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Top 10 Biggest Super Smash Bros. Reveals Ever

VO: Jess Adel WRITTEN BY: Jess Adel
New characters in the Smash Bros. games come with a lot of hype, and many of them get amazing trailers to go along with their reveal. So join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the biggest character reveals in Smash history. To see how we ranked this list check out our ranking session over on MojoPlays.

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Top 10 Hypest Super Smash Bros. Character Reveals of All Time

Is “Hypest” even a word? Well who cares, these trailers are so hype they’re creating new words in the English language. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Hypest Super Smash Bros Character Reveals of All Time.

For this list we’re taking all the character reveal trailers from the Super Smash Bros series, starting from Brawl and going all the way up till Ultimate. And we’re ranking these lists on a combination of how well their trailers were put together, as well as how big of a deal they were. If you’d like to see how these characters ranked where they are, head on over to MojoPlays to see Jess and Dave ranking this list on camera. Though the rank has been updated since then to accommodate Isabelle. Wait spoilers!

#10: Duck Hunt

This trailer was just AWESOME. Starting the trailer off in the 8-bit world of the original Duck Hunt game, we weren’t sure what was actually about to happen. Each Super Smash Bros. title has a retro gaming representative (with Mr. Game & Watch in Melee, R.O.B. in Brawl) and the Duck Hunt duo was an awesome, fun, and unexpected choice for the category! Not to mention the moment where all the 8-bit characters jump into the present HD world of gaming. Seeing a modern version of Duck Hunt for the very first time after all these years was almost as emotional as seeing your kid leave home for college. What?! I mean, I definitely don’t have kids but I bet it’s a similar feeling!

Alternate final sentence (lel): And the moment where all the 8-bit Nintendo characters jump into the present HD world just targets straight the hearts of us old school fans~

#9: Pac-Man

Pac-Man has had a monumental impact on the video game industry. A huge credit goes out to the famous yellow piechart as the arcade scene first became as popular as it did thanks to the success of Pac-Man. So when a new Smash reveal trailer dropped shouting out to the famous red-wearing plumber, then the Blue Bomber and the Blue Blur, it only made sense for the spot of most iconic yellow representative in gaming to go to Pac-Man. This trailer was simply a beautiful homage to gaming history, ending with a sweet nod to Mr. Game & Watch and Donkey Kong as well.

#8: Isabelle

At the very end of September 2018’s Nintendo Direct, just when we thought it was over (they literally say “That’s all the headlines for Nintendo Switch”) a cinematic for what absolutely seems like an announcement for a new Animal Crossing game, which would already be seriously hype, started playing. But when Pete walks in with a letter for Isabelle, most Nintendo fans had no idea what was about to go down. (Isabelle “They want me in Smash?” clip) Sweet, innocent, helpful Isabelle, confirmed for the Smash Ultimate roster!

And on top of it all, just when the feeling of “Aw, too bad a new AC isn’t finally happening though...” sets in, a brief appearance from Tom Nook leads to Nintendo confirming that there WILL in fact be a new Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch in 2019!

#7: Mega Man

Imagine: It’s 2012, Mega Man’s 25th anniversary is coming up, so far Capcom has canceled 3 Mega Man titles and they have no plans of celebrating the milestone in any way. Mega Man fans everywhere were running out of hope for the Blue Bomber. Fast forward to June 11, 2013. An announcement for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Wii U was on its way and (siren at start of MM reveal trailer) With zero hints referring to a specific character in the intro of this trailer, there was just no way to see this reveal coming! After a pan up the hill revealing a silhouette of Mega Man (a subtle reference for the long-time fans), his helmet appears and it's officially on like Donkey Kong.

#6: Cloud Strife

Out of ALL possible Final Fantasy characters, Cloud Strife did not seem to be a likely pick for the Smash Bros. roster! Especially considering that SPECIFICALLY Final Fantasy 7 marked the end of the series’ long relationship with Nintendo, so even when that familiar theme started playing, the FF7 logo consumed the screen, and they panned across that iconic sword, we still weren’t sure what it all meant. Even Cloud’s first words are “Never thought I’d see the day…”

#5: King K. Rool

As Masahiro Sakurai signed off of August 2018’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct, the feeling of heavy footsteps approaching began. And during the longest 5 seconds after a fade-to-black EVER, fans wondered “what. is. happening?!” The second DK and Diddy Kong entered the picture, everyone’s mind started racing; Dixie Kong, Funky Kong-- Could it be?! After all this time, all the fans requests, and having not been in a Donkey Kong title in YEARS, could King K. Rool be invited to Ultimate? And that’s when the trolling of the century happened. (King Dedede reveal) And that’s (King K smacks Dedede off head) when it was undone and we were freaking out just as much a DK & Diddy!

#4: Simon & Richter Belmont

The genius idea to merge Luigi’s Mansion into the world of Castlevania worked so beautifully in this trailer! Watching Luigi interact with mummies, medusas, and even Death himself was simply mind blowing! Speaking of which, LUIGI DIED. Death himself SHOOK Luigi to the point of passing out and then he proceeded to SLAY HIM, separating his spirit from his physical body. Oh, and just when this trailer couldn’t get any more amazing, Richter Belmont was ALSO confirmed for the Ultimate roster!

#3: Solid Snake

Between Smash 64 and Melee, there had never been a 3rd party character invited to the series before and as cool as people imagined it could be, there was no way to know if it would ever actually happen one day. So when the very first trailer for Super Smash Bros. Brawl was revealed at E3 2006, and after the game’s logo faded to black, no one could have expected that incoming call. (*ring ring* the moment Snake was revealed).
PS: How unbelievably hype was it when they revealed that Snake would finally be returning to the franchise in Super Smash Bros. Smash Ultimate?!

#2: Ridley

Whether it was a stage cameo, as a boss, or simply a trophy, Ridley has always found his way into every single Smash title but not a playable character! Especially since being featured in the best Smash intro cinematic ever, fans have been hoping and waiting to see Ridley finally make it into the roster. And after years of debating whether the character was “too big” to make the cut, at the very end of Nintendo’s E3 2018 Direct, Ridley finally made the big time. Not only was it the shock of the decade but the trailer was so worth the wait. I mean, he started the Smash reveal murdering trend by taking out Mega Man AND Nintendo’s precious mascot, Mario. If that isn’t hype, I don’t know what is.

Before we get to our top pick, here’s some honorable mention

#1: Sonic The Hedgehog

One of the most iconic feuds in all of gaming history definitely belongs to Nintendo vs. Sega, but also Mario vs. Sonic. We don’t have time for a history lesson today but basically, the battle between these mascots went on for many years and to this day people still can’t help but compare the two. But when Sega stopped developing their own consoles and Sonic titles made their way to the Nintendo GameCube, the rumors of Sonic being an unlockable character in Melee began. So when a trailer in October 2007 had Sonic run by and knock Mario right off his feet, it not only knocked us off ours but it also straight up broke the internet.


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