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Top 10 Hilarious X-Factor Moments

VO: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Spencer Sher
Whether you watch the show or not these clips are guaranteed to have you in stitches. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Hilarious X-Factor Moments. For this list, we’ll be taking a look at the funniest moments from both the UK and US versions of “The X Factor”.

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Top 10 Hilarious X-Factor Moments

Whether you watch the show or not these clips are guaranteed to have you in stitches. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Hilarious X-Factor Moments.

For this list, we’ll be taking a look at the funniest moments from both the UK and US versions of “The X Factor”.

#10: Sexy Lady

This cringeworthy audition had audiences and the judges in stitches. It begins with Sharon Osbourne pointing out that the “x-factor” is someone unique and entertaining with a face and voice to match. Unfortunately for David Mockford the only thing he has going for him is that he’s 100% unique… His rendition of “Sexy Lady” is downright brutal and at one point he even forgets the words. You have to have a certain amount of charisma to pull off a song that’s called “Sexy Lady” and to be perfectly frank this contestant’s performance has about as much charisma as a wooden board.

#9: Wagner’s Death Bed

This eccentric contestant made it all the way to week eight of “The X Factor” UK’s seventh series and always managed to provide the judges and viewers with a laugh. However, prior to his performance of “You Got the Love” at the Judges’ Houses he was asked if he had anything to say, to which he offered up a rambling response that culminated with the dramatic declaration: “On my deathbed, in my last breath I shall remember all these moments.” The comment completely took Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne by surprise, as evidenced by the flabbergasted looks on their faces.

#8: Olly Murs Sends Home The Wrong Act

After coming second in the sixth series singer-songwriter Olly Murs returned to the show as a presenter for series twelve. In the twentieth episode he made an embarrassing flub when he accidentally told contestant Monica Michael that she’d be going home, when actually there was a deadlock and she had to wait for the public vote. We don’t know what’s worse, Murs’ mistake or the fact that he apologized a whopping nine times! Of course this was hardly the first time a presenter made a mistake, as Konnie Huq once told all the contestants they were going on tour when in fact only the top eight would go. Yikes!

#7: Rachel Adedeji Falls Over

Meeting someone famous, let alone one of your idols is always going to be an exciting experience. But series six contestant Rachel Adedeji may have been a little too excited when she met Danni Minogue for the first time. While rushing towards her, Adedeji tripped and fell flat on her face. Hilarious? Sure. Embarrassing? Absolutely. That fall was pretty bad, but at least it didn’t happen during a live performance. Such was the fate that befell 20-year-old singer Tommy Ludford during a performance of his song “Dipping Biscuits”. Thankfully Ludford managed to escape the awkward moment relatively unscathed.

#6: Harry Styles Talks Dirty

When the dust settled on the seventh season of the “The X Factor” UK, singer Matt Cardle was crowned champion. During the ensuing celebration fellow contestant Harry Styles, whose group One Direction finished third, leaned in and offered Cardle some choice words. What Styles didn’t realize, or perhaps chose to ignore, was the fact that a well placed camera captured exactly what he said; and what he said was “Think how much pussy you’re going to get.” Classy Harry, real classy.

#5: The Many Faces of Britney Spears

When Britney Spears joined the US “X Factor” as a judge in season two it was a match made in heaven. The pop star provided invaluable insight and meshed well with co-judges Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato and L.A. Reid. However, no one could have predicted that her facial expressions would become an Internet phenomenon. There are a multitude of videos on the web dedicated solely to the faces Britney has made during her time on the show. She would often cringe when she didn’t like an act and didn’t restrain any of her face muscles when she was scared, confused, or offended. The face she made when Fifth Harmony staved off elimination? Priceless.

#4: Ablisa Get Physical

We have a lot to unpack with this one. Friends Abi and Lisa appeared on “The X Factor” UK’s seventh series and turned in one of the most bizarre auditions of all time, during which they insulted the judges, told the crowd to “shut up” and left the stage only to remerge moments later. Of course the cherry on top of the cake came when Lisa asked “who are you?” to judge Natalie Imbruglia, prompting Abi to punch her in the face. The two left the stage after that, but not before Lisa used the last of her 15 seconds of fame to flip off the crowd. Nice.

#3: Only the Young!

There’s passion, and then there’s this guy. In week seven of “The X Factor” UK’s eleventh series pop group Only the Young found themselves in the bottom three. As presenter Dermot O’Leary fanned the flames of anticipation and prepared to read out which of the two groups up for elimination would be going home, a man somewhere in the crowd repeatedly and at the top of his lungs was screaming Only the Young! It’s clear that he was loud enough to get the attention of the group as at least one of their members can be seen holding back laughter. Unfortunately for Only the Young and the unnamed screamer the group was eliminated.

#2: Rylan Clark-Neal Breaks Down

Singer and TV personality Rylan Clark-Neal may not have made it to the final two but at least he left behind this hilarious clip of him acting like he’d just won an Academy Award. The moment came after Nicole Scherzinger informed him that he would not be going home and would instead be going through to the live shows. Rylan straight up breaks down and weeps, but it’s the way he does it that’s so damn funny. His over-the-top emotional breakdown includes gasps for air, claiming that Scherzinger is lying and using a pillow to wipe away his tears. It’s all very weird. In the end even Scherzinger can’t help but laugh.

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Sharon Osbourne and the Door

Demi Lovato Mocks Simon

#1: Ant and Seb

We don’t know what’s funnier, Ant and Seb’s performance or the fact that they just kept on singing despite Simon, Louis and Cheryl’s persistent laughter. Simon appropriately labels them “Ant and Deaf” as Seb’s only contribution to the performance is to occasionally jump in with a quick word or phrase and never on key. Of course it only gets worse when the two attempt to stand up for themselves, causing the judges to look on in confusion. They are ultimately swept off the stage by a security guard but not before Ant attempts to sing them into submission. It doesn’t get much funnier than this!

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