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Top 10 Supernatural Characters We Want Back From the Dead

Script written by Garrett Alden When these characters died in Supernatural, our hearts broke. If we were able to have characters come back to life, we’d love to have Adam Milligan, Benny Lafitte, John Winchester, Death, Crowley, Kevin Tran, Gabriel, Ellen and Jo Harvelle, Bobby Single, and Charlie back!

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Top 10 Supernatural Characters We Want Back From the Dead

What makes the Winchesters so special? Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 “Supernatural” Characters We Want Back From The Dead.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the characters from the TV show “Supernatural” that we’d like to see return from the dead. Since resurrection is actually fairly common on the show, at least for its heroes, we want to see these other characters get the same opportunity for a revival.

#10: Adam Milligan

Although the Winchesters’ half-brother has already been brought back once, we’d still like to see him return a second time. Adam may not have gotten much of a chance to interact with his siblings before the archangel Michael took over his body, but we’d still love to see his relationship with them explored in further detail. However, if Adam does return, it’s far more likely that it will be as a villain, since Sam and Dean have basically left him to rot in Hell for the last 10 years. Oops!

#9: Benny Lafitte

Another character who has already gotten a second lease at life, Benny Lafitte is a vampire with a conscience who Dean became allied with while they were both in Purgatory. Benny’s struggles to return to life on Earth and his relatable personality offered a different take on a vampire character, and his unusual friendship with Dean was a definite highlight of season eight. Although Benny ultimately returned to Purgatory to help the Winchesters out, and because he felt more at home there, we still hold out hope that this vamp could return one day.

#8: Ellen and Jo Harvelle

A dynamic mother daughter duo, Ellen and Jo Harvelle are Hunters who ran a bar called the Roadhouse. The pair also often acted as allies and pseudo mother and little sister figures for Sam and Dean. Both of them met their ends sacrificing themselves during a fight against hellhounds after Jo was fatally wounded. Ellen and Jo were terrific, complex characters and a much beloved part of the early years of “Supernatural.” We’d relish the chance to see them return to the hunt, though getting to see them alive in an alternate reality was almost enough.

#7: Gabriel

At first presenting himself as a mischievous trickster, Gabriel was an archangel who turned his back on his responsibilities in Heaven to enjoy himself on Earth. Unlike his brothers, Gabriel learned to appreciate humanity, which ultimately led to him siding with the Winchesters against Lucifer, a decision that ultimately cost him his life. Far more lewd and snarky than most angels, Gabriel’s hilarious sense of humor and good heart endeared him to fans, and we join them in the hope that he managed to trick his way out of dying somehow.

#6: Kevin Tran

A teenage honor student and a prophet of the Lord, Kevin Tran brought a much needed dose of reality back to the lives of Sam and Dean. Kevin’s naiveté, intelligence, and sarcastic one-liners made him a fan favorite character and it was sad to see him murdered by an angel. While Sam and Dean may not have treated their real little brother very well, Kevin filled the role quite nicely and we pray to Chuck that the big guy will send him back. Still, the fact that we’ve recently gotten a version of Kevin from an alternate universe should tide us over until then.

#5: Crowley

A demon and the former king of Hell, Crowley is a frequent frenemy of the Winchesters, both helping and working against them at various points during the series. As flippant as he is devious, Crowley is among the funniest and most complex characters on “Supernatural,” with a detailed backstory and compelling motivations. Ultimately, he sacrificed himself to trap Lucifer in a desolate alternate world, proving he was made better by his interactions with “the boys.” We would have put him higher, but given his long run on the show, and his relatively recent death, we felt our next entries deserved resurrection more.

#4: Death

Not even Death himself is safe from dying on “Supernatural!” The Grim Reaper and one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Death was one of the most powerful beings in the show’s universe, being comparable to God, and also one of the few people that the Winchesters ever respected or feared. Death brought a tremendous gravitas to every scene he was in, even when he was advising/belittling Dean or enjoying junk food, and his few appearances were always a highlight. Although Dean seemingly killed him with his own scythe, we hope that death is not the end for Death. After all, he does last forever.

#3: John Winchester

Sam and Dean’s father, John Winchester, raised his boys to hunt monsters and save people. Although he only appeared sparingly early on in the show, and died in the second season to save Dean’s life, his effect on the story and its protagonists has been tremendous, and he’s frequently referenced throughout “Supernatural.” John’s unorthodox relationship with his boys affects them to this day, and seeing them be able to reconnect with him after everything they’ve been through would no doubt be a legendarily epic encounter.

#2: Charlie Bradbury

A hacker and eventual hunter, Charlie Bradbury was a friend and ally of the Winchesters. Thoroughly adorkable with plenty of nerd cred, Charlie always bounced off of Sam and Dean in a very sisterly sort of way. She was among the most relentlessly and instantly likable characters on the show,, which made her incredibly brutal death all the more heartbreaking. Charlie is a fan favorite among fan favorites, so seeing her get a resurrection would make all of us feel like we’re “walkin’ on sunshine.”

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:


Rufus Turner

#1: Bobby Singer

A veteran Hunter and a friend of John Winchester’s, Bobby acted as a father figure to Sam and Dean, as well as being one of their closest allies, who was always willing to help them out of a jam, hook them up with a job, or provide any info they needed. This grumpy guy kept the brothers grounded and loved them so much that he had a hard time letting go, even after he died. Bobby may not have been the father Sam and Dean needed, but he was the one they deserved. We’d have to be idjits not to want Bobby back.

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