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Top 10 Blackadder Moments

Written by Sean Harris Get ready for some of TV’s most elaborate insults, and some not-so-cunning plans. Welcome to WatchMojo UK and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 Blackadder moments! For this list, we’re taking a joyous jaunt through every episode of the brilliant “Blackadder”, to find the finest, funniest and most memorable scenes. Special thanks to our users Fin490, Andrew A. Dennison, mac121mr0, Thetradge, and TheGunhunter3 for submitting the idea on our interactive suggestion tool: WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Blackadder Moments

Get ready for some of TV’s most elaborate insults, and some not-so-cunning plans. Welcome to WatchMojo UK and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 Blackadder moments!

For this list, we’re taking a joyous jaunt through every episode of the brilliant “Blackadder”, to find the finest, funniest and most memorable scenes.

#10: Edmund’s Death
“The Black Adder” (1983)

The first series often divides opinion with fans and critics, but these final scenes are etched into sitcom folklore. Ever since the opening episode, when Rowan Atkinson’s character inadvertently decapitates the King before self-styling himself as The Black Adder, Edmund has been determined to improve his status. And when, in episode six, he sees his titles reduced to just Warden of the Royal Privies, an overthrow is required. But things do not end well. For Blackadder, or for anyone else.

#9: Blackadder gets Bladdered
“Blackadder II” (1986)

Ever try being in two places at once? How about a big night with the boys, and a night in with your ardently religious but fabulously wealthy relatives? That’s the task facing Blackadder in the second series, who must balance both parties under one roof, and try to dodge drinking alcohol. But, as we come to see, he’s all too easily inebriated. In a matter of seconds, he’s lost his bet with Melchett and blown his chances of inheritance.

#8: All at Sea
“Blackadder II” (1986)

Let’s stay with Elizabethan England, and Blackadder’s attempts to outshine Sir Walter Raleigh. The adored explorer is in his element upon returning from his latest sea shanty, but Blackadder remains unimpressed. Quickly, and without any credibility, Edmund promises to sail around the Cape of Good Hope. But who to captain Blackadder’s boat? Meet Redbeard Rum; an insane and literally legless sailor played by Doctor Who’s Tom Baker. Of course, the Voyage proves a verified disaster.

#7: The Firing Squad
“Blackadder Goes Forth” (1989)

To the trenches, and Blackadder’s ill-advised decision to shoot and eat a carrier pigeon, which turns out to be General Melchett’s prize pet. Dragged before a court and facing execution, a cock-up by Baldrick lands George as the defence lawyer. Suffice to say, Blackadder’s destined for the firing squad. Still, at least they’re nice chaps. This scene sees the gunmen pay the captain a visit, on the eve of his death. There’s always a funny side to these sorts of things, right?

#6: Early Execution
“Blackadder II” (1986)

To another death penalty, but this time of the Tudor variety. When Blackadder is appointed Lord High Executioner, he immediately mucks everything up by beheading Lord Farrow ahead of schedule. One thing leads to another, and before long Blackadder has a bag over his head, trying to imitate the deep, booming voice of Lady Farrow’s one-armed husband. In an unexpected turn of events, he almost scores a sexual favour for his troubles. But Baldrick breaks up that party, arriving in the nick of time.

#5: How Do I Look, Darling?
“Blackadder Goes Forth” (1989)

When Blackadder directs a morale-boosting, World War One cabaret show, his efforts prove an unexpected hit. Baldrick’s Charlie Chaplin goes down a storm, but George’s drag act is the highlight of the evening. Only, it’s so convincing Melchett falls in love with her. And so, to this scene, the high point for a recurring gag. Melchett’s prepping for his date with George (his darling) while speaking with his officer (Captain Darling). Confusion reigns from start to finish.

#4: Flashheart in the Trenches
“Blackadder Goes Forth” (1989)

Rik Mayall’s Flashheart turns up twice in the original series, and he damn near steals the show on both occasions. First, there’s his bride-stealing antics in “Blackadder II”, then there’s this boisterous barrage in “Goes Forth”. As a Squadron Commander, Flash’s self-importance knows no bounds, and his every other word is packed with innuendo. George and Baldrick are enamoured of course, while Blackadder’s his typical sardonic self. And there’s even time for an Ade Edmondson cameo, as the equally exuberant Baron von Richthofen. Woof!

#3: C is for…
“Blackadder the Third” (1987)

For our first breach of “Blackadder the Third”, enter Robbie Coltrane with a stand-out guest appearance. Starring as the proud pensmith, Dr. Johnson, Coltrane shows off his latest work; the dictionary. But Blackadder’s apathetic, still smarting from Johnson’s apparent rejection of his own manuscript, so he galls his rival with some glorious wordplay. Later, it’s left to Baldrick to brainlessly fill in the blanks, much to Blackadder’s mounting frustration. Naturally, Prince George is as clueless as ever.

#2: Don’t Mention Macbeth
“Blackadder the Third” (1987)

For all Blackadder’s astute wit and biting satire, sometimes it’s the silly things which stick. Take today’s runner-up, for example. When a pair of pretentious actors are enlisted to help the Prince better his public image, Blackadder’s none too keen. Obviously. But, when he learns of their ridiculous Macbeth ritual, he gains an unconventional upper hand. Name-dropping the Scottish Play wherever possible, Blackadder’s satisfaction is matched only by the dramatists’ desperation to perform their routine. All together now…

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Pooh! Pooh!
“Blackadder Goes Forth” (1989)

Prince George’s Love Letter
“Blackadder the Third” (1987)

Punching Shakespeare
“Blackadder: Back & Forth” (1999)

#1: Good Luck, Everyone
“Blackadder Goes Forth” (1989)

We finish with the final episode, for the original run at least, and perhaps one of the finest half hours in British TV history. Here’s where our characters meet their end, going over the top in The Great War. Despite a last-ditch attempt to plead insanity by their captain, everyone’s in attendance – even Darling. George has already admitted that he’s scared, and we never get to hear Baldrick’s final plan. Instead, it’s Blackadder who signs off, with a gut-wrenching moment of sincerity.

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