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Top 10 G-Eazy Songs

VO: Phoebe De Jeu WRITTEN BY: Spencer Sher
This guy knows a thing or two about laying out rhymes. Now it’s time to find out which ones are his best! Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 G-Eazy Songs.    For this list, we’ll be breaking down the best songs to date in the career of rapper 
G-Eazy.    Special thanks to our user Emmanuel Koutsouras  for suggesting this idea, check out the voting page at https://www.WatchMojo.comsuggest/Top+10+G-Eazy+songs

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Top 10 G-Eazy Songs

This guy knows a thing or two about laying out rhymes. Now it’s time to find out which ones are his best! Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 G-Eazy Songs. 
For this list, we’ll be breaking down the best songs to date in the career of rapper 

#10: “Must Be Nice” feat. Johanna Fay (2012)
Must Be Nice

It’s a shame G-Eazy’s debut album didn’t get more love when it was released back in 2012, as it contains some of the Oakland native’s best tracks, with “Must Be Nice” serving as a prime example. At the time the song was a glimpse into the rapper’s future, a seamless blend of sincere lyrics and witty insights layered atop a beat that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Nowadays the only thing that’s changed is our expectations, but thankfully G-Eazy has been more than willing to keep pumping out the head bobbin’ hits.  

#9: “Make Up Sex”  (2011)
The Endless Summer 

The fifth track off of his 2011 mixtape “The Endless Summer” – one that we’d be remiss not to mention was released for free - “Make Up Sex” features G-Eazy in full-on storyteller mode.He takes listeners on a journey into the land of his own sexual deviances and backs up his braggadocio lyrics with a flow that’s simply too good to hate on. “Make Up Sex” also features a soulful sample and an easy to remember hook, making it one of the earliest examples of the soon-to-be famous rapper’s trademarks. 

#8: “I Mean It” feat. Remo  (2014)
These Things Happen

Most people’s introduction to G-Eazy came with the release of his 2014 album “These Things Happen”, which topped the R&B / Hip-Hop albums chart and sold more than a million copies in the US alone. Part of the reason for the album’s success was this song, which currently boasts more than 275 million views on YouTube and which features G-Eazy doing his best impression of Eminem in the “My Name Is” music video. However that’s where the similarities end, as G-Eazy takes a somewhat softer approach in proclaiming himself one of rap’s hottest up and comers, dropping lines like to really make his point. 

#7: “Plastic Dreams” feat. Johanna Fay (2012)
Must Be Nice

Remember earlier when we said “Must Be Nice” contained some of G-Eazy’s best tracks? Well, we weren’t lying. Coming in at number seven is “Plastic Dreams”, a song that firmly cemented G-Eazy’s status as a rapper on the cusp of stardom. In fact, the theme of being one step away from greatness echoes throughout the track thanks to lyrics like “Feeling myself and I ain't even did shit yet”…this rap is about to feed me on paper like an ink jet”. It’s G-Eazy’s laidback confidence and lyrical swagger that makes this song one of his best. 

#6: “Mad” feat. Devon Baldwin (2012)
Must Be Nice

G-Eazy and Devon Baldwin have collaborated on a host of songs over the years, from “Let’s Get Lost” to “Acting Up”, but “Mad” might just be their best musical venture. Featuring a beat that’s straight off of a “Beach Boys” album, the song is the perfect summer jam and features both a beautiful vocal performance from Baldwin and a slew of expertly woven lyrics from G-Eazy. Once again he takes us on a tour of his sex-crazed psyche, offering up more than few twisted tales of love and lust. Here’s hoping he and Baldwin continue to produce music together in the coming years. 

#5: “Me Myself and I” feat. Bebe Rexha (2015)
When It’s Dark Out

It takes a pretty damn good song to get more than 350 million views on YouTube; and that’s exactly what “Me Myself and I” is. The track served as the lead single off of G-Eazy’s 2015 album “When It’s Dark Out”, helping to propel it to number five on the US Billboard 200. The song is a mature examination of fame, as G-Eazy openly and sincerely confronts his qualms with achieving musical stardom. At the time “Me Myself and I” was both G-Eazy and Bebe Rexha’s highest charting single, an accomplishment that they would both eclipse in 2017. 


#4: “Been On” (2014)
These Things Happen

The lead single off of “These Things Happen” “Been On” makes great use of a dead slow beat, one that pushes G-Eazy’s lyrics to the forefront of the listeners attention. Completely unencumbered, he delivers one of his best performances. The hypnotic production from frequent collaborator Christoph Anderson provides just the right vibe for G’s introspective lyrics. He calmly asserts that he’d “rather risk it all than play it safe” and we’re inclined to believe him when he continues to drop innovative jams like this one. Additionally, the music video is simple yet beautiful. 

#3: “Lady Killers” feat. Hoodie Allen  (2012)
Must Be Nice

In his early years G-Eazy was labeled a “college rapper” thanks to his seemingly never-ending array of top-notch party jams. Well, “Lady Killers” featuring Hoodie Allen might just be the best of those early compositions. The beat feels like it belongs to Dillon Francis and the hook is reminiscent of Mac Miller’s earlier work, but mix it all together and you have something that is pure G-Eazy from start to finish. The song was the
second single released off of “Must Be Nice” and provided the perfect juxtaposition to some of the album’s more subdued tracks. 

#2: “Marilyn” feat. Dominique LeJeune (2012)
Must Be Nice

If this song proved anything it’s that yes, rappers experience heartbreak just like the rest of us. On “Marilyn” G-Eazy bares his soul to listeners, simultaneously making us love him and hate him with lyrics like “My only wish is you would settle down and hear me out” and “Well, maybe G is just an asshole.” It’s the earnest tone that the rapper takes in the song that makes us wonder who the mystery woman was and what really went down between her and Eazy. Love and loss are facts of life and G-Eazy sums them up perfectly on this track.   
Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
“Everything Will Be OK” feat. Kehlani (2015)
When It’s Dark Out
“Almost Famous” (2017)
The Beautiful & Damned

“Waspy” feat. Tennis(2011)

The Endless Summer   

#1: “Far Alone” feat. Jay Ant (2014)
These Things Happen

The third single released off of his sophomore album “These Things Happen”, “Far Alone” serves as G-Eazy’s origin story. The track takes listeners on a journey into the rappers past - specifically 2006 Oakland – and delves into what it was like to be a teenage G-Eazy.  From a lyrical standpoint the song is definitely one of his sharpest, as pulls off a slew of tightly woven rhymes that help bridge the gap between past and present. As the hook implies “Far Alone” is all about sticking it to those who told G-Eazy he’d never amount to anything; and for that we’re showing him nothing but respect.  


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