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Top 10 Inspiring Michelle Obama Moments

VO: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Andrew Tejada
Script written by Andrew Tejada There are so many inspiring Michelle Obama Moments. In this countdown we take a look at the best moments from the former Flotus! We’ve included her speaking at the Educated Girl event, motivating students at a London school, meeting Nelson Mandela, promoting Let Girls Learn, epically responding to a tweet and raising awareness for Nigerian girls.

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Top 10 Inspiring Michelle Obama Moments

She’s moved us with her powerful words and incredible actions. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Inspiring Michelle Obama Moments.

For this list, we're looking at the most inspirational moments of the former First Lady.

#10: Speaking at the Educated Girl Event

Around the world, over sixty million girls lack access to education. In order to spread awareness for this global issue, Michelle Obama teamed up with other accomplished women for the Power of the Educated Girl event. The conference was full of inspiring statements, but Obama’s stood out when she discussed education. By mixing statistics with personal anecdotes, she made a stirring argument about the crucial importance of making sure girls everywhere can learn. Mrs. Obama also advised girls to embrace education without letting anyone stop them. Her rousing words motivated so many to keep knocking down the barriers that keep girls out of classrooms.

#9: Motivating Students at a London School

Michelle Obama’s first international trip as First Lady brought her to London. Rather than visiting an affluent district, Obama chose to surprise an all-girls school in an underprivileged neighborhood. She told the girls that she identified with their struggles, while emphasizing that a person’s background does not determine their destiny. The profound visit was only the start of Mrs. Obama’s relationship with the school. She visited students from the school again in England, before inviting a few to the White House. Obama’s connection to the school is incredibly heartwarming; and judging by interviews with the students, uplifting as well.

#8: Excelling at a Live Interview

When the Obama administration wanted to bring attention to global female issues, they created the United States of Women summit, which featured entertainment and cultural heavyweights like Amy Poehler, Kerry Washington and the all-powerful Oprah. The conference was chock-a-block with powerful speeches and calls to action, and Obama shone brightly with an onstage interview that encouraged women to embrace their identities. She also challenged men to do their part as well. The empowering conference sold out in 2016 and remains an ongoing, prominent and inspiring event.

#7: Meeting Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela is a towering figure. After being imprisoned during his fight for racial equality in South Africa, he was eventually freed and became the country’s first black president. In 2011, Mrs. Obama got the opportunity to meet with him during a visit to Africa. Although Mr. Obama had met with Mandela before, it happened before the then-Senator became President. This meant that Michelle's meeting would be the first time Mandela would host an African-American First Lady from the U.S. Their beautiful snapshot was a powerful reminder, particularly to people of color, of the positive changes that have occurred since Mandela began battling injustice.

#6: Promoting “Let Girls Learn”

When it comes to educating girls, Michelle Obama doesn’t just speak about the issue, she takes action. In 2015, Mrs. Obama started promoting the “Let Girls Learn” initiative. The program sought to educate girls in areas like science, arts and health issues. Although the program started off with 250 million dollars, the organization has received over a billion dollars in support. Today, girls from countries like Liberia, Malawi and Pakistan have better access to educational resources. Some have even used what they learned to help other girls in need. Obama’s drive and passion for this program helped ensure more young women have options for their future.

#5: Encouraging Women of Color

Black Girls Rock! is an award ceremony that highlights the achievements of women of color. In 2015, Michelle Obama made a guest appearance that was full of energy from the get-go. She began her monologue by praising an audience full of influential women and making sure to give a special shout-out to fellow women of color. Most of her speech talked about the struggle for black women to fight against society’s stereotypes and doubts. However, she quickly and confidently declared that those negative opinions could be beaten. Obama’s words invigorated the crowd, encouraged greatness and made this “Black Girls Rock!” a ceremony to remember.

#4: Delivering a Commencement Speech

The First Lady clearly had a busy 2015. However, she found the time to give a fantastic commencement speech at the historically black Tuskegee University. Obama told the crowd about the difficulties she faced as a woman of color during her rise to success. She warned the graduates that despite what they’ve achieved, they still might be underestimated and discriminated against. But the First Lady reminded the students of alumni who overcame great odds and became legendary. She concluded by telling the graduates that their everyday actions could change the world. After hearing Michelle Obama’s passionate statements, we have a feeling they will.

#3: Epically Responding to a Tweet

We never thought a Twitter q and a could be this inspiring. During the 2012 reelection season, Mrs. Obama recorded a video where she answered questions sent in through tweets. Throughout the clip, she makes a few moving statements. But when someone asked about the possibility of a female president, Mrs. Obama gave her most powerful response. Her belief that women are without limits is not only an important message, but one she embodied through her support of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Mrs. Obama’s remarks challenged the glass ceiling while encouraging women to break right through it.

#2: Raising Awareness for Nigerian Girls

In 2014, Michelle Obama received news that members of militant Islamist group Boko Haram had kidnapped over 200 Nigerian schoolgirls. To raise awareness for the issue, she took a picture of herself with a sign saying #bringbackourgirls. She also took the helm for the weekly presidential address, to urge action. Obama’s campaign had its fair share of critics, and was scrutinized in the media for not being entirely successful. However, her efforts managed to bring massive attention to an issue that many might otherwise have missed. Her campaign encourages us to not let criticism stop us from standing up for what we believe in.

Before the top pick inspires us, here are a few honorable mentions.

Creating Healthy Habits for Children

Getting Her Graduate Degree from Harvard

Bringing Her Daughter to a Job Interview

#1: Stealing the Show at the DNC

At the 2016 Democratic National Convention, Michelle Obama gave what is arguably her best speech. She began her monologue by talking about her children. She stressed that raising them with good values had been the most important responsibility for her family over the past eight years. She told the roaring crowd that they deserved to elect a leader who would set a great example for future generations. During her rousing talk, Mrs. Obama spoke against negativity, and encouraged taking the high road. Her emotional speech covered everything from patriotism to race while being focused, powerful and utterly quoteworthy. Her galvinating words won’t be forgotten.

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