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Top 10 Funniest Big Mouth Moments (Season 1)

VO: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Cassandra Kalley
Puberty is always better when laughed at together. Welcome to, and today, we are counting down our picks for the top ten funniest Big Mouth moments from season one. For this list, we are looking at the times in its first season when this raunchy animated Netflix series reminded us of our own adolescence and made us laugh the hardest.

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Puberty is always better when laughed at together. Welcome to, and today, we are counting down our picks for the top ten funniest Big Mouth moments from season one.

For this list, we are looking at the times in its first season when this raunchy animated Netflix series reminded us of our own adolescence and made us laugh the hardest.

#10: Andrew’s Wild Imagination
“Girls Are Horny Too”

Boy or girl, whether we care to admit or not, masturbation is something we all do. Or at the very least, it’s something we’ve all experimented with when we first hit puberty and discovered our genitals. So, obviously, the quietly horny Andrew Glouberman masturbates. But it’s where his imagination goes once he starts “pulling his pud” that makes this scene both a little weird and very amusing. We get that breasts are nice, but why specifically the breasts of the Land o’ Lakes lady? And a tomato? Really? The mind of a growing young man really does hold a lot of mysteries.

#9: The Creation of Earth
“Requiem for a Wet Dream”

Within the episode “Requiem for a Wet Dream,” things get super-freaky, between getting pulled deeper into Jay’s magic obsession and what lurks within Andrew’s fevered imagination (more on that later). But we’re getting “ahead” of ourselves. Even the first moment of this crazy episode is a strange one. Do you want to know how the earth was created and hormones were made? Well, just ask The Hormone Monster. He’ll tell you an alien had sex with our planet and that a volcano’s explosion is actually an orgasm. And if that sounds a bit like L. Ron Hubbard’s cosmology, well, you aren’t the only one who thinks so.

#8: The Best Way to Use a Pillow
“Sleepover: A Harrowing Ordeal of Emotional Brutality”

Jay Bilzerian is an intense kid with a rough home life, and that’s putting it all mildly. When we - along with Andrew and Nick - are invited into Jay’s home for a sleepover, we all finally see just how intense, but really how deviantly kinky, he truly is. Remember how we said everybody experiments with masturbating? Well, this kid takes that experimentation to a whole new level. Let’s just put it out there: he has sex with his pillow. And there is lentil soup involved. Trust us; we didn’t really want to know either. But we are laughing at it.

#7: Andrew Helping Jessi When She Gets Her Period
“Everybody Bleeds”

Every girl has a story of getting her first period. But we believe there are very few that can top Jessi Glaser’s. While on a class trip to the Statue of Liberty, and wearing white shorts, the poor girl’s first moon hits her. Though she runs to the bathroom with few people noticing, the bathroom is out of toilet paper; and the only person around who can help her is . . . Andrew. And between puking the first time he hears the word ‘period’ and calling her period a ‘blessing’, he does his best. But it all culminates when Andrew gives Jessi a 9/11 beach towel to use as a pad. Never forget.

#6: The Hormone Monster Rhapsodizing About Andrew’s Dad’s Privates
“Girls Are Horny Too”

There aren’t any teens who even want to think about their parents being naked, let alone having sex. But poor Andrew accidently sees both in one highly uncomfortable moment, the memory of which we are certain he wishes he could scrub his brain free of. Unfortunately for Andrew though, The Hormone Monster just won’t let it go. In particular, he can’t seem to shut up about Andrew’s dad’s balls, describing them in all manner of ways. Even as the credits roll. Now, that’s some ballsy thinking.

#5: Nick’s Parents’ Penis Talk

No matter how uncomfortable one or both of the parties may be, every parent must eventually have the sex talk with their child. But for Nick Birch, it seems this talk is lot more than he bargained for. After seeing his best friend, Andrew, naked, he quickly comes to the realization that Andrew is going through puberty before him, and this raises some concerns. However, when he tells his parents this, the conversation immediately gets uncomfortable for Nick. But, highly entertaining for us. Sure, they mean well, but wow, do they overshare.

#4: Andrew and Missy Playing Seven Minutes in Heaven
“The Head Push”

At a high school party, when Missy suggests playing 7 Minutes in Heaven with Andrew, it quickly becomes clear that she is also going through puberty. And despite neither of them knowing what they’re doing, they do make out for the first time; and things definitely get wild between The Hormone Monster and Monstress. But it doesn’t take long before the hormones take over, and Missy’s, ahem, genital region touches Andrew’s. This mortifying moment is repeatedly referred to as “mons pushing”, by both her and later, her parents. Yikes. These poor kids.

#3: Andrew’s Dream
“Requiem for a Wet Dream”

So, remember the super freaky episode we mentioned earlier, “Requiem for a Wet Dream”? Well, no one - not even The Hormone Monster or Andrew, whose dream it is - is certain where reality ended and the dream began. But one thing is for sure: that young man has some wacky sex dreams. From Garrison Keillor’s decapitated head being used an extremely degrading way to The Hormone Monster attempting religion, we aren’t certain what material gives Andrew boners anymore. What we do know is that it gives us the giggles, and that Andrew definitely shouldn’t try to deny his urges.

#2: The Hormone Monstress Describing Puberty
“Everybody Bleeds”

As if getting her first period inside the Statue of Liberty isn’t bad enough, when Jessi gets home from the embarrassing field trip, her mother then makes Jessi even more uncomfortable about being a woman. But it is The Hormone Monstress’ first visit that truly seals the womanly deal. And dang, does that lady monster have some good points about female puberty. Cutting up T-shirts. Lana Del Rey. What girl hasn’t gone through that phase? Of course, the kicker is screaming at your mom and calling her by her first name. So on point.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions,
- Dating Advice
“Everybody Bleeds”

- Boxy Dress Hate
“I Survived Jessi’s Bat Mitzvah”

- Nick Finally Gets His Hormone Monster
“The Pornscape”

#1: Petting the Kitty

At this point, we have well established that Andrew gets off to some . . . interesting things. He also has no prob jerkin’ it with his best friend sleeping merely a few feet away from him. No biggie. And it really doesn’t take much convincing from The Hormone Monster to do anything. The real kicker is what really gets him going. A clock. A cat clock, to be more precise, whose eyes and tail swish back and forth with each second. Though it is explained why this sexually awakens Andrew, we are equally disturbed and amused by the end of it. But isn’t that just how puberty makes us feel all the time?

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