Top 10 Female-Led Superhero Shows



Top 10 Female-Led Superhero Shows

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These are the best female lead superhero shows! For this list, we're looking at the best shows built around female superheroes. We're looking at both traditional superheroes and non-traditional ones. As long as the show centres around a heroine or heroines saving the day, it's a contender. We've included shows like Totally Spies!, My Life as a Teenage Robot, Sailor Moon, Agent Carter, Wonder Woman and more!

Top 10 Female-Led Superhero Shows

These heroines shined on the small screen. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for Top 10 Female-Led Superhero Shows.

For this list, we're looking at the best shows built around female superheroes. We're looking at both traditional superheroes and non-traditional ones. As long as the show centers around a heroine or heroines saving the day, it’s a contender.

#10: “Totally Spies!” (2001-14)

If you set “Charlie’s Angels” in high school ,you’d probably get “Totally Spies!” The show followed teenagers Sam, Alex and Clover as they went to high school while dropping into missions for the spy organization known as WOOHP. Each of the spies had a personality as colorful as their jumpsuits. Whether they were fighting thugs or going to the mall, the trio had a tight bond that spelled trouble for their enemies. Each adventure also brought crazy new gadgets and plenty of puns. “Totally Spies!” was a fun homage to the spy genre that captivated international audiences for six seasons and a movie.

#9: “My Life as a Teenage Robot” (2003-05; 2008-09)

This heroine was quite literally built to save the world. “My Life as A Teenage Robot” chronicled the trials of robot XJ-9, who also went by her human name, Jenny. Although she had enough power to destroy meteors, all she really wanted to do was blend in with other humans. While Jenny doesn’t always succeed at being normal, she always manages to be extraordinary. The show had a cool animation style that complemented all of the crazy adventures. The colorful supporting characters rounded out the world and gave Jenny some touching relationships. The heroine may have been made of metal, but she definitely had a very real heart.

#8: “Sailor Moon” (1992-97)

Even if you’ve never seen a single episode, you’d recognize this magical heroine. The series begins when a lazy student named Usagi discovers she’s destined to inherit magical powers. She’s given an accessory that grants her an awesome transformation sequence and the power to combat evil as Sailor Moon. Usagi was later joined by other Sailor Scouts with their own special abilities and defined personalities. “Sailor Moon” became an international sensation and is often credited with making anime more popular in the U.S. With live action adaptations, a reboot series and plenty of cosplayers, “Sailor Moon” has transformed into a beloved franchise.

#7: “Agent Carter” (2015-16)

Long before Peggy Carter joined S.H.I.E.L.D., she defended America with her wits and fists. After her appearance in “Captain America”, the series followed Carter’s life as a secret agent for the Strategic Scientific Reserve in the 1940s. Despite her impressive resume, she was constantly underestimated by her peers and superiors. But Carter never let it stop her from taking down assassins and evil plots. Hayley Atwell was mesmerizing in the role. She was a perfect fit for the cool 1940s setting. And watching her show up sexist criticism never got old. “Agent Carter” was the first MCU show with a badass female lead. Thankfully, it wouldn’t be the last.

#6: “Kim Possible” (2002-07)

Heroine Kim Possible can do it all. She gets perfect grades, is a star cheerleader and routinely saves the world from nefarious threats. Whether she’s fighting supervillains or stuck in an awkward high school situation, she keeps a cool head and a quip at the ready. Audiences of all genders embraced Kim Possible, making it a popular and Emmy-nominated show. It was so beloved by fans that Disney uncancelled the show for a season after the finale aired. And let’s be honest, it has a spectacular theme song. It doesn’t matter if you call or beep her, just make sure to tune in to her adventures.

#5: “The Powerpuff Girls” (1998-2005)

When you combine sugar, spice, everything nice and a random dose of chemicals, you get the hit series “The Powerpuff Girls”. The show followed the adventures of three superpowered kindergarteners who were created in a lab accident. They use their abilities to fight a quirky gallery of characters and the occasional giant monster. The tongue-in-cheek style of the show gave us plenty of laughs, even during their big battles. “The Powerpuff Girls” not only entertained with multiple seasons and a 2002 movie, but managed to win 2 Emmys during its original run. These heroines may be small, but they’ve made a big impact.

#4: “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (1997-2003)

It takes a strong heroine to take on supernatural threats and high school all at the same time. Buffy Summers is a “slayer”, a woman who is granted special powers to take down vampires, demons and other dark threats. She balances her warrior life and school responsibilities with the support of the “Scooby Gang”, a motley crew of friends and allies with a variety of special powers. “Buffy” managed to be funny, heartbreaking and action-packed every week. And it wasn’t afraid to change up its format to make unforgettable episodes. The series led to spin-off shows, comics and even academic studies. It’s all a testament to how much people loved to see Buffy slay.

#3: “Supergirl” (2015-)

“Supergirl” tells the story of Kara Danvers, a refugee from the planet Krypton. Kara hid her heritage until her adoptive sister Alex’s plane was about to crash. After flying into action and rescuing the passengers, she decides to use her powers to save people as Supergirl. Kara’s fights against evil have given us plenty of amazing visuals. But the series can also step away from special effects and handle topical issues as well. An arc where Alex struggles with her responsibilities while coming out as gay has been a standout storyline for the show. Supergirl’s empowering adventures have gotten better each season and are bound to soar to even greater heights.

#2: “Wonder Woman” (1975-79)

This list wouldn’t exist without this groundbreaking show. After a successful made-for-tv movie in 1974, “Wonder Woman” was greenlit for its very own series. Lynda Carter played Diana Prince, a navy officer who secretly fought evil as Wonder Woman. She defied gender stereotypes by taking immediate action when people were in danger. Between Diana’s Amazonian training and magical lasso, enemies didn’t stand a chance. Lynda Carter nailed the role and created the heroine’s iconic spinning transformation. “Wonder Woman”’s success showed that audiences could accept a superheroine taking charge of her own show. Its legacy lives on in every heroine on tv today.

#1: “Jessica Jones” (2016-)

There are few heroes like “Jessica Jones”. The titular heroine of the series is an alcoholic P.I. with super strength and keen detective skills. Jessica may come off as sarcastic and aloof, but she’s willing to go to extreme lengths to get the bad guy. She also fights crime while struggling against the PTSD inflicted on her by a terrifying villain. No matter how dark the show gets, Jessica’s humor and badass feats in spite of her adversity make the show entertaining and inspiring. With its strong supporting female characters and plenty of twists, “Jessica Jones” is not only a great female-led show, but also one of the best superhero series of all time.
Kim Possible should've been #1.