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Top 10 Underrated Animated TV Villains

VO: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Ricky Manson
When it comes to cartoons, some draw you in more than others, and a sketchy villain will go a long way! Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Underrated Animated TV Villains. For this list, we’re looking through both well-known AND obscure animated shows for villains who deserved more recognition.

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When it comes to cartoons, some draw you in more than others, and a sketchy villain will go a long way! Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Underrated Animated TV Villains.

For this list, we’re looking through both well-known AND obscure animated shows for villains who deserved more recognition.

#10: Hordak
“She-Ra: Princess of Power” (1985-86)

He-Man had Skeletor, and it would seem out of place for his twin sister to be without a nemesis of her own. Hordak and his Evil Horde cross paths with She-Ra more than frequently in their fight against the Great Rebellion. More of a scientist than a sorcerer, Hordak relies heavily on technology in his plans for world domination, and his shape-shifting abilities seem limited to mechanised weapons. More than just a simple carbon copy of Skeletor, Hordak is a foe with a greater position of power and a more ruthless imposition on Etheria’s citizens, making him a more intimidating foe than Skeletor. Well, almost more intimidating...

#9: Chairface Chippendale
“The Tick” (1994-96)

A genius example of poking fun at the deformed villain trope, Chairface Chippendale is a crazy enough character to throw into this silly superhero spoof. Having been born with the unfortunate condition of having a chair for a face, the bitter young man was turned into a crazed criminal mastermind following a life of teasing. His first encounter with the Tick saw him attempt to burn his name into the moon, and he’s been a recurring foe ever since. With tremendous sword skills and the smooth yet sinister voice of Tony Jay as the icing on the cake, Chippendale is an entertaining adversary with a face anyone would be happy to sit on.

#8: Music Meister
“Batman: The Brave and the Bold” (2008-11)

The Caped Crusader has had his fair share of weirdos to keep Gotham City safe from, but one of his campiest steals the spotlight. Like a more twisted version of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, the Music Meister possesses a unique form of hypnosis that causes his victims to sing and dance against their will, becoming a chorus line of slaves as long as they are able to hear his voice. This comes in handy when this sinister singer decides to take on the Justice League. And yes, that’s Tony-winner Neil Patrick Harris providing the villain’s vibrant vocals. It’s a performance that warrants a standing ovation and will leave you wanting an encore.

#7: Principal Scudworth
“Clone High” (2002-03)

The last thing a high school of cloned historical figures needs is a delusional and incompetent principal, and yet here we are. Scudworth is not-so-secret in his plot to use the clones he created for his own nefarious desires. An extreme narcissist, he is shown to be easily offended and in possession of a fiery temper with a short fuse, something the clones exploit to no end. Scudworth has very few friends, and his closest companion is his loyal robot butler Mr B. Much of the show’s humor comes from his vain attempts to abuse his power, and subsequently answering to his superiors when they inevitably backfire.

#6: Toad Air Marshall
“Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars” (1991)

The commander of the villainous Toad Empire’s military forces, the Air Marshall is Bucky O’Hare’s long-running enemy in an intergalactic war raging between factions of sapient animals. The Air Marshall answers directly to KOMPLEX, the sentient AI that has brainwashed the Toad Empire into doing its dark bidding through the use of televised suggestion. Despite the short-tempered amphibian’s persistence in antagonising him, O’Hare does not view the Air Marshall in the same adversarial light, and frequently makes quick work of the toad’s naval forces. But it is his mission to bring down KOMPLEX’s reign of terror that keeps the show hopping along.

#5: Bloth
“The Pirates of Dark Water” (1991-93)

The fierce captain of the Maelstrom, Bloth is one of Prince Ren’s greatest obstacles in locating the legendary Thirteen Treasures of Rule and using their power to save his world from devastation. Bloth seeks the Treasures for himself and uses all of the pirates at his disposal to slow Ren down. Their rivalry is a personal one, as Bloth is revealed to be responsible for capturing and torturing Ren’s father King Primus, as well as the destruction of the entire Royal Fleet. Vicious and unrelenting in his pillaging, Bloth is a frightening hurdle for Ren and his crew to overcome.

#4: Abraham Kane
“Motorcity” (2012-13)

The evil billionaire founder and CEO of Kane Co, Abraham Kane was the mastermind behind the construction of Detroit Deluxe, a technological metropolis built over the old city. Arrogant and merciless, Kane imposes his rule over the city with the enforcement of strict laws, banning cars and other personal freedoms of the populace, and is shown to take a great amount of joy in his work. Kane is constantly looking to expand his own empire, showing no regard for the citizens of Detroit, and the only thing standing between him and complete conquest over Detroit are the rebellious Burners and the underground haven they call Motorcity.

#3: Baby Doll
“Batman: The Animated Series” (1992-95)

One of the more obscure yet tragic Batman villains exclusive to the show, Mary Dahl started out as a television actress with a condition that prevented her from aging. She got her big break playing a toddler on a TV sitcom. Out of fear of being typecast and feeling threatened by a new character, she left her show to become a serious actress. When she couldn't catch a break, she was forced to turn to a life of crime, in which she utilised her TV show persona and toddler-themed weapons. She is more of a victim than a villain, wanting simply to recapture a time in her life when she was loved, and her eponymous episode has one of the more heart-breaking endings in the entire series.

#2: David Xanatos
“Gargoyles” (1994-97)

In stark contrast to the more emotional villains who have encountered the Gargoyles, David Xanatos is rational and level-headed, and subsequently more dangerous. Xanatos has no desires for world domination and shows little malice towards the Gargoyles. Instead, he is obsessed with finding the secret to immortality for himself and his wife and son, and frequently manages to form an uneasy alliance with Goliath’s clan to further this aim. Though he has his softer side and logical ambitions, Xanatos is a pragmatic businessman first and foremost, and his brief partnership with the more emotional and bitter Demona proves he is not above using people to achieve his goals.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

X the Eliminator
“Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law” (2000-07; 2018)

Emperor Krulos

“Dino-Riders” (1988)

#1: Megabyte
“ReBoot” (1994-2001)

A sadistic computer virus looking to corrupt and ultimately dominate the cyberverse, Megabyte is one of the most cunning adversaries the Mainframers have encountered. Though powerful on his own, he is able to merge with his sister and rival Hexadecimal to recreate their original form; an even stronger virus known as Gigabyte. Megabyte is immoral and apathetic, taking advantage of others to get what he wants. This is best displayed when he helps protagonist Bob to close a web portal, though not before sending Bob into it, banishing him for an entire season. The most persistent threat to the Mainframers, Megabyte is arguably one of the most acclaimed aspects of this 90s classic.


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