Top 10 Skins Moments

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Written by Jessica Nosal It was the series that defined a generation. Welcome to WatchMojo UK and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Skins moments. For this list, we’ve gathered the greatest “Skins” scenes, and those moments that made us laugh, cry, and want to run a riot. Special thanks to our users mac121mr0, MCRkilljoy5, Aiden Worthington and hyprmania52 for submitting the idea on our interactive suggestion tool: WatchMojo.comsuggest
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Top 10 Skins Moments

It was the series that defined a generation. Welcome to WatchMojo UK and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Skins moments.

For this list, we’ve gathered the greatest “Skins” scenes, and those moments that made us laugh, cry, and want to run a riot.

#10: Sid Breaks Down

By season two, Sid’s a lost soul - and Tony has plenty of his own issues to worry over. But when Sid wakes to find his Dad has died in his armchair, it all gets too much. After keeping the death a secret at college, he eventually breaks down, with Tony, at a Crystal Castles gig. Sid and Tony eventually revisit the body, lighting up one of Sid’s Dad’s cigarettes, for a scene steeped in drama and a moment of pure poignancy.

#9: The Ace of Spades

It didn’t take long for James Cook to introduce himself, did it? The first episode of season three sees him rattle through Effy’s banned-in-school checklist with apparent ease (and with a little help from Sid). But episode two sees Cook truly make his arrival, swigging spirits in the streets on his way to the pub, to celebrate his seventeenth birthday. And what better soundtrack than Motorhead? He doesn’t do things by halves, this lad.

#8: Emily Comes Out

The tension between the twins, Katie and Emily, is a running theme throughout seasons three and four - but here’s where it boils over. With Katie refusing to accept Emily’s relationship with Naomi, even when her sister tries to explain it to her family, the pair come to blows at the school dance. While a jeering crowd watches on, Emily stops herself moments before delivering a knockout shot - and they appear to reconcile, after an emotional and exhausted speech.

#7: It’s Got to Get Bad Before it Gets Good

At the launch of season two, things are a little bleak following Tony’s accident. And in this musical montage, we see Maxxie dance his way across a rooftop, while everyone else comes to terms with the events of last series. There’s Tony, struggling to write his own name; Michelle breaking down in the shower; and Sid pondering his friend’s stretch in hospital. All in, it’s a powerful season opener which proved that “Skins” wasn’t a one hit wonder, and that the characters’ stories were very far from over.

#6: Sid goes to New York

To one of our final moments with the original cast, and an emotional parting of ways for Sid and Tony. They’re stood outside the airport, with Tony having just booked Sid on a flight to New York, so that he can finally follow Cassie. It’s a little awkward, and neither of them says a lot, but they don’t have to. Tony’s final words to Sid are some of the most memorable lines in the entire series, signalling the end of an era.

#5: Effy's Overdose

Next, a turning point for Tony who, having manipulated the breakup between Josh and Michelle, finds himself on the wrong end of a twisted revenge mission. Searching for Effy, Tony finds his sister has overdosed at a rave, and tries to get help - but Josh stands in his way, and an intense confrontation follows. But, just when the situation seems hopeless, the ever-faithful Sid shows up with a ride to A&E.

#4: Naomi’s Love for Emily

The will-they-won’t-they Emily and Naomi romance was an ongoing storyline for the second generation, with huge high points and massive lows. But here’s where Naomi puts an end to the fighting and the confusion, with a heartfelt explanation to Emily - and everyone else. We’ve already seen the issues the relationship raises with Emily’s sister, but after this scene there’s no doubt that Naomi is genuine.

#3: I'm Katie Fitch

Another pivotal scene, and this time it’s Katie who seems headed in a new direction, as viewers find themselves rooting for the other Fitch twin, for once. First she finds out that she can’t have children, and then she finds trouble at a club. But there’s only one winner here, and Katie catches her adversary square in the face - before delivering this ever-quotable line. Sure, she ends up getting sacked for the outburst, but it was worth it.

#2: Chris’s Funeral

A send off for Chris, but also serving as one of the last times we see the first generation together, today’s runner-up is a real tear-jerker. The gang are banned from attending the funeral, but that doesn’t stop them - and Tony and Sid promptly steal Chris’ coffin, taking it for a spin through Bristol. And when it’s time for the actual service, they watch from a hilltop with an alternative eulogy, and fireworks to boot. It’s what Chris would’ve wanted.

#1: Tony’s Accident

Having made the first steps toward changing for the better, Tony looked to be ending the first series on a high - but then everything changed in an instant. He’s partway through declaring his love for Michelle, when his hunt for good phone signal becomes a life-changing accident. Ending on a monumental cliff hanger, the show then takes a bold but brilliant artistic deviation, with Sid leading a rendition of Cat Stevens’ “Wild World”. What a finish.

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