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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 - Meet the Queens!

VO: Lisa Yang WRITTEN BY: Hannah Collins
Script written by Hannah Collins Season 10 is premiering on March 22nd and we can’t wait! We’re here to introduce you to the latest cast of 14 new queens! We’ll be breaking down who each new contestant is as well as the most interesting facts you should know about them. One of the fourteen queens is of course Eureka O’Hara from the previous season!

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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 - Meet the Queens!

In a world full of nines, be a ten. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be introducing you to all 14 queens competing in “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 10.

For this list, we’ll be breaking down who each new contestant is as well as the most interesting facts you should know about them.

#1: Monét X Change

This Brooklyn-born queen prides herself on looking as close to a “biological woman” as possible, even claiming that the blue wig she can be seen rocking in Season 10’s promo photos is something you could see on any woman walking through Harlem. The drag daughter of Honey Davenport, Monet’s name was inspired by a currency exchange booth she spotted while eating chicken. “X Change” is a play on “exchange” and “money” became “Monet” with an accent. She counts Bob The Drag Queen amongst her friends.

#2: Miz Cracker

Before she became Miz Cracker, this Season 10 hopeful was known as Brianna Cracker, like “Brie-on-a-Cracker.” Get it? Well, clearly not enough people did as she shortened it to just the surname. The reason? She’s just crackers for crackers. With Bob The Drag Queen as her drag mother, Cracker made her debut in 2011. She’s also become known for her YouTube series, “Review With a Jew,” where she plays up stereotypes about her heritage to put a comedic slant on old episodes of “Drag Race.”

#3: Mayhem Miller

Party! Though that catchphrase was made TV famous by Season Six and “All Stars 2” alum Adore Delano, it was actually Mayhem Miller who coined it. Mayhem’s name inspiration came from watching Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson’s sex tape, in which she noticed the word tattooed across Tommy’s stomach. A big deal in West Hollywood’s drag scene, Mayhem’s drag sisters are Raven and Morgan McMichaels, while you might know her drag daughter - Cheyenne Pepper - better as Eugene Lee Yang from BuzzFeed’s “Try Guys” web series.

#4: Kameron Michaels

Originally from Nashville, Kameron picked her drag name because she wanted something that sounded more androgynous rather than overtly feminine. As for the surname? No - there’s no connection to “All Stars 1” winner, Chad Michaels. Kameron simply chose it as there was no other drag queen in her hometown using the name. This 31 year-old queen is largely known for two things: being a “muscle queen” and her fantasy-inspired makeup skills. She’d also rather you didn’t look that those shoes she’s wearing in her promo photo.

#5: Kalorie Karbdashian-Williams

This 27 year-old queen is representing for the thick and juicy girls, and she wants you to know it. As if the name wasn’t enough of a clue, Kalorie is a massive fan of the Kardashian/Jenner family. But, comparing her body type to theirs, she knew that she’d never fit in with them in real life. Rather than let this get her down, she incorporated it into her drag persona, becoming the Kardashian’s “wicked stepsister” - her words, not ours!

#6: Eureka O’Hara

If you watched Season Nine, you’ll already be familiar with this outspoken pageant queen. After she was forced to leave her original season in the fifth episode due to a knee injury, Eureka was given an open invite by RuPaul to return in the next one - a first for the show. She’s also so far the only queen to have never lip-synced. Eureka previously self-defined as transgender but has now come out as genderfluid. Despite sharing a name, there’s also no relation to Phi Phi O’Hara.

#7: Dusty Ray Bottoms

This country queen moved away from her evangelical family all the way to New York City to pursue her drag dreams. Drag sister to Season Nine’s Alexis Michelle, the 29 year-old took her first two names from her real one: Dustin Rayburn. The “Bottom” part comes from her time spent as a waiter in the Big Apple, where her friends would openly tease her for being one. Her signature dotted eyebrows were meant to be drawing guides, but in the end, Dusty preferred the dots.

#8: Blair St. Clair

At just 22 years-old, this Indianapolis queen is already a seasoned performer, with the title of Miss Gay Indiana 2016 already under belt. She took her first name from one of the lead characters from TV’s “Gossip Girl,” and she owes her surname to her mom, who enthusiastically suggested it to her after passing St. Clair Street in downtown Indianapolis. Blair was actually revealed to be a cast member in late 2017 after it was leaked by TMZ, thanks to an old DUI arrest.

#9: Asia O’Hara

Unlike fellow contestant Eureka, Asia does have a connection to Phi Phi. In fact, she’s drag mother of the Season Four and “All Stars 2” queen. Just like her daughter, Asia comes from the drag pageant scene, where she’s been incredibly successful. She succeeded Alyssa Edwards as Miss Gay USA 2007, as well as winning the title of All American Goddess 2012. Asia sometimes performs as “Asia T. O’Hara” in honor of Season Nine’s Trinity Taylor, whose Haus she belongs to.

#10: Aquaria

According to this confident queen, “drag is defined by” her. Aquaria’s drag name is a play on her Zodiac sign, which is Capricorn. No, just kidding - it’s Aquarius, of course! Aquaria was just 21 years-old when she competed on Season 10, making her the baby of the group. With Season Four winner Sharon Needles for a drag mother though, we’re sure that age is just a number. Speaking of numbers, Aquaria had over 210,000 Instagram followers even before her casting announcement.

#11: Monique Heart

Heart by name, and Monique promises to be the “Heart of Season 10” as well. This 31 year-old is one of the few queens to move away from New York City. She attended Kansas City for college and now calls it home. Monique’s name wasn’t always so sweet either. She was originally called “Kutahbetch” but her disapproving drag sisters persuaded her to change it. Monique is an all-rounder: she can dance, style hair and beat a pretty face, so bitches better beware.

#12: Vanessa Vanjie Mateo

This 25 year-old Florida queen is one of the jewels in the Mateo family crown, headed by Season Three and “All Stars 1’s” Alexis Mateo and her husband. Vanessa is one of three sisters and takes her name inspiration from Ursula the Sea Witch’s human form in Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”. Given that Ursula’s design was inspired by the drag queen Divine, it’s a great reference point. “Vanjie” simply comes from drag mom Alexis being unable to say “banjie” properly.

#13: The Vixen

You may have already heard and seen this Chicago queen in Season Nine finalist Shea Couleé’s music video for “Cocky.” The 26 year-old may be young, but her drag inspiration is a lot older. The vintage curves of Vargas pin-up girls filled her imagination when she was younger, and one word accompanied them: vixen. So, she took that word for herself. The Vixen also holds up Season Two winner Tyra Sanchez as a role model for how to be bitchy and still snatch the crown.

#14: Yuhua Hamasaki

Yuhua is one of few drag queens to use her birth name as her stage name. Though she’s lived in New York since the age of seven, Yuhua is originally from China, but her drag surname is Japanese. Apparently, it was a choice made while hungover one morning, and is a reference to pop idol Ayumi Hamasaki. Just like “Drag Race” alums Pearl and Kim Chi, the 28 year-old first tried drag on Halloween. Weirdly, her cover while competing in Season 10 was that she’d been comatose.

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