Top 10 Roman Reigns WWE Matches

Ashley Bowman

Love him or hate him, the big pooch puts up a good fight. Welcome to and today we'll be counting down our picks for the top 10 Roman Reigns Matches.
Love him or hate him, the big pooch puts up a good fight. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 Roman Reigns Matches.

For this list, we’re looking through the catalogue of this superstar and recommending his very best matches. Yes, we all want him to turn heel, but lets enjoy what we’ve had so far… Only one match per opponent, unless of course it’s a multi-man match, and we wont be including shield matches because that’s another list for another time…

#10: vs. Randy Orton

“SummerSlam” (2014)
Now separated from the Shield, Roman Reigns had entered unfamiliar territory wherein he would have to fend for himself. But Randy also had something to prove, as his recent performances hadn’t landed in his favor. So when the two finally clashed after butting heads over the months, we finally saw what the roman empire was capable of. Reversal after reversal led to a picture perfect spear, marking Reigns’s first major win as a singles competitor.

#9: vs. Sheamus

“TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs” (2015)
This feud was admittedly a struggle. From the moment Sheamus cashed in his money in the bank, plenty of folks were rolling their eyes. But, there were actually some good things to come of it, this match being one of them. Reigns set out for revenge against the man who devastated his first world title win, and the two men used all the tables, ladders and chairs they could get their hands on to do each other in. It of course ended in failure for Reigns thanks to a little interference, but we all knew he wasn’t done with the Celtic warrior just yet.

#8: vs. Kevin Owens

“Royal Rumble” (2017)
It seems that whenever Reigns sets his sights on the Universal title, things just about slip away. This time around, he faced the rising Kevin Owens, in a no DQ match, with a conniving Chris Jericho hoisted above the ring to stop any chance of interference. It ended being an incredibly creative bout with the two providing some awesome spots throughout – making full use of the weapons available. Reigns was moments away from winning, until an irate Braun Strowman took it upon himself to dunk on him leaving him open for an Owens victory.

#7: vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Brock Lesnar

“Fastlane” (2016)
Three men. One chance to face Triple H at Wrestlemania for the World Championship. Being more than aware of Lesnar’s overwhelming strength, the shield brothers worked together for a good part of the match in order to put the breaks on him. But when the beast was out of commission, the two turned their attentions to one another, attacking relentlessly in order to achieve their goal…with any means possible. The match unfortunately set a standard that the Wrestlemania main event failed to live up to.

#6: vs. Braun Strowman vs. Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar

“SummerSlam” (2017)
Let’s just be grateful that the ring managed to hold the combined weight of these monsters. In an absolutely chaotic confrontation between these four men, the universal title was the ultimate prize… and man were these guys killing eachother for it. The match didn’t even give you a chance to wipe the doritos dust off your fingers, since if you blinked you’d miss some manner of violence. Reigns didn’t get the win, but his efforts were commendable.

#5: vs. John Cena

“No Mercy” (2017)
There can only be one face of the company, and this match sought to confirm who that man would be. After taking a massive L in a promo war between himself and Cena, Reigns was in desperate need for redemption…and the only way he could achieve that would be by spearing a hole through Cena’s chest. Though the fight didn’t reach that level of brutality, it showcased what both of these two men had to offer, and Reigns was handed the torch by the once undisputed posterboy of the company.

#4: vs. Brock Lesnar

“WrestleMania 31” (2015)
Fans were biting their lips anticipating a not-so-fantastic bout between these two…but boy were they wrong. In what can only be described as a right of passage for the Big dog, he was put through the wringer in this main event and beaten to within an inch of his kayfabe life. Suplex after suplex had us wincing, but nothing could seem to put the guy down. Alas, just when it seemed he leveled the playing field, out came Seth seizing the day and stealing the win. It’s just a shame their wrestlemania 34 follow-up didn’t live up to this encounter.

#3: vs. Seth Rollins

“Money in the Bank” (2016)
When Shield brothers face off, you can bet sparks will fly. Though the two have had a number of great encounters, this stands as their best in terms of story. The two worked their styles perfectly with Reigns throwing out some super-powered moves while Seth’s cunning strategies would eventually land him the win. Though Reigns has yet to hold World Title gold since, you can bet he’s not too far off his next big win.

#2: vs. Daniel Bryan

“Fastlane” (2015)
While you could make the argue that Daniel Bryan can put on a 5 star match with anything that moves…including a rolling orange…this match was a bloody brilliant. When Reigns won the rumble instead of a returning D-Bry, the fans quickly turned against him so it was to prove himself a worthy contender for the Wrestlemania main event. And that he did. Reigns and Bryan gave it 110%, proving that Reigns could potentially hang at the top.

#1: vs. AJ Styles

“Extreme Rules” (2016)

It was the match that far exceeded everyone’s expectations, and boy what a spectacle it was. With the rulebook this time thrown out the window, these two didn’t leave any stone unturned, taking the match around the arena and blasting each other with whatever they could get their hands on. The bout descended into war, as both the Usos and the Good brothers entered the fray in order to turn the tides of battle. The matched closed with a beautiful springboard spear, giving Reigns an awesome title defense victory.