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Top 10 K-Pop Boy Bands

VO: Lisa Yang WRITTEN BY: Victoria Carmichael Toltesi
Script written by Victoria Toltesi These are the biggest Kpop boy bands!For this list, we will be looking at insanely popular groups who are unique for their look, their sound, or their dance moves. We won’t be looking at individual artists since that is a list for another day.We’ve included

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Top 10 Boy Bands in K-Pop

They’re taking the world by storm and we couldn’t be happier about it. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll count down our picks for Top 10 Boy Bands in K-Pop.

For this list, we will be looking at insanely popular groups who are unique for their look, their sound, or their dance moves. We won’t be looking at individual artists since that is a list for another day.

#10: 2PM

When the 11-man group “One Day” was split in two, 2PM was born. In their very first music video they attracted attention with their crazy dance skills. Boy bands are generally known for impressive dancing but 2PM does acrobatics to boot. They also have a big presence in television since they hosted MBC’s “Idol Show”, and starred in their own reality show “Wild Bunny”. They’re also quite the trend-setters, and their masculine image created an entire jimseung-dol, or “beast” phenomenon in their home country.

#9: Monsta X

While the group has admitted that they don’t have the same level of popularity in Korea, they definitely have a huge global fan base. Monsta X only formed in 2015, but as of 2018 they have already launched two massive world tours. On their first world tour they visited a whopping 11 countries and gained a lot of new fans. Their music videos are always visually stunning and each of them draws in millions of viewers. So while they are still on the underrated side of K-pop, they are definitely on their way to the top!

#8: Got7

Initially billed as “the next 2PM”, Got7 hit the ground running. They debuted in 2014, and one year later they had their first major hit when “Just Right” quickly climbed to the top of the charts, and got over 200 million views online! Fans instantly fell in love with the 7 member’s quirky personalities, their acrobatic dance skills, and of course, their music. Their upbeat pop and hip-hop style has drawn a huge teenaged audience; something they’ve fully embraced. They’ve even raised funds for impoverished teens through G+ Star Zone.

#7: Beast

Beast had a rocky start. They didn’t receive immediate success, even though the group was made up of former stars, and the media even called them “a group of recycled material”, which seems a little harsh. But Beast didn’t let the press get to them, and eventually their talent sang for itself. They have had international success and won multiple awards, including Artist of the Year at the Melon Music Awards. While they went through some changes in in 2016 and 2017 - including Jang Hyun-seung’s departure, and changing their name to Highlight - they're still the same group we’ve come to love.

#6: B.A.P

To get straight to the heart of B.A.P, all we have to do is explain their name: ‘best, absolute, perfect’. Since its formation in 2012 the group has rejected the polished image typical of k-pop in favor of being rough and tumble bad boys. This translates into their aggressive music that’s edgy and full of attitude. Their first EP released, “Warrior”, was full of militaristic vibes and it marched its way to number 10 on the World Albums Chart. They’ve already won 3 MTV Europe Music Awards – a possible sign of more to come.

#5: EXO

EXO made one of the most creative debuts in K-pop history with the release of their music video for “Mama”. The video is centered on the tree of life, with each of the members showing off some flashy supernatural powers. People fell in love with their dramatic presentation and unique sound, and it set EXO on their path to fame. The members of EXO are also official culture icons, and have the commemorative medals to prove it. They even performed for the closing ceremonies of the Pyeongcheng Winter Olympics in 2018!

#4: Super Junior

This 11-man super group jumped on the scene back in 2005, and show no signs of stopping. They are one of the older groups on our list, and you better believe they have a legacy to go with it. They have done four world tours, broken records and won over 50 awards for their insanely addictive music. Some say that a group is only good as its fans, and Super Junior's fan-base are award winning too. The fan club won a teen choice awards for best fandom, and proved it when they built schools in Africa to celebrate the group's 10th anniversary.

#3: SHINee

They’re not just music icons, but fashion icons as well. They created what has been called the “SHINee trend”, which involves high-tops, skinny jeans and a whole lot of color. They are known for their live performances, where they pull off insane choreography while still nailing their vocals. Originally a five piece, SHINee suffered a blow when lead vocalist Jongyun died at 27. His death reverberated through the k-pop community, with many celebrities and fans paying their respects at his funeral service. SHINee decided to keep going as a four piece, and they continue to honor Jongyun’s memory.

#2: BTS

When the Bangtan Boys arrived on the scene in 2013 with their first track “No More Dream” they were an instant success. The boys are very musically talented, and incorporate a lot of different music styles like rock and gospel, while occasionally tackling tough subjects like mental illness in their lyrics. Their music isn’t the only thing driving their success, though; the group also happen to be social media masters. Seriously, they’ve won awards for it, including a Billboard Music Award for Top Social Artist. Twitter even made them their own emoji, making them the first k-pop group to receive the honor. Everywhere they go crowds gather and grown women weep tears of absolute bliss.

Before we reveal our number one pick here are a few honorable mentions.




#1: Big Bang

Ever since their formation in 2006 they’ve had a huge influence on the entire genre. As the so-called “Kings of K-pop”, Big Bang not only write their own material but have creative control as well, which sets them apart from their peers. Their unique sound has earned them over 130 awards over the years, as well as international success. And let’s not forget to mention their edgy fashion, which can only be described as ‘Mad Max meets high fashion’. In 2018 the band was forced into hiatus by outside circumstances, but they left fans with “Flower Road” as something of a parting gift.


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