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Top 10 Are You Afraid of the Dark Episodes

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Written by Laura Keating Submitted for the approval of the Mojo society… Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Are You Afraid of the Dark? Episodes. For this list, we’ll be looking at the spookiest, most inventive, and most memorable episodes from the popular, ‘90s Canadian program that made us all wish we were a part of our very own Midnight Society. Gather ‘round the campfire! Have an idea you want to see made into a WatchMojo video? Check out our suggest page at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest and submit your idea.

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Submitted for the approval of the Mojo society… Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Are You Afraid of the Dark? Episodes.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the spookiest, most inventive, and most memorable episodes from the popular, ‘90s Canadian program that made us all wish we were a part of our very own Midnight Society. Gather ‘round the campfire!

#10: “The Tale of the Dark Music” (1992)

After his mother inherited a house from her uncle, Andy, his mom, and his annoying little sister move in. He hopes that things will be better for them in the new town, but soon he runs afoul of the local bully while out on his paper route. The bully tells him that everyone was happy when his great-uncle died, and that he was happened to be a creep and a lunatic. The episode works on the creep factor for sure, with Andy slowly uncovering what else his great-uncle left to his family. The kicker comes at the end, when Andy, who we’ve been rooting for, shows himself to be perhaps more sinister than we thought.

#9: “The Tale of the Silver Sight” (2000)

After a hiatus of a few years, the members of the Midnight Society grew up and changed. This very meta series of episodes (which we count as one episode) sees the return of Gary, the beloved original president and most iconic member of the campfire horror stories club, and his brother Tucker. The beginning of the final season kicked off with this three-parter, as Gary and Tucker track down an evil object connected with the death of their grandfather. Not only do the episodes provide an original origin story, but bringing back the familiar faces makes them some of the most memorable episodes from the end of the series.

#8: “The Tale of Watcher's Woods” (1994)

At Camp Grindlestone, Sarah and Kelly seem to be very different. Where Sarah wants to earn every badge she can, Kelly couldn’t care less. It’s a normal camp, except for the warning: "Never enter Watcher's Woods; ever!" Apparently, 75 years earlier, three girls went missing – and they weren’t the only ones. On an orienteering trip, Kelly and Sarah are partnered up. They get lost, and come across an old campsite, home to three old hags – the girls who went missing. Trapped in the Watcher’s Woods, they think Kelly is the girl who stole their whistles and got them lost, and they want revenge. “Watcher’s Woods” is a ghost, witch, and classic camp story rolled into one.

#7: “The Tale of the Dollmaker” (1994)

Melissa loves to visit her aunt and uncle each year, mostly because her best friend Susan lives next door. But one day, when she shows up, she’s dismayed to learn that Susan went missing, and her distraught parents moved, leaving the house abandoned. When Melissa thinks she sees Susan in the attic of the house-next door, she goes to investigate. Locating a small door in the back of the attic, she thinks she’s found her friend. But. . . she’s changed. Trapped in the dollhouse, Melissa realizes that she is changing too. With its dizzying shifts in reality, this one is not only creepy but mind-bending.

#6: “The Tale of the Midnight Madness” (1993)

Who doesn’t love a scary movie? The Rialto theatre is a classic old movie house, and plays exclusively old classic movies. But charming as it is, with no one showing up, they’ll have to close shop for good. Enter Dr. Vink – one of the show’s only recurring characters. He says he has a movie that will really bring life to the old place. For a while, it does! The old vampire flick with a twist, is a huge hit. However, the two ushers slowly learn that there is something not quite right about the film, or the bargain they made, and that the scary movie is more life-like than they imagined.

#5: “The Tale of the Ghastly Grinner” (1994)

Ethan is a young comic book artist just getting his start. His parents don’t believe in him, but with some encouragement from the girl at the comic book store, he decides to give it a real shot. She shows him a comic that was apparently too scary for the creator to finish, and gives it to him as a gift. Word to wise: if your comics get wet, don’t microwave them, it’s just a fire hazard. Worse for Ethan, he unwittingly releases the Grinner, who turns his victims into blue goo-drooling idiots. It may not sound like it, but this one falls into the category of indescribably scary for the kids who saw it. That face!

#4: “The Tale of Laughing in The Dark” (1992)

The second episode of the series brought out that perennial terror: Clowns. A couple of kids visit an amusement park, and come across an old spook house “Laughing in the Dark.” They learn of its dark past: in 1924 a clown tried to steal the payroll, got trapped inside, and burned to death when it caught fire. Zeebo, the clown, was said to haunt it, still. On a dare, one of the boys, Josh, steals the nose of the clown figure inside. Soon afterwards, he is plagued by strange noises, smells, and calls, cautioned by an unseen force to “give it back.” We sure weren’t laughing by the end of this one.

#3: “The Tale of the Thirteenth Floor” (1993)

Billy and Karin like to play on the thirteenth floor, the unoccupied space in the apartment building having become their arena. Karin wishes she was as good at sports as Billy, but – as she’s adopted – blames her genetics for her lack of skills. One day, they find that the floor has been taking over by a bunch of strange people, and Karin begins to have bizarre dreams that her television is talking to her. The scares in this one seem to be upfront, as the people on the thirteenth floor turn out not to be people at all. But it’s the twist at the very end that really gives this one impact.

#2: “The Tale of the Lonely Ghost” (1992)

Amanda just wants to be friends with her mean cousin, Beth, but her snob of a relative will only let her hang out if she cleans her room, and spends a night in a haunted house. She tells her how next door, a little mute girl starved to death years earlier when some girls locked her in a room; and unable to call for help, she died. In the house, Amanda hears scratching, only to find the ghost, who has scrawled “Help Me” backwards all over the walls of the room she was trapped in. Subtle and atmospheric, this episode helped to launch the program, establishing it as one of the most haunting shows on TV.

Before we unveil our number one pick, her are a few honorable mentions:

“The Tale of Station 109.1” (1995)

“The Tale of Apartment 214” (1994)

“The Tale of the Water Demons” (1994)

#1: “The Tale of the Dead Man's Float” (1995)

After uncovering an abandoned swimming pool, hidden away through the boy’s locker room, geeky Zeke cannot wait to show it to Clorice, a girl from biology class and member of the swim team. Together, they get the school to refurbish the pool, and at first all is well. However, they soon discover that there was a reason it was abandoned. The episode plays out with considerable atmosphere, with past and present storylines to scare the pants, or bathing suits, off any viewer. The episode also dishes out some of the best costuming/practical effects of the entire show’s run. The lead-up to the reveal is tense, and the outcome is terrifying and unforgettable, even all these years later.

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