The Nice Guys, Dredd, or Baby Driver? Watch to find out! Watch on WatchMojo: Big thanks to hulkfan for suggesting this idea, and to see how WatchMojo users voted, be sure to check out the suggest page here: https://www.WatchMojo.comsuggest/Top+10+action+movies+that+should+have+a+sequel

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If “Transformers” can get four sequels and counting, then these movies definitely deserve another shot. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Action Movies That Should Have a Sequel.

For this list, we're looking at the action films that are most deserving of a follow-up film. Since we’ll be diving into the explosive events of the original movies, a spoiler warning is in effect.

#10: “Zombieland” (2009)

Our first visit to “Zombieland” showed us a world overrun with the undead. Instead of being a bleak survival tale, the film struck the perfect balance between grim and hilarious. Its great ensemble cast, featuring Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, and even Bill F***ing Murray, made it the highest-grossing zombie film at the time. Despite all of its positives and a script ready to go, there hadn’t really been solid plans for a sequel. Amazon ordered a pilot for a “Zombieland” series with none of the original actors returning, but the adaptation ultimately wasn’t picked up. That said, Harrelson mentioned during a 2018 university talk that another Zombieland film is being made.

#9: “Shoot ‘Em Up” (2007)

Are you tired of action films taking themselves too seriously? Then we’ve got an over-the-top gem for you. “Shoot ‘Em Up” followed a man named Smith who protects a baby from being assassinated by thugs. Although it sounds dark, the movie is filled with ridiculous action scenes, absurd deaths, and excellent one-liners. Clive Owen’s carrot-eating Mr. Smith is a fantastic parody of the serious action hero. Unfortunately, his performance wasn’t enough to save the movie from being a box office failure. But in a time where funny action films like “Deadpool” are huge successes, Mr. Smith could return with more carrots and classic one-liners.

#8: “Chronicle” (2012)

“Chronicle” isn’t your average superhero film. High school students Andrew, Matt, and Steve develop superpowers after stumbling into a mysterious cave. It’s a blast to watch them test their abilities until Andrew starts using his powers for evil. The story is shot like a found footage film, giving their conflict a unique and realistic feel. In the end, Matt is left as the sole survivor while the source of the powers that tore them apart remains a mystery. A sequel could follow Matt searching for answers or focus on a new character like the original writer intended. Either way, this chronicle could use another chapter.

#7: “Salt” (2010)

The action genre could use more badass female leads. In 2010, we got one in the story of CIA operative Evelyn Salt. After being named as a Russian spy, she has to run from old friends and new enemies. Whether the unstoppable Salt is making fantastic escapes or shooting everyone down, watching her work is a constant thrill. Unfortunately, that great action was buried under a confusing story where Salt’s a sleeper agent who murders the Russian president, but not really and... you know what? Forget the plot! Let’s just bring back this heroine in a simpler movie with more shootouts and crazier escapes.

#6: “Atomic Blonde” (2017)

Set during the Cold War, “Atomic Blonde” follows an MI6 agent named Lorraine infiltrating Berlin to protect spies from being exposed. Despite being a great spy herself, she often has to fight her way out of tense situations. And it’s phenomenal. The fights are brutal, with Lorraine getting as bruised and bloodied as the men she takes down. Each clash is quick and relentless, leaving you unable to catch your breath for a second. It’s all tied together by a strong performance from Charlize Theron as Lorraine. With strong box office returns and solid reviews, there’s plenty of reasons to see this explosive spy again.

#5: “District 9” (2009)

We need answers! Sorry, let’s start from the beginning. In “District 9,” aliens become stranded in South Africa when their spaceship stops working. They seem destined to remain on earth until an accident starts to mutate a man named Wikus into an alien. In order to turn back to normal, he agrees to help an alien named Christopher get fuel to the spaceship. The duo mows down their enemies in bloody, frantic sequences. It all pays off when Christopher reaches his spaceship. But will Christopher ever return? Will Wikus be stuck as an alien? We’ve been dealing with this cliffhanger for years now. Let’s hope it takes less time to finally finish Wikus’ story.

#4: “2 Guns” (2013)

“2 Guns” casts Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg as career criminals who try to steal from a cartel. But in reality, they’re both undercover agents at different organizations. The plot wasn’t the most innovative, but there’s plenty to love. Smart action scenes, funny dialogue, and the chemistry between Wahlberg and Washington all make the movie a fun trip. With a sequel, they could add a third gun to the mix and steal from something bigger. Could you imagine Nicolas Cage joining the cast and helping them steal from Fort Knox? Wait, we may have just come with a plot for “National Treasure 3.”

#3: “The Nice Guys” (2016)

A P.I. and an enforcer get sucked into a murder mystery in the adult film industry. It sounds like the setup to a joke, but it’s actually the plot of “The Nice Guys.” The comedic and complex mystery brought a lot of laughs before and during its action scenes. Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe are naturals as partners, making every one of their scenes together a joy to watch. Despite lackluster box office returns, these nice guys were a breath of fresh air for the genre, and while a gender-bent tv series called “The Nice Girls” is currently in the works, we’d still love to see Crowe and Gosling return to the big screen.

#2: “Baby Driver” (2017)

“Fast and Furious” has some serious competition. “Baby Driver” follows a young kid forced to use his amazing driving skills to pull off heists. The movie won us over right away with its offbeat humor and a soundtrack that’s built into the plot. But then it sealed the deal with practical and heart pounding car chases. All of this lead to a breakout summer hit that earned over 100 million at the box office. Seeing as Baby survives the movie and Jon Bernthal's villainous character might’ve survived, a sequel could pit those two against each other. But to be honest, Baby could race through a red light and we’d pay money to see it.

Before we thrill you with our top pick, here are some action-packed honorable mentions.

“True Lies” (1994)

“Hot Fuzz” (2007)

“Wanted” (2008)

#1: “Dredd” (2012)

Don’t get on the wrong side of the law. “Dredd” takes place in a distant future where men and women called judges deliver swift justice to criminals. And that justice is bloody. The action scenes are filled with gore, huge guns, and an extremely inventive use of slow motion. Karl Urban is perfect as Judge Dredd, coming off as intimidating and 3 dimensional even from behind a mask. Despite the awesome marriage of character and violence, Dredd was judged harshly at the box office. There have been some talks about a Dredd themed Netflix series. However, we think this judge deserves to execute his next tale on the big screen.


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