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Top 10 Mean Girls in Cartoons

These are some of the meanest girls in cartoons! For this list, we’re paying tribute to the young, feisty animated ladies out to show everyone who’s in charge -whether as the queen bee of the school, or as the princess of the battlefield. While there are SOME who’ve actually tried to better their cold ways, it’d be best not to turn your back on others. We’ve included characters like Bonnie Rockwaller from Kim Possible, Prince Morbucks from The Powderpuff Girls, Pacifica Elise Northwest from Gravity Falls and more!

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Top 10 Mean Girls in Cartoons

They’re sugar, spice, and not very nice. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Mean Girls in Cartoons.

For this list, we’re paying tribute to the young, feisty animated ladies out to show everyone who’s in charge -whether as the queen bee of the school, or as the princess of the battlefield. While there are SOME who’ve actually tried to better their cold ways, it’d be best not to turn your back on others.

#10: Bonnie Rockwaller

“Kim Possible” (2002-07)

Ironically, starting at the bottom of the list is the girl striving to claw her way to the top. Bonnie is Kim’s rival on the cheerleading squad –a self-absorbed queen bee obsessed with the high school social order. She doesn’t like working hard, and yet almost all her energy goes into undercutting Kim and Ron at any opportunity –and she is NOT above cheating or sabotaging to avoid being “second-best.” To be fair, Bonnie’s attitude could stem from how she herself is bullied by her two older sisters. However, that’s still no excuse for being so ungrateful to the girl who saves her AND the world practically every week –and she may NEVER change.

#9: Princess Morbucks

“The Powerpuff Girls” (1998-2005)

Princess Morbucks is a spoiled, temperamental little rich brat who wants to be a Powerpuff Girl for the fame and glory. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have the experience OR powers to join our girls… she takes that as well as you’d think . NEVER willing to take no for an answer, she’ll use her precious money to buy her supervillain gadgets or spite the Girls at any opportunity. From buying the town and making crime legal, to teaming up with her fellow baddies, she’ll even trick Santa Claus into giving her powers. Unfortunately for her, Daddy’s money can’t save her from ending up in prison like every other criminal in Townsville.

#8: Pacifica Elise Northwest

“Gravity Falls” (2012-16)

Throughout Season 1, we see Pacifica as a snobby rich girl who thinks her family’s above everyone else. However, come Season 2, we find out that she only acts this way because of her parents – pressured by them to uphold their snooty reputation, they also manipulate her actions with some Pavlovian conditioning… is she their daughter or their dog? Add to it, she finds out the hard way that her “perfect” family has a corrupt legacy… and it devastates her. Wanting to end the cycle, Pacifica breaks free of her parents’ grip and makes amends for everything –proving that you can rise above your unethical ancestry and become a better person.

#7: Princess Azula

“Avatar: The Last Airbender” (2005-08)

Azula is Zuko’s younger sister, and the former crown princess of the Fire Nation. On the battlefield, she is a dangerous foe with unmatched firebending abilities. The only thing deadlier than her fighting prowess is her deceptive nature – she can easily manipulate anyone –even family and friends- to satisfy her own needs, and even avoid being caught in a lie. Ironically, the two-faced princess has trust issues of her own –brought upon by her poor relationship with her own mother. After too many emotional betrayals, Azula finally cracks; her former cool, calculative personality is replaced with extreme psychosis –landing her in a mental facility after one last crushing defeat by “dear old Zuzu.”

#6: Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze, & Sonata Dusk

"My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Rainbow Rocks" (2014)

Since the bratty Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon reformed their bullying ways, we’re giving it up for the Dazzlings instead. Adagio, Aria, and Sonata are three mythical sirens banished from Equestria into the human world, who appear in the “Friendship Is Magic” movie spin-off. Using their magic pendants and hypnotic singing, these three divas operate like an actual clique – turning once good friends against each other, and LITERALLY feeding off of negative energy. They would have succeeded in enslaving the entire school, if it weren’t for the Mane Six –with a lot of help from reformed bully, Sunset Shimmer. After losing their magic AND voices, the Dazzlings ran off, and haven’t been seen since – other than in a Season 7 flashback - not that they’re much of a threat anymore.

#5: Heather

“Total Drama” (2007-14)

She SAYS she’s popular, but Heather’s manipulative, spiteful, bossy attitude earned her plenty of enemies during Season 1. Despite the targets painted on her back, she managed to narrowly avoid elimination multiple times thanks to some underhanded strategy, and the right alliances. Heather snuck her way to Season 1’s final three before her luck finally ran out –costing her both the penultimate challenge… and her hair. Barely anyone will trust her now, and some will antagonize her even when she’s NOT hurting anyone, but this will NOT deter her competitive spirit. That kind of determination earned her a spot as Season 3’s winner/runner-up against her equally deceptive on-again/off-again boyfriend, Alejandro.

#4: The Ashleys

“Recess” (1997-2001)

The Ashleys are a clique of rich girls united by the same name… and the same snobby attitude. They’ll walk all over anyone “beneath them” …even turning on each other if just one Ashley doesn’t follow their shallow codes. Their little schemes to maintain dominance over the schoolyard can go BEYOND typical bullying – they’ll take advantage of the kids’ code of honor to harass unpopular kids or cause a complete social division on the playground… and it’s all just “scandalous” to them. Fortunately, T.J. and the Recess Gang usually manage to put an end to their games –while counting their blessings that they’re not a part of this snooty circle.

#3: Helga Pataki

“Hey Arnold!” (1996-2004)

Helga’s bossy, rude, cynical, and practically runs P.S. 118 with an iron fist –which she affectionately names Old Betsy. Some say she’s crazy, though to be fair, if you had HER home life –an alcoholic mom and a blowhard dad who neglect her in favor of her “perfect” older sister –you’d be a little nuts too. However, underneath Helga’s tough exterior lies a passionate, creative poet, head-over-heels in love with a certain football head, Arnold. Helga Geraldine Pataki worships him from afar, and often helps him from the shadows, but until she feels brave enough to reveal her true feelings, she bullies and belittles Arnold any chance she gets to keep up the façade.

#2: Miranda Killgallen

“As Told by Ginger” (2000-06; 2016)

Before moving to high school, the two queens of Lucky Junior High were Courtney Gripling and Miranda Killgallen. While Courtney’s the nicer one of the two –curious about how the lower-class lives, Miranda is snarky, cold, and out for blood. She prides herself in being Courtney’s best friend, and she’ll snuff out ANYONE that tries to take her place… including our own Ginger Foutley. No tactic is too underhanded for Miranda – sabotage, humiliation, backstabbing, and even blackmail, she’ll do it all with a wicked grin. Unfortunately, outside of Courtney and their inner circle, Miranda doesn’t have any real friends… acting like a devious witch will do that to you.

Before we unveil the meanest of them all, let’s bow down to a few honorable mentions.


“Totally Spies!” (2001-15)

Lee, Marie & May Kanker

“Ed, Edd n Eddy” (1999-2009)

Quinn Morgendorffer

“Daria” (1997-2002)

#1: Angelica Pickles

“Rugrats” (1991-2004)

Angelica is Tommy’s older cousin and the babies’ worst nightmare. She bosses them around, steals from them, tricks them for her own benefit and amusement, and tortures them with her HORRENDOUS singing. It’s amazing what she could get away with at 3-years-old – she could have any adult under her thumb with her “sweet little girl” routine, and her parents barely try to discipline her. Despite how she treats them, Angelica Charlotte has a soft spot for her “dumb babies” and –in a way- is the glue that brought them all together. She may mellow out in a few years, but she’ll always be the bossy, spoiled, tone-deaf diva we can’t help but love.

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