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Top 10 DJ Khaled Collabs

VO: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Owen Maxwell
When all your friends are talented, We The Best is honestly an understatement. Welcome to and we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 DJ Khaled Collabs. For this list we're looking at the best tracks DJ Khaled has produced with other artists. We're basing our picks on a mix of great beats, exciting performances and memorable hooks and choruses. Like our videos? Head over to WatchMojo.comsuggest to submit your own video ideas today!

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Top 10 DJ Khaled Collabs

When all your friends are talented, We The Best is honestly an understatement. Welcome to and we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 DJ Khaled Collabs.
For this list we're looking at the best tracks DJ Khaled has produced with other artists. We're basing our picks on a mix of great beats, exciting performances and memorable hooks and choruses.


#10: "I'm So Hood” feat. T-Pain, Trick Daddy, Plies & Rick Ross (2007)

We The Best

With so many people glorifying rappers' lifestyles, 'I'm So Hood' looks at why they live like they do. Trick Daddy's verse discusses how you can be authentic without suffering the violence and crime of tough guys. Rick Ross illustrates how difficult that life can be, while he also makes sly references to Plies' music. Though the sound is gritty, the bass and beat slap hard enough to keep people moving on the dance floor. The blend of tones carried the track to 19 on the Billboard Hot 100 as one of Khaled's biggest hits. Despite its modest lyricism, 'I'm So Hood' is also surprisingly fun.

#9: “No Brainer” feat. Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper & Quavo (2018)
Father of Asahd

Reuniting most of his supporting cast from “I’m the One” (more on that song later), Khaled’s most recent hit has summer anthem written all over it. Inspired by a trip Khaled took to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, the track’s fun, upbeat pop-rap instrumental and catchy hook from Bieber – which includes a call to the listener to put their hands up high – makes it a “no brainer” that this song would become another smash hit under Khaled’s name. Clearly, sun-soaked hits are an art form Khaled has mastered over the years.

#8: "Hold You Down” feat. Chris Brown, August Alsina, Future & Jeremih (2014)
I Changed A Lot

Though DJ Khaled is known for his party anthems, 'Hold You Down' is all about looking after the people in your life. The downbeat energy of the song focuses on melodies and harmony, while its groove has a distinct R&B sound. Amongst messages about paying back the love people give you, Future talks about treating his girl to a fancy time, while Khaled brings plenty of fun interjections to the track. By taking cues from the collaborative work of Quincy Jones, 'Hold You Down' is one of Khaled's most soulful jams.

#7: "No New Friends” feat. Drake, Lil Wayne & Rick Ross" (2013)
Suffering From Success

With all the fame that DJ Khaled's success has brought him, he focuses on the people that truly matter in 'No New Friends.' While many rappers feature on the track, the smoky club sound comes from Khaled's collaboration with heavyweight producers Vinylz and Boi-1da. Khaled and crew celebrate their friends who have been with them from the beginning, and call everyone else posers. Drake fits the aesthetic perfectly, while he makes smart references to his own songs. Even with all the different minds behind 'No New Friends,' Khaled ties it all into a tight song with attitude and wholesome values.

#6: "I Got The Keys” feat. Jay-Z & Future (2016)
Major Key

After all his talk on Snapchat about why he's so successful, 'I Got The Keys' found DJ Khaled making music out of it. The eerie hook brings an air of danger to the track, aided by the banging beat from Southside. Future channels the themes of hard work into a catchy vocal, while he gives style to an otherwise repetitive chorus.  Inspired by his extensive career, Jay-Z compares the trappings of labels to modern slavery. Even Khaled's own brand shout-outs reflect how far his career has come. 'I Got The Keys' soars however thanks to the unusually gritty work from both Khaled and Jay.

#5: "We Takin' Over” feat. Akon, T.I., Rick Ross, Fat Joe, Birdman & Lil Wayne (2007)
We The Best

DJ Khaled was playing with the club beats of the era in 2007, when he created the addictive hooks of 'We Takin' Over.' His production and Akon's catchy vocals anchor the song, and also set the tone for their power-fuelled ballad. Despite the menacing lyrics, T.I.'s delivery is suave as he raps his way through different states. Rick Ross brings his vicious gangster energy, while Fat Joe has a more rhythmic approach to his verse. With one of Lil Wayne's most savage verses at the time closing out the track, 'We Takin' Over' showcased Khaled's ear for memorable talent and sounds.


#4: "I'm The One” feat. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance The Rapper & Lil Wayne (2017) 

Though DJ Khaled had always wanted to collaborate with Justin Bieber, he decided on strengthening his own career first. 'I'm The One' sees the two coming together on an upbeat summer jam, as they express love to their partners. Over the stinging bass, Bieber delivers melodies ranging from classic pop to Caribbean tones. Quavo takes a surprisingly wholesome direction, while Chance The Rapper is lewder than ever. The departure for both artists resulted in the first number one song on the Billboard Hot 100 for them and Khaled. The unexpected directions from everyone on the track has made 'I'm The One' a global hit. 

#3: "I'm On One” feat. Drake, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne (2011)
We The Best Forever

By speeding up Drake's 'Trust Issues' and adding a simple but effective synth riff, DJ Khaled and producer T-Minus made something completely different 'I'm On One' turns Drake's drug anthem into a righteous celebration of power and excess. In his intoxication, Drake complains about the posers around him and those clinging to his fame. Drizzy also shows his own self-doubt by insisting he's only as big as his last single. While Rick Ross expands on the sexual and narcotic pleasures of success, Lil Wayne talks about using his music to dominate the streets. Under Khaled's creative direction, 'I'm On One' stands out for its vulnerability. 

#2: "Wild Thoughts” feat. Rihanna & Bryson Tiller (2017)

Though Latin grooves aren't DJ Khaled's usual wheelhouse, he harnessed them for raw sexuality on 'Wild Thoughts.' Remixing Santana's 'Maria Maria,' Khaled cuts to the song's feeling and accentuates it with distorted guitar. Rihanna asserts her carnal desires to listeners, while using sultry and powerful vocals to get her point across.Meanwhile, Bryson Tiller offers up a smooth verse and a few wild thoughts of his own. Khaled's update to the Santana track was a major hit while even Carlos Santana praised his changes.Though 'Wild Thoughts' is their first collaboration, DJ Khaled captures the essence of Rihanna.
Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

"For Free” feat. Drake (2016)
Major Key

"Welcome To My Hood” feat. Rick Ross, Plies, Lil Wayne & T-Pain (2011)
We The Best Forever

"Take It To The Head” feat. Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne (2012)
Kiss the Ring


#1: "All I Do Is Win” feat. T-Pain, Ludacris, Rick Ross & Snoop Dogg (2010)

By recruiting hip hop heavyweights and producing some boisterous choruses, 'All I Do Is Win' was a natural hit for DJ Khaled. Each singer tackles their success from a different angle, while bringing dramatically different verses to the table. Ludacris goes ballistic and fast, while Rick Ross has Khaled shouting on every pause. Snoop Dogg's smoky vocals celebrate his entire career, and all the bad people he's escaped. The track became a go-to entrance track for sports teams, bands and even Barack Obama. Even though it's over-the-top and repetitive, DJ Khaled and T-Pain still have us losing our minds to 'All I Do Is Win.'

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