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The Best Soulcalibur Creations

VO: Adrian Sousa WRITTEN BY: Ty Richardson
The character creator in Soulcalibur VI is by far the best it's ever been, and from Donkey Kong to Kratos, people are making some weird and wonderful toons.

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Don’t get us wrong, we love Geralt and 2B, but some of us really miss the old days of “Soulcalibur II”. Why? Because it included our favorite Hyrulian hero! Seeing Link outside of a Nintendo game was both confusing and exciting...even if he was one of the most broken characters in the game. For those looking to relive those days, Reddit user “cripsynoodall” has created a fantastic version of Link. It may not be an exact replica of the green-capped warrior, but its the best Link we’ve seen so far!


Berserk___ & kawaiiTea

Let’s just admit it - this is a meme that isn’t going to die anytime soon. The fan-created Bowsette has seen thousands upon thousands of suggestive drawings. You’d think the last place we’d find her would be in a game like “Soulcalibur VI”. Yet, here we are. Whether you love or hate Bowsette, you can’t deny that Reddit users “Berserk___” and “kawaiiTea” made a kickass version of her! You got the gorgeous black dress, an awesome sword for her to fight with, and the horns really bring the whole set together. We might end up downloading her for some arcade ladders. Maybe?



Everyone knows that for a lovable redhead, Wendy can be salty as heck! Her Twitter can be absolutely savage to both it’s haters and competitors! While she was quick to confirm her alleged appearance in “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”, Wendy seems to have forgotten she’s in “Soulcalibur VI” as well. Reddit user “Shingdaddy” has created our favorite fast food girl in the game, and while she boasts a cute smile, we ain’t letting that fool us! We’ve seen your tweets, Wendy! If you can be vicious with words, we know what you’re capable of on the stage of history!!

Hsien Ko


It has been WAY too long since we last saw the “Darkstalkers” franchise. So, yes, this one won us over, but not based on nostalgia alone. Reddit user “StarPhatinum” has recreated one of the best characters of the franchise, Hsien Ko! And we must say she looks about as adorable as she’s ever been! It’s nice to see the “Darkstalkers” franchise hasn’t been completely forgotten, and if there’s any way to reintroduce the series, we’d love to see Hsien Ko make it into “Soulcalibur VI” as a DLC fighter. Come on, Capcom! Let’s bring our favorite vampire girl back!

The Dragonborn


If a fantasy character like Geralt can make it into “Soulcalibur VI”, then that should open the door for other fantasy characters to crossover. The “Elder Scrolls” series would be perfect for “Soulcalibur”, and Reddit user “CatchingZzzzs” knows it! This player managed to create the Dragonborn. Granted, this isn’t a difficult character to replicate, but it makes us curious to see the Last Dovahkiin in action. After all, the Dragonborn would have access to various swords, axes, staffs, and spells. Plus, he could use a Dragon shout to ragdoll his enemies out of the ring! Ha!



Yes, “BEEFswag69” is the username, and yes, they have brought the Dad of Boy to “Soulcalibur VI”. While Kratos isn’t sporting his recent dad-beard appearance, we’re still geeking out at the thought of playing as the Ghost of Sparta once more. For the few of us who owned a PlayStation Portable, we got to enjoy Kratos’s guest appearance in “Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny”. We certainly wouldn’t mind seeing his moveset directly pulled from “Broken Destiny”, but if Kratos gets to be some sort of PlayStation-exclusive DLC fighter, we’d love to see what Project Soul can do with his Leviathan Axe!

Robbie Rotten


We’ve already mentioned Bowsette and Wendy, so what other big Internet meme are we missing? Robbie Rotten of course! In a tribute to the late great Stefán Karl Stefánsson, Reddit user “pghMav” has sneaked everyones favorite LazyTown antagonist to “Soulcalibur VI”. The striking resemblance is both uncanny and hilarious, and Mav’s screenshots really sell us on the idea of Robbie Rotten as a guest fighter. He could set up traps around the arena, use crazy gadgets, and his victory theme would of course be “We Are Number One”! It’ll never officially happen, but we certainly wouldn’t mind a lesson in trickery...



Link hasn’t been the only “Soulcalibur II” veteran to be getting some love. While we all rip on Spawn for being the awkward guest fighter, the once Xbox-exclusive fighter has been recreated in “Soulcalibur VI” by many players. However, the best one we’ve seen comes from Reddit user “Xy3nce”, who titled their post “My try at SPAWN”. No, you didn’t try. You SUCCEEDED!! This is the best Spawn we’ve seen! The wicked cape, the green glow on his chest, the skull on his belt - this is everything we’d want from a new Spawn game let alone Spawn as a playable fighter!



Make way for the best character in any fictional work ever created! The glorious, thirst-quenching Pepsiman has made his way into “Soulcalibur VI”, and it’s all thanks to “Tehjoker14780”! Looks bizarre? Well, we can’t blame you, but hardcore Pepsiman fans know that the carbonated hero is no stranger to video games. In addition to starring in his own video game, the powerful Pepsiman once dominated SEGA’s “Fighting Vipers” game in the mid-90’s. Now, he’s ready to mark his territory in the tale of souls! Altogether now - PEPSIMAAAAAAAANNNNN!!!

Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few Honorable Mentions…



Marty McFly


Richter Belmont


Stan, Kyle, Cartman, & Kenny


Most of us at MojoPlays are big fans of “South Park”. So, when we saw Reddit user Dangatopreto’s creations, we were ecstatic! In the season eight episode “Good Times with Weapons”, the boys buy their own martial arts weapons and create their own anime-like characters. Dangatopreto has made amazing recreations of their alter egos. They’re practically identical to the show’s designs! It would be hard not to sing “Let’s Fighting Love” as we play these characters… while protecting our balls, of course.

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