Top 10 Celebrity Disney Fans



Top 10 Celebrity Disney Fans

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These celebs are just like us! Who doesn't love Disney! For this list, we're looking at celebrities who have expressed or shown appreciation for the wonderful world of Disney and its many entertainment ventures.

Top 10 Celebrity Disney Fans

The House of Mouse has attracted some BIG name devotees over the years. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Celebrity Disney Fans.

For this list, we’re looking at celebrities who have expressed or shown appreciation for the wonderful world of Disney and its many entertainment ventures.

#10: Tina Fey

This hilarious actress, comedian and writer is much loved for having created shows like “30 Rock” and “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”, as well as her years of excellent work on “Saturday Night Live”. But now you’ve got one more reason to appreciate this writer and actress - her connection to Disney! The incredibly likeable star has not only collaborated with the House of Mouse on various projects like “Muppets Most Wanted” and “Monkey Kingdom,” but is also a true devotee. Fey herself told People Magazine, she “love[s] Disney and [her] two girls are fully immersed in the lifestyle”. Her love certainly comes through when she visits the parks!

#9: Ryan Gosling

Though this memeable hearthrob and incredibly talented actor may be known for keeping his personal life private, there are no secrets when it comes to his long relationship with the House of Mouse. As Gosling himself admitted when speaking with late night host Conan O'Brien, it’s a bit of a love/hate relationship. Gosling and Disney have a long history - his first big break was as as Mouseketeer. Whatever cheeky misgivings he may have, his habit of visiting the parks regularly speaks for itself, and, as he explained in 2011, he has a deep appreciation for the attention to detail and creativity that goes into Disneyland.

#8: Jordan Fisher

Though some celebrity Disney fans may try to downplay their love for the House of Mouse, this multi-talented young star is not one of them. Just watch as he absolutely crushes this game of Disney trivia. And it’s not like host Lindsay Arnold was lobbing softballs either. He seriously knows his stuff, from classic early Disney to more modern properties, both live action and animated. Though the actor, dancer and singer may have started off on television, in 2015, after having debuted some singles on Radio Disney, Fisher signed a contract with Hollywood Records - the music label operated by the Disney. Suffice it to say, this star is a proud Disney partner.

#7: Demi Lovato

This Disney Channel star turned pop singer needs little introduction. Though she has done a lot of growing up over the years and has bravely overcome more than her fair share of struggles, it seems as if the innocence and magic of Disneyland have never lost their effects on her. Over the years, the singer has earned herself a reputation as a true Disney devotee due to her status as a Disneyland regular. How many young adults do you know spend celebrate their 22nd birthday at an amusement park? Then again, Disneyland isn’t your typical amusement park, and Lovato isn’t what you would call a casual Disney fan.

#6: Holly Madison

This Playboy bunny and ex-girlfriend of the late Hugh Hefner might’ve made a name for herself in the world of adult entertainment, but she’s still a kid at heart - as proven by her unbridled love for all things Disney. When she hits the Disney store with her daughter, she shops like the place is going out of business. Of course, she’s more than just a collector. Her wedding to Pasquale Rotella took place at Disneyland, and when E! News visited her Las Vegas home, she explained how she and her husband actually took inspiration from Disney hotels when renovating and decorating their house. Who wouldn’t want to feel like they’re living on-site year round?

#5: Chris Evans

Disney and Marvel may have turned Chris Evans into a bona fide superstar when they gave him the role of patriotic superhero Captain America, but his love for the House of Mouse extends well beyond his multi-picture deal as part of the MCU. For example, we’re pretty certain that nowhere in his contract did it stipulate that he has to learn all the lyrics to a song from “The Little Mermaid.” In fact, it seems as if he’s committed a few Disney classics to memory. Of course, that’s just scratching the surface. Evans regularly expresses his love for all things Disney with unabashed childlike enthusiasm.

#4: Ariana Grande

Though Nickelodeon may have have launched her career, it seems that Ariana Grande’s heart belongs to the competition. The pop juggernaut, whose music videos have cumulatively garnered billions of views, is a big Disney fan. While her music style and sensuality have certainly pushed into more mature territory in the early 21st century, she clearly hasn’t lost her youthful sense of wonder or appreciation - as illustrated by her love of Disneyland and Disney World. 21 is a big birthday in America, but rather than spend the day partying hard, Ariana chose to celebrate legally becoming an adult by visiting the happiest place on earth. And since 2014, she has collaborated with Disney for a number of musical ventures.

#3: Ginnifer Goodwin

Though she first made a name for herself on the polyamorous HBO series “Big Love”, Disney fans will likely be more familiar with Goodwin’s work on the Disney-ABC series “Once Upon a Time” - in which she plays Snow White. Of course, her biggest role has arguably been as the voice of officer Judy Hopps in the Disney animated film Zootopia, which made over $1 billion. Disney roles are all well and good, but Goodwin’s Disney love goes much deeper than that. She admits to visiting the park way more than the average fan, and that she’s already begun sharing her love for all things Disney with her young son.

#2: Neil Patrick Harris

Should he ever retire from acting, we strongly suspect that Neil Patrick Harris would seek alternative employment working at Disney. Why? Because to be honest, at times, he seems even more passionate about the House of Mouse than he does acting, and that’s saying a LOT. He regularly contributes to Epcot’s Candlelight Processional, has recorded vocal work for the California Screamin’ Roller Coaster, performed a song at the 2013 Disney World Christmas Day Parade, and, most significantly, hosts the “World of Color” show at Disneyland opposite Mickey Mouse himself. Though he clearly loves performing at Disney, his true passion seems to be for visiting the parks as a guest with his family.

Before we unveil our top ick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Corbin Bleu

Gwen Stefani

Kourtney Kardashian

#1: John Stamos

Though there are a number of celebrities out there who are downright Disney fanatics… none can hold a candle to this cool uncle from “Full House”. Stamos has taken his appreciation for Disney to the extreme on more than one occasion, and we totally love him for it. He apparently once dropped $20,000 or $30,000 on a “Welcome to Disneyland” entrance sign of his very own. Of course, that’s just one part of an extensive Disney memorabilia collection. Then there’s the Disney-themed proposal he gave his partner Caitlin McHugh when the time came to pop the big question. When it comes to celebs who love Disney, Stamos truly sets the bar!