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Top 10 YouTube Channels with Eating Challenges

VO: Adrian Sousa WRITTEN BY: Christopher Lozano

Script written by Christopher Lozano

Everything is more interesting when you add food to the equation. From FreakEating to Hot Pepper Gaming and WheresMyChallenge, these YouTube channels will either have your mouth watering, or your stomach churning. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 YouTube Channels with Eating Challenges.

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Script written by Christopher Lozano

Top 10 YouTube Channels with Eating Challenges

Everything is more interesting when you add food to the equation. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our Top 10 YouTube Channels with Eating Challenges.

For this list, we’ll be looking at YouTube challenges that feature some of the most obscene or over-the-top eating challenges in the world. We’re really not sure how these people eat so much food.

#10: FreakEating

Sometimes molding the young minds of the future generations isn’t fulfilling enough. Sometimes you got to eat a lot of food on YouTube. Naader Reda is a History teacher by day and a professional eater by night. He’s kinda like Batman, but instead of cracking skulls he’s pounding food. He’s not just a hobbyist though... he is All Pro Eating’s number 1 ranked challenger. On his channel, you’ll find some incredible gastronomical feats such as eating 150 Chicken Nuggets, a 22-inch hot dog, and 100 Oreos. Check out one of his videos and let him teach you the ways of overeating.

#9: Hot Pepper Gaming

Given the cost of games these days, you need to do your research before committing. No one wants to drop 60 big ones or more on a game only to have it turn out to be a turd. That’s why game reviews are so important. But how is a channel dedicated to game reviews supposed to stand out amongst the competition? Throw in a spicy twist. That’s the premise here for Hot Pepper Gaming; reviewers try to give their in-depth review of games while ingesting absurdly hot peppers. Sounds hilarious right? It is. The Channel hasn’t updated in a while, but there are still plenty of great videos to binge.

#8: WheresMyChallenge

The thick yet charming accents of these YouTubers might make them challenging for North Americans to understand, but honestly, all you need to understand is that they do some of the wackiest and grossest eating challenges around. While many channels focus on quantities of food, these fellas have opted to take a disgusting and sometimes downright painful angle. Some of their challenges include expired food smoothies, hot pepper smoothies, and 21 mini jars of Nutella. Many of these videos aren’t for the weak of stomach however, as there can be lots of vomit and other bodily functions. So consider yourself warned, and enjoy!

#7: WrecklessEating

Like most adult males, these friends get together to eat and drink in obscene quantities. Sorry, is that not what the grownups are doing these days? In addition to eating massive things like a 7 pound 12-egg omelet, they also do timed challenges, like 5 root beers in 5 minutes. As you can imagine, some challenges go better than others. They also do reviews of strange and unusual foods like Shit the Bed Chili Chocolate and Marshmallow Milk Stout. In addition to the stranger foods out there, they review some classics from Burger King and Del Taco as well.

#6: First We Feast

Listening to celebrities talk can be a soul-numbing experience. Listening to celebrities talk while eating super hot chicken wings on the other hand, is awesomely entertaining and results in some very unique interviews. Sean Evans hosts this brilliant interview show where his guests, mainly made up of actors, musicians and pop culture figures, are challenged to eat 10 chicken wings of increasing hotness while answering questions. The extreme sauces work to disarm the interviewees and can lead to some surprisingly honest answers. We also get to see which of our favorite celebs can’t handle the heat. We’re looking at you, DJ Khaled

#5: Yuka Kinoshita

When watching this channel, we’re left with one question: how? And also sometimes, why? This Japanese YouTuber with a black hole for a stomach achieves some monumental feats of eating. We often watch her videos certain that she won't finish her food, but time and time again she does. Some people just want to watch the world burn; Yuka just wants to eat everything. Some of her feats include 16 large donuts, a 23-layer pancake, 10 servings of Udon noodles, and a whole 5 kilogram roasted turkey. Other YouTube channels are all about gross overeating, but Yuki somehow keeps it classy.

#4: skippy62able

Some things belong in a museum. Like the 20-year-old Crystal Pepsi L.A. Beast drank for his channel. That thing should have been sent to scientists for study and then put on display somewhere for little kids in the future to look at and learn about a time in humanity’s past when we went too far. L.A. Beast has also done challenges such as a 3-pound hardboiled ostrich egg, eating as many powdered doughnuts as he could in 3 minutes, and eating as many jars of mayo as possible in 10 minutes. Now that one’s gross. We wish it was zero… but it wasn’t.

#3: Randy Santel

Owner of, Randy has made a mission out of traveling the world and demolishing every eating record he can find. He has wins in over 47 states and 20 countries. Challenges he’s dominated include 30 White Castle sliders, the 20-dollar McDonald’s breakfast, and 45 soft tacos in 30 minutes. Name a serious pizza challenge, and there’s a good chance Randy has bested it. Santel is a great ambassador for the food eating scene and promotes volume-based challenges over gross-out content. Check it out, if you want to watch a dude eat a lot of food.

#2: Matt Stonie

This YouTuber is one of the top competitive eaters in the world and has even won the prestigious annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Challenge. Is prestigious the right word here? In any case, Matt can somehow eat an unholy amount of food in a short amount of time. We’re not physicists, but we’re pretty sure he has broken several laws of the physics. We’re seriously tempted not to believe some of the things we’ve seen on his channel. Some highlights include his hilarious attempt Big Smoke’s Order from Grand Theft Auto, the burritozilla, and 3 pounds of honey. He’s also eaten a massive Rice Crispy Treat which, if we’re being honest, looked really good.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Peggie Neo

The Crude Brothers

Strictly Dumpling

#1: Furious Pete

Some people on this planet have been blessed with incredible talents like painting, dancing, or eating really, really big pizzas. Furious Pete was definitely given the latter. But don’t let his easy demeanor fool you, he puts an incredible amount of work into what he does, and it shows. Some of the eating feats in his challenges are downright staggering. The best thing about Pete and his channel is how much fun he makes it look. It’s great to see someone demolish one of the world’s largest pizzas or set a nugget eating record with such gusto.

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