Top10 Memorable Queer Eye Season 2 Moments
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Top10 Memorable Queer Eye Season 2 Moments

VOICE OVER: Emily Brayton WRITTEN BY: Caitlin Johnson
Script written by Caitlin Johnson

The guys from Queer Eye is back! This time they've got a lot of surprises up their sleeves. For this list, we're looking at the most meaningful and poignant moments in the second season of Netflix's “Queer Eye”!

Top 10 Memorable Queer Eye Season 2 Moments

They’re here and they’re queer and they’re awesome. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 memorable Queer Eye season 2 moments.
For this list, we’re looking at the most meaningful and poignant moments in the second season of Netflix’s “Queer Eye”.

#10: Sean Puts on a Show

The Fab 5 are called out to help an 18-year-old kid about to go to college actually feel like an 18-year-old kid about to go to college, instead of an old man trapped in the body of a teen. After completely revamping Sean’s wardrobe and look, he finally gets the confidence that makes his piano performance at the end of the show really stand out. No longer does he need the bedazzled “Sean” jackets to get noticed, he has both talent and charisma and can begin impressing people his own age.

#9: Ari Gets Caught Lying
“Big Little Lies”

At the beginning of this episode Ari has a lot of problems, but the biggest one is that he just won’t be honest with the Fab 5. It starts with him making them believe that he’s a recent graduate who’s just started a new job, when really, he flunked a class and never technically got his degree. He’s also been fired from some half a dozen jobs since college ended. His lies are so pervasive that later on in the episode Karamo even makes him take a polygraph test. It’s like pulling teeth trying to get this guy to live his truth.

#8: Myles Goes to Homecoming

“God Bless Gay”

Tammye’s son Myles left the aptly-named small town of Gay, Georgia to move to Atlanta. While there, he completely lost touch with his family for two years, after his mother initially did not accept him being gay. That all changes when Tammye gets cancer and re-evaluates her life, realizing that “you can’t antagonize and evangelize at the same time.” She asks Myles for his forgiveness for her initially rejecting him when he came out, and ultimately, he goes to the church’s Homecoming Service at the end of the week. Tammye continues to preach love as Myles finally feels accepted by the people he loves the most.

#7: Ted Makes a Speech
“Make Ted Great Again”

The liberal, “hipster mayor” of Clarkston, Georgia needed the Fab 5’s help to change his look so that he could be taken more seriously by the older citizens involved in politics. Hosting a dinner party with foreign delegates at the end of the episode, Ted Terry finally comes into his own and puts his newfound public speaking skills to the test. He explains his plans to make America more welcoming, more compassionate, and more open, putting Clarkston’s diverse community at the heart of his mayoral policies. The delegates raise a toast to Ted and his refreshing, welcoming policies as they enjoy their meal.

#6: Skyler Gets a Tailored Suit

“Sky’s the Limit”

For many trans people, shopping for clothes in the binary retail environment can be difficult, especially for something like a suit which needs to be tailored to one’s body. Skyler explains that when he bought two suits and they were being fitted, he walked out of the store because he was made so uncomfortable; and from then on Tan makes it his mission to get Skyler in a great-looking suit. The look on Skyler’s face when he finally sees himself in a suit is one money can’t buy, and he later says that he felt like “there [he] was” and he finally saw himself properly for the first time.

#5: Jason & Beth Get Together
“The Handyman Can”

This episode was all about one handyman whose life just wasn’t going the way he wanted, so he planned to move to Reno to be closer to his beloved Burning Man festival. But his best friend Beth, who also nominated him for the show, desperately doesn’t want him to go. The Fab 5 makeover Jason, and get everything ready for his big cross-country move, but a plot twist drops at the very end of the episode, during the epilogue. We discover that Jason’s big move has been temporarily paused because he and Beth have started a relationship. Finally!

#4: Bobby Talks to Tammye About Church
“God Bless Gay”

Bobby’s relationship with the Church was complicated by the fact that he was rejected by his family after coming out as gay in his youth, and he was skeptical about what he would find in church-going mother-hen Tammye. He even refuses to go into the town church initially. But his perceptions change when he meets her and eventually opens up, and she says she loves and accepts him because that’s what Jesus would want. Bobby has a similar moment with Sean’s godmother Lulu when he tells her about how he, like Sean, was adopted, and she supports him and everything he’s accomplished.

#3: Tan Asks Skyler About His Trans Experience

“Sky’s the Limit”

The episode begins with a poignant scene where we see Skyler get his top surgery so that his outside reflects the man he’s always been on the inside. Tan admits that he’s never actually met a trans person, and later tries to change his ignorance by asking Skyler various questions about what it’s like to be trans. Skyler tells Tan how awful it was being misgendered in the hospital and about being uncomfortable in his body for years of his life. By the end of the episode, Tan finally understands how much surgery and transitioning means to trans people.

#2: William Proposes to Shannan

“A Decent Proposal”

Poor William just doesn’t know how to pop the question to his longtime girlfriend, who has been dropping hints about her ring size for months. Luckily, the Fab 5 show up to rescue him and help him plan the perfect proposal. William takes the couple’s love of romantic comedies and makes up one of his own, where he comes up with a word meaning something “more than love,” and that word is: Shannan. He plays it at an outdoor movie theater and Shannan is sobbing so much by the time he asks her to marry him, she only just manages to say “yes” through tears of happiness.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few Honorable Mentions:
Jonathan Finds Lice Shampoo
“A Decent Proposal”
Skyler Meets Todrick Hall
“Sky’s the Limit”
Karamo Teaches Kids to Dance
“Unleash the Sexy Beast”

#1: Everything Tammye Does

“God Bless Gay”

She was their first female hero and she so deserves what the Fab 5 do for her and her town, a thousand times over. Mama Tammye, as she likes to be called, has an infinite amount of love to give to the people around her no matter how long she’s known them. She enlists the Fab 5 in renovating the local community centre rather than focusing all their energy on her, and makes them all feel the love of the church. After surviving a battle with cancer and dedicating her every waking moment to helping others, it’s impossible to do enough to thank this incredible woman worth celebrating.