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Top 10 Hilarious Shawn Mendes Moments

Script written by Mark Oliver Skinner These are the most hilarious Shawn Mendes Moments! He’s gorgeous, he’s multi-talented... and he can be so hysterical that it leaves us in stitches. For this list, we’ll be looking at the funniest moments involving the cute Canadian singer/songwriter.

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Top 10 Hilarious Shawn Mendes Moments

He’s gorgeous, he’s multi-talented... and he can be so hysterical that it leaves us in stitches. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Hilarious Shawn Mendes Moments.
For this list, we’ll be looking at the funniest moments involving the cute Canadian singer/songwriter.


#10: Reading Thirst Tweets About Himself

Celebs are no strangers to reading tweets about themselves, but if you’re a heartthrob like Shawn Mendes, said tweets may get a little intimate. BuzzFeed got the “In My Blood” musician to read messages from fans lusting after him on the Twitterverse, and while he tried to mask his embarrassment after some of the more obscene tweets, there were a handful the 19-year-old just couldn’t bring himself to say aloud. Shawn kept his cool like the polite young man he is, but it was absolutely priceless hearing him admit he doesn’t view his abs as art, and cringing at the things his fans want to do to him.


#9: Eating Mustard with Austin Mahone

Back in 2014, Shawn went on tour with Fifth Harmony, The Vamps and Austin Mahone, and when they were backstage, things started to get strange. In one comical glimpse into their life on the road, Mahone tries to kick back and relax before Shawn starts messing with him, attempting to show off his telekinetic abilities and revealing his love for mustard… plain mustard, straight from the bottle. While Austin acts weirded out in the sketch, it shows that the pair knows how to have fun in their downtime.


#8: Breaking Out His Salsa Moves

He’s recognized for his extensive vocal range and the impressive tricks he can pull on a guitar, but did you know Shawn can also bust a move? Although he has claimed to hate dancing, after learning to salsa dance during one interview, we can’t deny his hips don’t lie… and he hasn’t been able to stop them from moving since. While his salsa swaying makes his fans go crazy, we don’t think it will become a mainstay of Shawn’s live routine anytime soon. Most recorded evidence of Shawn’s not-so-secret hobby are cellphone videos that suggest he’s getting in some private practice before unveiling his status as a true triple threat.

#7: Setting a World Record for Meowing

Shawn may be allergic to dogs but he apparently has a soft spot for cats, so much so that he once tried setting the world record for most meows in a minute. Carried out during MTV’s “Break the Record Week,” Shawn’s rapid-fire delivery of feline sounds didn’t exactly get his name in the Guinness Book of World Records, but that’s purr-fectly fine by us. The fact that we get a clip of young Shawn making an adorable fool of himself is worth all the Lolcats on the web.

#6: Being a Harry Potter Superfan

You can divide celebrities into two categories: those who are ignorant of the Wizarding World, otherwise known as Muggles, and those who are, well, spellbound by Harry Potter… and we can undoubtedly place Shawn in that second house. Shawn has always been a self-proclaimed super-fan of J. K. Rowling’s enchanting franchise, and in the middle of Carpool Karaoke during his recent week-long stint on The Late Late Show, he made that known once more when he transformed into the iconic wizard, donning round spectacles, a lightning bolt scar and Gryffindor robes… before becoming a mockup Dumbledore himself.

#5: Getting Jumped by Drake’s Security

Since Shawn grew up just outside of Toronto, Drake has always been a figure for the pop star to look up to. In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Shawn opened up about how starstruck he was first meeting Drizzy for the first time. Even though they’re fellow Canadian superstars, however, the rapper’s security guards weren’t exactly privy to that at a later encounter, and when Shawn approached him he ended up being restrained, begging Drake’s security for mercy. Luckily, Drake had Shawn’s back.

#4: Trying to Keep His Cool Eating Spicy Wings

Shawn is known for being endlessly sweet, but when he was invited to sample the wings of death on YouTube’s First We Feast interview show “Hot Ones,” some spice-doused chicken revealed a more fiery side of Mr. Mendes. Pop stars with younger fan bases generally avoid using swear words, but under the duress of the spicy wings Shawn threw caution to the wind and used some vulgar language…which was just so funny to witness. Even though the singer almost vomited, and called out the camera crew who “watch people suffer for a living,” Shawn triumphantly survived the “Hot Ones” challenge… and we died laughing.

#3: Pretending to be Mean

There’s not much the teen idol can’t do, but pretending that he isn’t a well-meaning sweetheart is one act Shawn simply can’t pull off. To be honest, whenever Shawn tries to act stern, his facade is unbelievably easy to see through. During Carpool Karaoke, when James Corden convinced Shawn to test out some road rage, he ended up looking totally unthreatening and out of his element. Throughout Shawn’s week on The Late Late Show, Corden used the singer’s good-boy nature to humorous effec; even in the sketches where they’re at odds with one another, like the Better Then/Better Now Riff-Off or the Cover Battle, Mendes’s sugar-coated insides can’t help but show themselves.

#2: Naming a Price for Justin Bieber’s Underwear

Shawn and the Biebs have grown to become quite supportive of one another after Bieber let it slip that he didn’t even know who Shawn was a few years back.  There are no hard feelings, apparently, because after James Corden joked that Bieber sells his underwear online, Shawn immediately blurted out that he would be willing to buy some. The singer elaborated that it couldn’t be just any pair, however: he wants the ones Justin played hockey in, for which he’d be willing to pay a pretty penny of up to $500. However, he wasn’t quite as enthusiastic about James’ underpants.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Serenading Cameron Dallas

Singing his Order at a Drive-Thru Window

Changing his Dad’s Phone Wallpaper to a Photo of an Infected Toe


#1: Hating Tomatoes

He’s tough enough to stomach a round of extra-hot chicken wings, but biting into an everyday tomato is something Shawn just isn’t capable of. Ever since Shawn professed his distaste of tomatoes in a tweet that read “Tomatoes ruin everything,” fans and interviewers alike have not been able to let it go. Although Shawn has clarified he doesn’t mind them so much in dishes with other food, he was forced to apologize for the controversial statement, and was later challenged to eat one on TV.  We say tomato, you say tomato, Shawn Mendes says… eugh!

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