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Top 10 Best Carrie Looks from Sex and the City

Script written by Savannah Sher This are the Top 10 Best Carrie Looks from Sex and the City! For this list, we’re looking at the most iconic outfits worn by consummate fashionista Carrie Bradshaw. Which outfits of hers did you like best?

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Top 10 Best Carrie Looks from Sex and the City.  

This ‘90s TV character is undoubtedly a style icon. Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best Carrie Looks from Sex and the City.  

For this list, we’re looking at the most iconic outfits worn by consummate fashionista Carrie Bradshaw. 

#10: Last Date in NYC with Big
“I Heart NY”

“Hello lover!” Carrie uttered this memorable phrase when spotting this incredible pair of pink Christian Louboutin shoes in a shop window and we knew as well as she did that she just had to have them. Carrie got all dolled up for a night on the town with Mr. Big after he announced that he’d be leaving New York to move to Napa Valley, California. The cascading ruffles on the shoes make them the centerpiece of the outfit and also the cause of one of the show’s greatest fashion gags. When Carrie rushes to help Miranda when she’s in labor, her water breaks all over them.    

#9: Dolce & Gabbana
“The Real Me”

At the beginning of the show’s fourth season, Carrie is asked to take part in a major fashion show as one of the celebrity guests. She learns that she’ll be wearing Dolce & Gabbana and she is unsurprisingly over the moon. At the fitting, she dons a knockout, floor-length, body-conscious that looks perfect on her… well, almost. The bold floral pattern and slinky silhouette look flawless. But tragically, the organizers decide she doesn’t quite have the height to go with the dress, so they dig up a sequin blue number and give the gown to Heidi Klum instead.

#8: White Engagement
“Change of a Dress”

The symbolism is clear with this bridal looking gown. Carrie and Aidan have recently become engaged, but fans were able to see Carrie’s resistance and trepidation every step of the way. It all culminates at a black and white ball when Aidan pushes Carrie for answers on why she isn’t ready to commit to him. The imagery in this scene shows what the two of them would have looked like had they actually ended up walking down the aisle together, rather than breaking up in this moment. Sad context be damned though, the strapless Badgley Mischka dress is stunning and is clearly outside of Carrie’s typical wardrobe.    

#7: In Vogue
“A 'Vogue' Idea”

In season four, Carrie is asked to write a column for Vogue and of course she accepts without hesitation. Her editor, Enid, however isn’t as impressed with Carrie’s work as she would like. When she goes on a visit to the Conde Nast offices, Carrie gets a chance to don a more professional outfit that we’re used to seeing her in. Because she typically works from her apartment, office-wear is not something she wears much of. This ensemble looks sharp and stylish all at the same time.   

#6: Wedding Guest
“The Chicken Dance”

Near the beginning of Carrie and Big’s relationship, the pair is invited to a wedding together for the first time. Carrie is asked to prepare a reading for the happy couple and becomes frustrated when Big takes a phone call at the worst possible time. None of this bodes well for them as a couple, but the real focus here should be the incredible dress Carrie wore for the occasion. It’s romantic and strapless with a cutaway front that makes it quite the sexy pick for someone else’s big day. But hey, we wouldn’t still be talking about Carrie’s fashion if she had played it safe.   

#5: Fashion Road Kill
“The Real Me”

After being denied the chance to walk down the runway in that amazing floral Dolce & Gabbana number, Carrie is given an outfit change that shocks her as much as the audience. This ensemble is much more daring, featuring a long blue trench coat, a bralette and a pair of sparkling undies to complete the look. In terms of memorable outfits, this one won’t soon be forgotten, especially considering Carrie trips, falls, and is turned into “fashion roadkill” while wearing it. Thankfully, Carrie manages to not only pick herself up, but smile through it.   

#4: The Tutu  
Various Episodes  

During the run of the HBO show, Carrie doesn’t actually wear this item in a single episode, and yet it might be the most emblematic article of clothing she owns. The ballet style tutu that appears in the show’s intro sequence is a perfect representation of Carrie’s fun and irreverent fashion sense. Costume designer Patricia Field says she found the skirt on sale for only a few dollars and had to have it on the show. In the 2008 follow up movie, Carrie is seen cleaning out her closet and the tutu makes an appearance, being put solidly in the “keep” pile.    

#3: Newspaper Dress
“What Goes Around Comes Around”

Carrie is not typically one for an outfit repeat, but this dress designed by John Galliano for Dior made it into “Sex and the City” on two separate occasions. The first time is in the show’s third season when Carrie runs into Natasha after getting caught having an affair with Big. The dress makes a return in the second movie, “Sex and the City 2” released in 2010. The newspaper style is quirky and distinct, but is in perfect company with many of the other looks Carrie tried over the years that were a little “out there”.    

#2: Mille Feuille Dress
“An American Girl in Paris”

Carrie’s eccentric New York style is always front and center, but she kicks it up a notch in the final two episodes when she goes to Paris. Everything she wears here is stunning, from the outfit she arrives in, to the final dress she wears when she finally kisses Big. The thigh high boots she wears when she falls at Dior and the polka dot dress when she’s wandering around Paris are also standouts. The creme de la creme however, is the hugely elaborate “mille feuille” Versace dress that fans out around her when Petrovsky is late to meet her. The gown is Patricia Field’s favorite piece from the show. We suspect she’s not alone.       

Before we unveil our top picks, here are a few honorable mentions.     
- Trying to Impress Aidan
“Time and Punishment”

- “Your Girl Is Lovely, Hubble”
"Ex and the City”

- Making a Splash
“Cock a Doodle Do!”

#1: The Fur Coat  
Various Episodes  

Against steep competition and the personal choice of SATC costume designer, we’ve gotta go with this glamorous look. The one piece that ties a thread between all of Carrie’s fashion choices is the oversized fur coat that she wears in season one, season six and the first movie. It shows just how over-the-top extravagant Carrie can be, and yet manages to create a totally different look each time she wears it. When she puts it on in the show’s final episode when she returns to New York, it’s symbolic of the fact that the old Carrie is back.

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