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Top 10 Savage Gordon Ramsay Twitter Roasts

VO: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Spencer Sher

Someone hold this man back, he’s roasting everybody out here! From comparing lasagna to his dead grandmother, to questioning whether a food pic was taken in prison, Gordon’s food critiques are a gold mine. WatchMojo is counting down the most hilarious, and savage roasts of food pictures that people have tweeted to the irascible celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. Bon appetit!

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Script written by Spencer Sher

Top 10 Savage Gordon Ramsay Twitter Roasts

Someone hold this man back, he’s roasting everybody out here! Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Savage Gordon Ramsay Twitter Roasts.

For this list, we’ll be taking a look at the most hilarious, and savage roasts of food pictures that people have Twittered to the irascible celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. Bon appetit!

#10: Totally Burnt

If there’s one thing Gordon Ramsay is known for it’s his subtlety. Just kidding! It’s his unwavering quest to demolish people on Twitter who think they’ve just cooked a decent meal. Take Tyler, a Twitter user who sent Gordon Ramsay a picture of what appears to be a burnt grilled cheese sandwich and asked him, “How did I do?” Gordon’s reply? “Get some glasses Tyler”. If we’re ranking this exchange in terms of how appropriate Ramsay’s comment is we’d give it a 10/10, as the grilled cheese sandwich in question is so badly burnt it must have been made by someone who wasn’t seeing straight.

#9: Poor Husband

To understand this sweet Ramsay burn we first needed to unravel a little British terminology. In the UK “Done a runner” is another way of saying that someone took off in order to avoid a stressful or unpleasant situation, such as a disgusting meal. With that being said it becomes pretty clear how Gordon Ramsay views this dish. The meal in question appears to consist of rice, a slice of processed cheese, pickles, a smattering of ketchup . . . and a cookie. Much like Ramsay, we too feel for the Twitter user’s spouse, and hope that he heeded the celebrity chef’s advice and departed through the nearest exit, if only to preserve his health!

#8: Gone Grandma

If there’s one thing all kids are taught growing up it’s that you do not, under any circumstance criticize Grandma’s cooking. However Gordon Ramsay appears to have missed that childhood lesson, mercilessly ripping into this photo of lasagna and saying that it “looks as dry as my grandma…she passed 20yrs ago.” If we could stop laughing for a few seconds we might actually be shocked. Oddly enough,, this was not the first time Ramsay used his grandparents to make someone on Twitter feel bad, as he once referred to a plate of cheesy egg mayo toast - whatever that is – as looking like the inside of his grandfathers colostomy bag. Damn, that’s harsh!

#7: Prison Food

If there’s one thing Gordon Ramsay loves, its using prison to make people on Twitter understand just how bad their food is. Take this picture of medu vada sambar, a delicious Indian dish that usually looks a lot better. Ramsay felt it was so poorly plated that he questioned whether the photo was taken in prison! Then there was the time Ramsay was asked to rate a high school burger. His response: “Depressing I’ve seen better food in prisons.” When your lunch is deemed to be of lower quality than prison food you know you’re in a bad spot.

#6: Old Rice

Gordon Ramsay is a grown-ass man and is no spring chicken, a fact that makes this photo all the more hilarious. When Twitter user John asked for Ramsay’s opinion on his dinner he probably felt pretty good. After all, this dish doesn’t look half bad. However, upon closer inspection it becomes pretty clear that the rice isn’t exactly Michelin star- worthy. In fact it’s looking a little…weathered. Ramsay noticed this and made sure to tell John that his rice may be from the 1960s. You’ve done it again, chef!

#5: Vegan Allergy

Love him or hate him, you’ve got to admire Gordon Ramsay for his frankness. Take this Twitter exchange in which he’s asked if he is allergic to anything. Ramsay replies with one word: “vegans”. Witty and to the point, with more than a pinch of aggression, it’s Ramsay to a T. Of course Ramsay is all about consistency, so when another Twitter user asked him to judge her romantically-themed vegetarian sriracha taco, he simply replied by stating: “this is why I’m not a vegetarian.” We can’t say we’re surprised to hear it from a man renowned for his meat cooking abilities.

#4: Die Charred

There are two things you don’t want to see when you take your chicken out of the oven: charred skin, and a demoralizing tweet from one of the most popular chefs on the planet. Gordon Ramsay did not hold back when Twitter user Dani asked him what he thought of her dinner, responding by saying, with a little grammatical and syntactic imprecision, “Your suppose to roast the chicken not take to the crematorium.” As the old saying goes, the truth hurts. But when the truth could potentially save you from paying a visit to the toilet you’d be wise to pay it the attention it deserves.

#3: Toxic Soup

When done right, a nice poached egg simmered in noodle soup should be a delight to both your sense of taste, and your sense of sight. Unfortunately, if it’s done wrong, it looks like . . . this. Ramsay’s description of this meal could not be more on point, as it truly looks like it was ladled out of a toxic waste container. The black-rimmed edges of the bowl combined with the sad looking noodles and undercooked egg make this meal truly unforgivable. We share in Ramsay’s pain and hope that Twitter user Chris B threw this one in the trash.

#2: Wait, Wait, Don’t Feed Me

You know you’re not destined to be a world-renowned chef with multiple Michelin stars if Gordon Ramsay shoots down not one, but two of your meals! Such was the case for this Twitter user, who asked Ramsay to select which of her breakfasts he preferred: Breakfast A, consisting of toast with avocado and a poached egg; or Breakfast B, toast with sausage. Ramsay decided to go with option C: holding off until lunchtime rolled around and eating something else entirely. Now that’s what we call a good ol’ fashion roasting!

Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:



Pen Pal

#1: Career Advice

It can be hard to tell which Twitter users are serious and which ones are, to borrow a British expression, taking the piss. Take this post, with a user by the name of Alex asking Gordon whether his pastries and mustard smear were worth “3 stars”. The sheer audacity of this post caused Gordon Ramsay to snap back with one of the best responses in Twitter history, telling Alex “You’ve got a great future in my industry…As a customer.” It’s the sort of deadpan insult we’ve come to know and love from one of the sharpest-tongued members of the food industry. Never stop being you Gordon. Never.


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