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Top 10 Hilarious Will & Grace Running Gags

VO: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Line Abrahamian
Script written by Line Abrahamian Will and Grace has some of the funniest running gags on TV! For this list we’re taking a look at the funniest 10 gags! We’ve included Grace’s terrible singing, Karen & “Smitty”, Karen mocking Grace’s sense of style Karen’s alias Anastasia Beaverhausen, Will being a control/neat freak, Grace’s constant eating and Jack’s obsession with Cher!

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Top 10 “Will & Grace” Running Gags

Honey, what’s this, what’s happening, what’s going on? Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 “Will & Grace” Running Gags.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most hilarious and meme-inducing jokes that crop up regularly in this iconic series, including its 2017 revival.

#10: Karen & “Smitty”

Karen spends a lot of time at bars, and surprisingly, they’re all tended by the same barkeep, Smitty. Sweet, perpetually depressing Smitty always knows just what to say to perk Karen right up when she’s feeling blue. Whether it’s the sad tale of losing his twin in a fire, or the heartbreaking drama of losing his sister in a tornado, or the tragic story of losing his wife at Christmas, his infinite misery is Karen’s perpetual source of pleasure. Even in her darkest moment, when she loses her beloved maid Rosario, ol’ might-collapse-at-the-slightest-sneeze Smitty delivers with his delightfully devastating bullet-to-the-head story. Oh, Smitty! You always know just what to say.

#9: Grace’s Terrible Singing

Grace sings like nobody’s listening. Even though everybody’s listening and wishing she would, for the love of God, just stop. There are no words to describe her high-pitched and off-key belting, but Sandra Bernhard comes awfully close. Grace takes the slightest tickle of the ivories as an open invitation to break out into song. Even when she’s swiftly told to stop after the first ear-bleeding note. Her singing has silenced crowds, chased away suitors, frightened children and spooked dogs. Yet she obliviously trolls on, butchering beloved classics for a new generation to come.

#8: Karen Mocking Grace’s Sense of Style

If Karen were the fashion police, she would arrest Grace on a daily basis. She digs into Grace’s duds like there’s no tomorrow. Even though there is a tomorrow, and Karen is sure that Grace will look frumpy then, too. If Grace’s clothes are too loud, Karen will silence them with a single zinger. Too frilly? She’ll ruffle feathers with her snarky comments. What is it about Grace that makes her unable to pull off one unobjectionable ensemble? Perhaps it’s where she shops. Whatever it is, no dress, shirt, boots or hat from the rabbit hole will go unsassed by the sassy socialite.

#7: Just Jack

This man of many wacky antics finds the perfect outlet in his one-man, one-night-only show “Just Jack.” With so much talent to unpack, what should he do? The show goes off without a hitch. And without an audience. Tired of being recognized by his one fan, he decides to take his show in a new direction. Jack doesn’t like to share the spotlight. But when he does, it’s with himself. The critic raves about it. So he gives the people what they want. A sequel. It earns him an award nomination and a stalker. But he doesn’t do it for the accolades or fan adoration. And fives and fives of people are grateful for it.

#6: Karen’s Alias Anastasia Beaverhausen

Karen has acquired many nicknames over her rich, gin-soaked, shady years. And who could forget Pilar Palabunda? But her favorite alias, by far, is one that fuses her love of aristocracy with her disdain for nature. Anastasia Beaverhausen makes her scene-stealing cameo any time Karen wants to go incognito. Which is more often than you’d think. Like when she’s slumming it at a bowling alley. When she’s scoffing down fast food at Taco Time. When she’s flirting with men at the bar while her husband is in jail. Or when she’s running from the law at Banana Republic. Yes, Ms. Beaverhausen always comes to the rescue… even in the unholiest of hours.

#5: Will Being a Control/Neat Freak

It all started with the Vacuum Game. Now his control-freak tendencies have seeped into every part of his life. His relationships. His friendships. His home decor. Even his cheese display. But he’s trying to change. Like that time he agrees to let Grace knock down the wall between their bathrooms to make a giant one. But then changes his mind. Oh. Well, how about that time he promises not to interfere when Grace decorates his client’s apartment? But then he does. Oh. Still, no matter if he’s vacuuming friends or ironing pillowcases, everyone loves Will just the way he is. Well, maybe not everyone.

#4: Grace’s Constant Eating

Grace’s appetite knows no bounds. And no shame. She pretends to be in AA for the free donuts. She sneaks Chinese food into a theater. She ravages a chicken in a way no chicken deserves. If it’s deep-fried, has frosting and is in front of her, she’ll eat it. But for Grace, food is more than just sustenance. It’s a tool to scope out more food. It’s a quick fix. And it makes the world a better place. Yet, there’s still so much she doesn’t understand. She’s a little hazy on what constitutes finger food. She takes all-you-can-eat buffets too literally. And just because something tastes good doesn’t mean it’s edible. Even if it’s free.

#3: Will & Grace’s Over-The-Top Game Nights

Will and Grace’s game nights are all fun and games until they win and vigorously rub it in their friends’ faces. Reigning champs Will and Grace are like twins joined by their insatiable thirst for competition, reading each other’s minds like a book. Meanwhile, most frequently recurring reigning losers, college sweethearts Rob and Ellen, can’t seem to pull it together long enough to guess the very guessable “Psycho.” Then there’s gloating. There’s victory dancing. Then there’s taunting. Oh, so much taunting. But in their defense, the champions’ Suck-on-It Cup leaves very little room for gracious winning. Game night solves fights. Snuffs out controversies. Even reunites friends when they lose their “homojo.”

#2: Jack’s Obsession with Cher

Jack idolizes Cher. We’re routinely reminded of this by him breaking out into over-the-top Cher impersonations. He has seen Cher in concert 27 times. He made a film documenting her life between her third and fourth farewell tours. He has gifted himself a Cher doll for Will’s birthday. Which he carries with him everywhere he goes. But when he finally does meet the pop diva, he simply cannot believe it. And then proceeds to do what only Jack would do: challenge Cher to a Cher-off. Even in the face of extremely mild adversity, his unnatural love of Cher never wavers. So it’s only fitting that she returns to convince him not to quit showbiz.

Before we reveal our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Will's Dysfunctional WASP Family

The Obesity of Karen's Husband Stan

Karen & Her Socialite Frenemy Beverley Leslie

#1: Karen’s Drinking

Karen has been drinking regularly since she first stumbled tipsily onto our screens. Yet no amount of liquor can dull her sharp wit. She may strut around in fancy duds, but she’s not snobby with her alcohol. She may not know the difference between juice and wine, but she knows the value of good hooch. Beneath that whiskey-soaked boozehound is a gin-soaked boozehound, and beneath that is a boozehound who’s always there for her friends. Something special happens when Karen imbibes. She soaks up life in big swigs. She sees the world differently. She becomes an alcohol whisperer. A math whiz. An activist. Sensitive. And maybe, just maybe, a little self-aware. We said maybe.

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