Walmart Vs Target

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The battle of the big box stores is on. From prices to convenience and in-store shopping experiences, we have definitively decided which is best! Watch to find out!

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Script written by Savannah Sher

Walmart Vs Target

The battle of the big box stores is on. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re pitting Walmart and Target against one another to see which one reigns supreme.

Round 1: In-Store Shopping Experience

Can anyone go to Target and walk out with nothing but the eggs and shampoo they went in there for? We highly doubt it. And that’s because these stores are just so much fun to shop in. How can you skip a visit to the home decor section when you know there are going to be fun throw pillows that weren’t there before? And with the updates coming to Target’s beauty department, you can feel like you’re in a Sephora, but spend way less money.

Walmart on the other hand, isn’t exactly known for their pleasantly laid out merchandise or tempting displays. In fact, they have more of a reputation for the questionably clad shoppers who seem to flock to their stores. Shopping at Walmart isn’t quite an experience to look forward to, but rather something utilitarian for when you’ve got to get your errands done and want to do it all in one place with rock bottom prices.

This first round is pretty much a no brainer. When it comes to how much you look forward to shopping at Walmart and Target, Target comes out on top as the more positive experience.

WINNER: Target
Target 1 / Walmart 0

Round 2: Convenience

There are around 1,800 Target stores in the United States as of 2018, which breaks down to an average of a paltry 36 stores per state. Target stores are concentrated in urban and suburban areas, meaning that if you live far from a large city, it’s likely that shopping at Target isn’t even an option for your family. In fact, the state of Vermont, for years, hasn’t had a single Target location - though there have been discussions about opening one since 2017.

Walmart on the other hand, is everywhere. And that’s no exaggeration. They have over 11,000 stores worldwide as of 2018, with over 4,600 in the US alone. That means you’re more than twice as likely to have a Walmart near you than a Target in the US. Not to mention, many Walmart Superstores are open 24 hours a day! So if you work irregular hours or just prefer to do your errands away from the midday crowds, Walmart is often available at any time of day or night.

This round was pretty easy to judge- the numbers did it for us. Walmart is more convenient due to its large number of stores, and 24 hour opening times in many locations.

WINNER: Walmart
Target 1 / Walmart 1

Round 3: Quality of Products (Fashion, Home Decor)

For budget minded fashionistas and amateur home decorators, Target is pretty much a shopper’s dream. With low prices but plenty of appeal, both their clothing department and home section are a treasure trove of deals to be found. Not to mention, Target is known for collaborating with designers like Emily Henderson and Victoria Beckham in order to offer collections with name recognition attached to them. Whether you’re looking for new bath towels or a trendy new bathing suit, you’re sure to find great options at Target.

While Walmart is perfectly fine for tons of utilitarian items, when it comes to style it can definitely be lacking. You’ll head there when you need Cheerios or painter’s tape, but it probably wouldn’t be your first choice when redecorating your guest bedroom. For years, Walmart has lagged behind Target when it comes to designer collaborations, and while they’ve been making an effort to up their game, they’re still not on the same playing field.

This round is admittedly a little more subjective than the first two, so bear with us if we’ve made some generalizations. In the end though, if you’re looking for stylish fashion or home decor items, we’re pretty sure you’ll have a better time at Target than Walmart.

WINNER: Target
Target 2 / Walmart 1

Round 4: Employee Treatment

Employee wages and treatment in big box store settings has always been less than favorable, so for this round our two competitors are in a pretty tight race where there’s no real winner. In 2017, Target raised the minimum wage for its employees to $11 an hour and announced a goal (or shall we say, target) of paying all its employees at least $15 an hour by 2020. For the last couple of years, Target has maintained a perfect 100% rating on the Corporate Equality Index.

Walmart has a negative reputation when it comes to the treatment of its employees, with low wages and poor treatment being consistent issues. But is it really any worse than its competitors? In 2018, Walmart announced plans to increase their minimum wage to $11; it’s a change that many have argued is overdue, as offering employees a better living wage would not strongly affect its quality or prices. Not to mention, The Human Rights Campaign had to revoke Walmart’s perfect score in the Corporate Equality Index after they encountered issues with complaints about their transgender worker policies.

Both companies are far from perfect and could definitely stand to treat their employees even better, but Target takes this one because of their untarnished equality score and as result of having raised their minimum wage earlier.

WINNER: Target
Target 3 / Walmart 1

Round 5: Grocery Prices

This one is a biggie, because for many shoppers nothing is more important than the bottom line. In general, the prices of items do vary so it’s hard to say overall whose prices are lower. What we can compare however, is the price of groceries. At this point, both Walmart and Target offer full grocery options at many of their stores, but whose are the cheapest? Business Insider did a price comparison in 2016 in Richmond, Virginia and found that overall, Target shoppers paid way more for groceries than their Walmart counterparts.

After comparing 31 grocery items at both stores, the bill at Target came up to $110.25 while the Walmart tally was $95.98. That’s a whopping 15% difference! While this study was definitely limited in its scope, it revealed what has been proven in various ways over the years - costs are lower at Walmart overall. If you’re a Target devotee however, using their store credit card saves you 5% on most regularly priced items, which can bridge the gap a little, but still doesn’t quite make up for the overall difference.

Again, we’ve got to go with the numbers on this one and by several different metrics, Walmart takes it.

WINNER: Walmart
Target 3 / Walmart 2

Despite WalMart claiming the final round, Target still takes the competition! Of course, depending what your priorities are, both stores have their merits. Happy shopping!