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Top 10 Travel Vloggers

VO: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Nick Spake
You haven’t seen the world until you’ve experienced it through the eyes of these people. Welcome to MojoTravels and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best Travel Vloggers. For this list, we’re taking a look at YouTubers who travel the globe, making us all want to get off the couch and satisfy our wanderlust.

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You haven’t seen the world until you’ve experienced it through the eyes of these people. Welcome to MojoTravels and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best Travel Vloggers.

For this list, we’re taking a look at YouTubers who travel the globe, making us all want to get off the couch and satisfy our wanderlust.

#10: Sailing La Vagabonde
Anyone who commits to a travel vlog requires a strong sense of adventure, but it takes a special breed of thrill-seeker to dedicate oneself to a life at sea. Australian couple Riley and Elayna have sailed over 60,000 nautical miles since launching their YouTube channel. What makes this especially astonishing is that Riley had virtually no idea how to sail prior to buying a yacht and traveling from Italy to Greece where he first met Elayna. Although they both started as sailing amateurs, the two would eventually dominate the ocean aboard the La Vagabonde. Following the sun wherever it guides them, this couple has captivated viewers with their inspirational relationship, sailing tips, and voyages to remote destinations.

#9: Mark Wiens
Where some people like to travel for the breathtaking locales, others are mainly in it for the exotic cuisine. Mark Wiens is one of the most enthusiastic and audacious foodies you’ll ever encounter. Since graduating from university, Wiens has been on an around- the-world journey to seek out the finest street foods, village foods, and restaurants. He’s also comes across some wonderful and obscure delicacies, such as the Pacific geoduck. Wiens found much more than food throughout his explorations, meeting his wife in Thailand and thus gaining a travel partner. While the dishes always look delicious, it’s Wiens’ passionate descriptions and upbeat attitude that’ll make you want to devour every inch of this appetizing vlog.

#8: Kristen & Siya
Kristen Sarah has devoted much of her life to the performing arts, but the world became her stage when she started this travel channel. Accompanied by her husband and co-host, Siya Zarrabi, Kristen ventures the world in pursuit of new experiences. Along the way, the couple offers helpful travel advice, ranging from the most mouth-watering foods to try, to the best beauty products to pack, to making the most out of a tiny home. These two don’t mind getting personal with viewers either, whether they’re explaining how a composting toilet works, taking a Finnish sauna, or discussing Kristen’s pregnancy. The sense of humor they bring to every video makes for a wholly unique travel guide.

#7: Samuel & Audrey
Sam and Audrey were brought together through their individual travel blogs. When Audrey moved to Korea, Sam took it upon himself to show her around. Over time, the two began dating, got married, and started this YouTube channel. Their detailed travel guides highlight the best things to do in various cities, including Barcelona, Istanbul, and London. Adventure isn’t the only thing these two are hungry for, as they also pinpoint the best local eating spots and partake in food tests and challenges. Although they were both originally set on becoming teachers, Sam and Audrey motivated each other to pursue to their mutual passion of traveling. In due course, they’ve inspired viewers everywhere to follow their own dreams.

#6: Mr Ben Brown
Ben Brown just might be the most cinematic vlogger on our list, which makes sense since, his background is in filmmaking and photography. Originally from London, Brown’s talents behind the camera are best exemplified through his Visual Vibes series, which captures the unbound beauty of the Arctic, South Africa, and other destinations. Brown also possesses a charismatic screen presence, which is why the audience wants to follow him wherever he ventures. Brown allows viewers to see the world from his perspective as he rides a motorcycle through the Alps and goes snowboarding at Lake Louise. As you can tell from his favorite activities, Brown is something of a risk-taker, but he always puts safety first.

#5: Expert Vagabond
Matthew Karsten certainly fits the description of an expert vagabond, as he sold all of his possessions in 2010 and set out on the trip of a lifetime. Karsten combined his love of traveling and photography through his YouTube channel, which has no shortage of mesmerizing nature shots. Our fearless tour guide goes beyond simply sightseeing, though, as he’s ridden the world’s tallest rope swing and gone sledding down a volcano. Although he spent years traversing the world with no permanent home base, Karsten eventually returned to the US and married fellow prominent travel vlogger, Anna Everywhere. Of course Karsten still dedicates roughly half of the year to exploring new places and making new friends.

#4: Gone with the Wynns
As they explain on their vlog, Jason and Nikki Wynn sold everything they owned one day and embarked on a voyage in search of what they consider the American Dream. What they found was a majestic world just waiting to be explored and shared. Along with their two cats, the Wynns started their expedition cruising through the US in an RV named Wendy. Following a well-documented three-week trip in 2011, the couple won the Road Rally’s Best of the Road competition. Jason and Nikki have since taken their exploits off the road and onto the ocean, adding a sailboat to their adventures. Through their experiences, they hope to influence viewers to chase their passions.

#3: Hey Nadine
There are around 200 countries in the world, and Nadine Sykora has visited about a quarter of them. So as you can imagine, her travel channel is one of the most knowledgeable on YouTube. Viewers can learn a great deal from Nadine’s lessons on applying travel-proof makeup, nabbing the cheapest flights, and packing your bag for a long trip. Nadine puts a strong emphasis on both telling and showing, hooking viewers in with visually interesting destination guides, travel montages, and daily food ventures. Whether she’s on an epic journey or simply hanging out in a hotel room, you can always count on Nadine’s videos to be inspiring, humorous, and enlightening.

#2: vagabrothers

You can tell Alex and Marko Ayling are related based on their looks, natural camaraderie and equal fondness for globe-trotting. Their channel is chock-full of pointers on how to pack the essentials while traveling and how to survive those long flights. Viewers can binge entire series in which the brothers roam through destinations like Hungary, Peru, South Korea, and Mexico City. The Vagabrothers have certainly gone far, not only in terms of world travel, but professionally as well. In 2018, after five years of regularly vlogging, Alex and Marko announced that they would be hosting a travel television show on YouTube TV entitled “Budget Versus Baller,” trekking through cities in Asia, Europe, and North America.

#1: FunforLouis
Ever since taking a US road trip in 2011, Brit Louis Cole has shown no signs of slowing down. Each day brings about a new adventure for this world-traveler, who keeps his millions of subscribers updated with a wide variety of vlogs. Although his channel overflows with content, Louis knows how to keep things interesting. You never know what life will throw at Louis next, be it a bike odyssey, a flying lesson, a spider attack, or a trip to Disneyland. Partnering with his friend J.P. Schulze, Louis also kickstarted a feature-length documentary entitled “Beyond Borders.” Aside from being the most ambitious undertaking of their careers, the two filmmakers have described the movie as a celebration of global diversity.

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