Top 10 Signs You SUCK at a Video Game



Top 10 Signs You SUCK at a Video Game

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Here's the thing: maybe, just's you that's the problem? Welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Signs You SUCK at a Video Game!

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Top 10 Signs You Suck at a Video Game

If you’re doing these things, it may explain why you can’t “git gud.” Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 signs you suck at a video game.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the common behaviors people display when they’re unskilled at the video game they’re playing.

#10: You Don’t Accept Your Failures Humbly

We all fail sometimes. It’s just part of life, and video games. But how we handle things when we fail says a lot about our character. Oftentimes, people are too proud to admit their mistakes or examine their failing objectively, and besides being a good way to ruin your enjoyment of the game, it also doesn’t help you improve. And besides – video game consequences are a lot more forgiving than real life. The fact that they’re just games means we don’t have to get so wrapped up in appearing our best.

#9: Your Friends Resort to Dictating Your Loadout

When playing a game, we all like to choose what sorts of weapons and equipment to use. Customization can be part of the fun. However, some things are naturally better to use than others, and if you need to be told which are the best ones, chances are you’re not as knowledgeable as your friend who’s telling you what’s good. In other cases, many of us get a bit overly enthusiastic in our use of some items, particularly explosives or vehicles. This can often lead to killing ourselves or own teammates, and to their frustration with us and/or their placing a moratorium on our use of these items.

#8: You Rage Quit Early and Blamed the Game

Anger and frustration with video games can be quite common, and walking away from a game in frustration, or rage quitting, is often a result of bad game design or steep difficulty spikes. Still, when you get easily angered and give up after only a short time, it may not be the game that’s to blame, but you instead. Many gamers are reluctant to admit their shortcomings, especially when they’re playing with others, so it’s easier to blame the game, rather than find fault in themselves. But like we said earlier, self-awareness can help improve our skills.

#7: You Screw Up Quests and Missions a Lot

Lots of games feature missions, quests, and other objectives that the player must complete in order to advance or to obtain rewards. If you find yourself frequently failing these or else being unclear on what you’re supposed to do, you may suck. Maybe you simply need more practice, or maybe you failed to listen to the directions from the NPC that told you in a long, boring text box. Or maybe you charge in halfcocked and get everyone killed like an idiot. Regardless of the reason you screw up, recognizing the pattern is the first step to getting better.

#6: You Keep Getting Booted Off the Server Seemingly Without Reason

While playing an online game, it’s not unheard of to be booted from a server for using offensive language or for bad behavior. However, sometimes people will boot you because they think you suck and that their team would be better off with someone else. While it’s a crappy thing to do, it can be an indicator of how good or bad at the game you are. Finding people of a comparable skill level to play with can be tough, particularly if you don’t know your teammates personally.

#5: You Resort to Trash Talking

There are plenty of trash talkers online. Some of them are good natured about it, some of them are trolls, and others use it as a way to compensate for their own shortcomings. When you’re backed into a corner in the game or losing consistently, you might feel like the only way to get one up on your opponent is to insult them. Still, when you resort to verbal abuse instead of letting your actions speak for themselves, it may be an indicator of suckitude.

#4: You Blame Your Mistakes on the Controller

We’ve all known, or have been, one of these people, right? You’re playing a game with someone and you mess up or you lose, but instead of owning up to it, you say that you’re not familiar with the controller, or that it didn’t respond when you pressed a button. Granted, some controllers are unintuitive or cheaply made and prone to malfunction, but not all of them are and the excuse is one easily seen through, especially when used repeatedly.

#3: You Tend To Repeat The Same Mistakes Over And Over Again

Video games can be difficult, there’s no doubt about that, but many times there are players who seem to keep making the same mistakes time after time. Besides being one definition of insanity, repeating the same actions and expecting a different outcome won’t help you develop your gaming skills. While some games are linear enough that repetition seems inevitable, you can always switch up your approach, and, barring that, the best thing to do is to try to determine what you did wrong, and how to improve the next time. Good advice for games, and life in general.

#2: Impatience

With how convenient and instant many things are nowadays, it’s understandable that many gamers are impatient when playing games. However, rushing into things can often lead to failure and several of our prior entries often stem from letting impatience get the better of you. Hurrying through a level or charging into a new room may seem like a good idea, but the unexpected challenges and occasionally literally pitfalls are usually what get you, and caution is often what separates the pros from the noobs. As the infamous Leeroy Jenkins showed us all – it’s better to look before you leap.

#1: You’re Struggling With the Tutorial

Tutorials are meant to be the player’s introduction to the game, giving them the basics like the controls and/or explaining the setting. It’s generally meant to ease the player into the game by giving them something simple and easy to understand. Although some tutorials do a bad job of conveying the controls and objectives, they’re generally made so easy a child could do them. So when you struggle on the tutorial, that’s generally a pretty clear indicator that you suck at video games, or at least the one you’re playing.