Top 10 Stars You Forgot Appeared on Supernatural
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Top 10 Stars You Forgot Appeared on Supernatural

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The Winchesters met them? For this list, we'll be looking at the actors and other celebrities whose appearances on “Supernatural” often slips people's minds, either because we forget, or it happened before they were famous. Our list includes Marie Avgeropoulos, Paris Hilton, Dylan Minnette, Finn Wolfhard, Cory Monteith, and more! Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Stars You Forgot Appeared on Supernatural.

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Top 10 Stars You Forgot Appeared on Supernatural

The Winchesters met them? Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 stars you forgot appeared on “Supernatural.”

For this list, we’ll be looking at the actors and other celebrities whose appearances on “Supernatural” often slips people’s minds, either because we forget, or it happened before they were famous. We won’t be including larger recurring roles, like Lauren Cohan’s run in season three, as those are pretty memorable.

#10: Calum Worthy

Famous for his role as quirky dope Dez on “Austin and Ally,” Calum Worthy had a considerably less charming role on “Supernatural.” Worthy played a young man named Denny, who, like several other residents of a town, see their wishes come true. Denny’s wish is that he becomes invisible, so that he can spy on women while they’re naked. We’re pretty sure that kind of behavior would be a no-go on the show that made him famous, considering it aired on the family-friendly Disney Channel.

#9: Marie Avgeropoulos

Known these days on another CW show, “The 100,” as Octavia Blake, Marie Avgeropoulos had a small part in the fourth season of “Supernatural.” Her character is Taylor, a popular girl who finds herself ridiculed after rumors of her alleged sexual exploits make the rounds at school. After a less than “it” girl tries to comfort her, Taylor rebuffs and insults her; prompting the second girl to brutally murder Avgeropoulos’ character after being possessed and leading to the Winchesters investigating the killing. Thankfully, the actress gained better survival skills in her current show.

#8: Paris Hilton

Yes, really. The infamous reality TV star/actress/model appears as herself on “Supernatural”…sort of. Several fans of Paris Hilton are shocked to encounter her and become even more so when she kidnaps one of them. As it turns out, she’s actually a forest god called a Leshi who takes on the appearance of its victims’ idols to ensnare them and feed on their deaths. It also takes the form of Mahatma Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln. The Leshi is finally killed by being decapitated by Sam. That’s NOT hot.

#7: Alden Ehrenreich

What?! Young Han Solo himself was in “Supernatural?” Yep. A long, long time ago, in a season far, far away. The first one, in fact! Alden Ehrenreich appeared in the second episode of the series. The “Solo” actor appeared as Ben Collins, whose older brother goes missing in the woods after being targeted by a Wendigo. Together with the Winchesters, Ben searches for and eventually rescues his brother; making for a reunion that was probably more satisfying than “Solo”’s performance at the box office.

#6: Dylan Minnette

The star of “13 Reasons Why,” Dylan Minnette’s role in “Supernatural” also sees him reaching out to a troubled girl. Minnette plays Danny Carter, a young boy whose new home appears to be haunted. However, far from the usual sort of vengeful spirit the Winchesters run into, this girl is actually still alive and has been living behind the walls for years; making it a rare episode without supernatural events. Like his current show, Minnette’s character is too late to prevent the girl’s death, as she’s too far gone, or at least too murderous, to be saved.

#5: Candice King

Before she gained recognition on another supernatural CW show, “The Vampire Diaries,” Candice Accola, or rather, Candice King these days, appeared on “Supernatural” in a flashback. She plays Amanda, a girl who briefly dates Dean at one of the many high schools the Winchesters attend. After catching Dean cheating on her, she gives him a piece of her mind, while also ruining his chances for popularity among the student body. Candice’s popularity as an actress has only risen since she appeared on the show though.

#4: Finn Wolfhard

One of the current young stars of “Stranger Things,” Finn Wolfhard encountered some pretty bizarre and upsetting occurrences on “Supernatural” too, prior to the ‘80s sci-fi show’s premiere. Wolfhard plays Jordy, a boy whose parents are both murdered by his babysitter, who has had her soul removed. Wolfhard only has a few scenes, but he does a great job playing a range of emotions, from relief, to fear, to complete shock at the loss of his parents; demonstrating the young actor’s talents, which we’d go on to see even more of later on.

#3: Cory Monteith

This late actor, best known for his role on “Glee” as Finn, is another star who appeared way back in “Supernatural”’s second episode. Monteith portrayed Gary, a young man who also went on the ill-fated camping trip that was attacked by a Wendigo. Gary is one of those who does not make it out alive though, as he’s brutally killed off-screen by the creature after being hung up in its lair. Despite the small part, we’re positively “gleeful” to get to see any more of the departed actor’s work.

#2: Ashley Benson

Known recently for playing the surprisingly nice queen bee Hanna on “Pretty Little Liars,” Ashley Benson played a far less kind part on “Supernatural.” Benson guest starred as Tracy, an immortal witch trying to resurrect a demon by murdering/sacrificing people in bizarre ways while masquerading as a high school student; even being willing to kill her own brother to accomplish her goal. Benson’s witchy character gets her comeuppance when the demon promptly kills her after its summoning and the part likely prepared her well for portraying a “pretty little liar.”

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Sierra McCormick

Adrianne Palicki

Julie Benz

#1: Sterling K. Brown

Prior to gaining fame and acclaim for parts in “Black Panther” and “This is Us,” Sterling K. Brown played a far more villainous part on “Supernatural.” Brown appeared as recurring human antagonist Gordon, a fellow hunter acquaintance of the Winchesters who clashes with them over how to tackle creatures and who develops a grudge against them. However, ironically, in pursuing the belief that the Winchesters are evil, Gordon becomes evil himself after he is turned into a vampire. Gordon may only be a minor villain, but Brown’s intense performance is one that deserves a second glance if you’ve forgotten about it.

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