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Top 10 Dance Scenes from the Step Up Franchise

VO: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Spencer Sher
Script written by Spencer Sher These are the most impressive, craziest dance scenes in the Step Up franchises! For this list, we’ll breaking down the best dancing scenes to date from all the “Step Up” films like Step up 2, Step Up 3D, Step Up Revolution and Step Up All In!

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Top 10 Dance Scenes from the "Step Up" Franchise

They make it look so easy. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Dance Scenes from the "Step Up" Franchise.

For this list, we’ll breaking down the best dancing scenes to date from all the “Step Up” films.

#10: Miami Car Dance

“Step Up Revolution” (2012)

Flash mobs may not stand the test of time, but you can’t deny that they are a whole lot of fun to watch . . . especially when they involve dancing. Such was the premise for “Step Up Revolution”, the fourth installment in the “Step Up” franchise. The film’s opening flash mob takes place on a busy Miami boulevard, and features dozens of dancers busting moves on, in and around their low riders. Shutting down the entire street, the impressive routine causes passers-by to point and tourists to gawk. This dance set the tone for the film to come; and combined some insane choreography, with a premise that undoubtedly took fans of the franchise by surprise.

#9: The "I Won't Dance" Dance

“Step Up 3D” (2010)

The fact that Moose has yet to get his own film is nothing short of tragic. The beloved character followed up his scene-stealing performance in “Step Up 2: The Streets” with an even better turn in this flick; specifically with this scene, in which he and Camille tiptoe through the streets of NYC to a remix of Fred Astaire’s “I Won’t Dance”. The routine plays out in a one uninterrupted take and is in a word: lovely. The chemistry between Moose and Camille is on full display from start to finish, as the two uber-talented dancers use their skill and charisma to bring the world around them to life.

#8: Moose Busts a Move

“Step Up 2: The Streets” (2008)

Yes, we put two Moose entries back-to-back, deal with it. While this particular dance routine may lack some of the panache of our other entries it is no less entertaining. In one of the many scenes that made us fall totally in love with him, Moose shows off his lightning fast moves to Andie on a school staircase. Armed with nothing more than a Timbaland track and his insane footwork, Moose manages to knock the socks off of Andie and mess up a student who gets in his way. The moment he dropped that Michael Jackson crotch grab, we were sold.

#7: Art Gallery

“Step Up Revolution” (2012)

Who’d have thought that one of the most creative dance scenes in “Step Up” history would take place inside of an art museum? The scene in question features pieces of art literally coming to life: paintings, sculptures and even some jellyfish ballerinas break free from their molds and use their grace and skill to dazzle onlookers. How come this never happens whenever we go to the art museum? Ten points to “Step Up Revolution” for thinking outside of the box, as this dance routine is both beautifully choreographed, and highly original.

#6: Tyler's Parking Lot Dance

“Step Up” (2006)

Channing Tatum is the complete package: he can act, he can dance and he’s devilishly handsome. All of this is put on display during this brief dance routine behind the dumpsters in “Step Up”. When his buddies come to visit him, Tatum’s Tyler can’t help but bust a move. However, he doesn’t know that Nora is watching him from afar; and she can’t believe her eyes when he starts dipping and diving his way across the hot cement. Tyler may be goofing around, but its clear Nora is impressed; and to be honest, so are we. The guy did a freakin’ backflip off of a car.

#5: Final Dance

“Step Up 3D” (2010)

Dance battles are the “Step Up” franchise’s bread and butter, and the one that closes out “Step Up 3D” is nothing short of electric. The House of Pirates and the House of Samurai go toe-to-toe in an epic battle that lasts for nearly 10 minutes, poppin’ and lockin’ like there’s no tomorrow. As the two crews trade barbs and moves, with lightning-fast efficiency, its difficult to keep track of who’s winning; but when the House of Pirates activate their lights there’s no mistaking who are in the driver’s seat. The choreography in this one is off-the-charts good.

#4: Tyler vs. Andie

“Step Up 2: The Streets” (2008)

When Tyler bumps into Andie at a dance club, he tries to persuade her to audition for the Maryland School of the Arts, so that she might have a better life. Andie refuses, prompting Tyler to offer her a challenge: battle me, and if you lose you have to audition. What comes next is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting battles in “Step Up 2: The Streets”. Andie holds her own for the first half of the battle . . . but after that, it’s all Tyler. The man is an absolute beast, using the club’s trampoline floor to great effect before backflipping off of the sound system! Sorry Andie, you lose this round.

#3: Rooftop Final Dance

“Step Up” (2006)

What makes this final dance great is the fact that there is no life-changing battle at the center of it. It’s just a group of incredibly talented dancers doing what they do best. We caught a glimpse of it earlier in the film when Tyler and Nora practiced atop a sundrenched apartment rooftop, but the routine doesn’t truly come to life until the climax. The chemistry between Channing and Jenna Dewan is palpable throughout, which makes us wonder if the future husband and wife knew even then that they’d fall in love and get married. The answer is yes, yes they did (even if their fairy tale romance has come to a sad end).

#2: The Battle of Gwai

“Step Up 3D” (2010)

Whenever water and “Step Up” mix, great things happen. Take this battle, which was going just fine until Moose (yeah, we can’t get enough) shows up and bursts a pipe with his bicycle (only in the movies, right?). Not to worry, the quick-thinking character rallies his crew and gets them to continue their routine on the water soaked floor, leading to some wickedly inventive moves and a whole lot of splishing and splashing. Even the opposing crew gets in on the action! Aesthetically speaking, it doesn’t get much more pleasing than this.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Final Dance

“Step Up: All In” (2014)

Robo Dance

“Step Up 3D” (2010)

Office Mob

“Step Up Revolution” (2012)

#1: Last Dance

“Step Up 2: The Streets” (2008)

Was the top spot on this list ever really in doubt? This rain-soaked finale is one for the ages, literally taking things to the streets, in what can only be described as a roller coaster ride of incredible moves, superb choreography and, of course, a whole lot of water. Andie, Chase, Moose and the rest of the crew are downright dirty as they slip and slide across the screen, proving that you can be as graceful as ballerinas and as rambunctious as rock stars, all at the same time. Oh, and the music is dope as all hell. This is the dance routine that put “Step Up” on the map once and for all.

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