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Top 10 K-Drama Kisses

VO: LY WRITTEN BY: Tiffany Ezuma
Script written by Tiffany Ezuma K-drama has a way of making on screen kisses super magical. In this countdown we take a look at the best K-drama kisses of all time! We’ve included kissing scenes from Secret Garden, Queen in-Hyun’s Man, Lie to Me, Gu Family Book, Cruel City, My Love from the Star, Healer, Boys Over Flowers, Pinocchio and Descendants of the Sun.

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Top 10 K-Drama Kisses

Can they just kiss already? Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down the Top 10 K-Drama Kisses.

For this list it’s pretty simple; we’re looking at our favorite kisses between the romantic leads in popular Korean dramas.

#10: The Foam Kiss

“Secret Garden” (2010-11)

Many K-drama kisses use food or props to make for an unforgettable kiss, but not many can outdo this one. The two romantic lead characters, Gil Ra-im and Kim Joo-won, are insanely likeable, so they don’t really need much to sell us on their union . . . but this clever cappuccino kiss really gets us. After Ra-im has foam left above her lip from her drink, Joo-Woon tells her that girls only leave food on their faces when guys are around so they’ll kiss it off of them. Before she can even make a rebuttal, he leans across the table and kisses her in a way that gives us all the feels.

#9: The Tiptoe Kiss

“Queen In-hyun’s Man” (2012)

This kiss is just too adorable! As a set of star-crossed lovers from different time periods, Boong-do and Hee-jin are one of those couples you just can’t help but root for. When they do finally kiss in this iconic scene our hearts exploded. What makes this scene even better is that Hee-jin wasn’t expecting the first kiss but she reciprocates his affection during their second kiss and, it’s made that much more adorable because of the height difference between them. She has to step up on her tiptoes to reach his mouth, and even stands on top of his feet to deepen it. It’s sweet and charming, and made that much more so when it was revealed that the two actors fell in love on set while filming.

#8: The Proper Kiss
"Goblin" (2016-17)

Gong Yoo first stole hearts in “The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince” but he proves that he’s still quite the heartthrob with this 2016 drama. Playing a 939-year-old immortal being, it’s easy to root for him as his character romances his love interest, played by Kim Go-eun. The duo had many standout kisses so it was hard to pick one, but their first proper kiss is that one that really steals our hearts. Both are a little tipsy when she asks them to give her a real kiss, one that’s better than the smooch they originally had. When they’re done, it’s clear that this re-do was pretty perfect.

#7: The Cola Kiss

“Lie to Me” (2011)

The romantic leads of this one, Ki-joon and Ah-jung, might be in a fake relationship, but that doesn’t mean their kiss isn’t one of the realest ones out there. Like many other kisses in K-drama, the couple starts off messing around with each other like two school kids in a food fight. They drench each other with a bottle of Coke, but pretty soon their feelings catch up to them, and the room becomes thick with anticipation. Their chemistry is off-the-charts and when their lips finally touch, it’s hard not to see sparks.

#6: The Firefly Kiss

“Gu Family Book” (2013)

The forest setting for this kiss is one of the most stunning backdrops you could ask for; pair that with an intense smooch such as Yeo-wool and Kang Chi’s and you have a truly unforgettable moment. After Kang-chi declares his love for Yeo-wool in front of his father, she’s caught off-guard by his admission. But he takes it a step further when he tells her “without you, there is no meaning” and pulls her into a romantic embrace. The blue fireflies surround them, and the scene is even more breathtaking.

#5: The Water Kiss

“It’s Okay, That’s Love” (2014)

Some of the most iconic kisses in cinema take place in the water, but we have to say that this damp liplock stands up to the best of them. Jae-yeol and Hae-soo are a great love match. Why? Well, they both bring a lot of baggage to their relationship, yet they each, nonetheless, bring out the best in one another. After he playfully drops her in the pond, they share an intense kiss where all of their troubles and the world seem to fall away. It’s truly intimate and sensual, and we’re never going to stop loving it.

#4: The Frozen Time Kiss

“My Love from the Star” (2013-14)

There’s something so dreamy about a love story with sci-fi elements, like this one that involves aliens, time travel, and star-crossed lovers. After Cheon Song-yi thinks Do Min-joon is gone for good, he surprises her when he stops time on the red carpet at her movie premiere. She’s stunned that he’s there, but he sweeps her into his arms and pulls her into a devastatingly romantic kiss in front of the frozen crowd. It’s a great visual to see the frozen flashes from the cameras start up again when time unfreezes and the crowd cheers for the lovers.

#3: The Forbidden Kiss

“Cruel City” (2013)

If you want a kiss that really gets under your skin (in a good way), this one from “Cruel City”, (aka “Heartless City”) is definitely for you. This romance is a classic forbidden-love drama, which makes the union between Soo-min and Shi-hyun that much sweeter. After kidding around with one another, Shin-hyun pulls Soo-min to him for a passionate kiss in a secluded area. One kiss leads to another . . . until the duo winds up in bed together. Their kiss feels deeply passionate and soul-baring, which makes it one of the hottest kisses on our list.

#2: The Bedroom Kiss

“The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince” (2007)

The two lovers of “Coffee Prince” have a lot to overcome, especially since Han-kyul thinks Eun-chan is a boy for the majority of the series. Even when he’s confronted with the truth, he doesn’t care what gender she is, which results in the passionate kiss in the coffee shop. And while that kiss may have gotten them together, it’s the bedroom kiss that has us squealing. After a playful fight leads to them confessing their unconditional love, Han-kyul picks Eun-chan up, kisses her and carries her to his bed. It’s pretty steamy, and a lot sexier than the typical K-drama kiss.

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

The Pick-Up Truck Kiss

“Descendants of the Sun” (2016)

The Winter Street Kiss

“Pinocchio” (2014-15)

The Swing Kiss

“Boys Over Flowers” (2009)

#1: The Hideout Kiss

“Healer” (2014-15)

There’s something remarkably satisfying about a kiss wrapped up in so much sadness, love, and longing like this one. When Young-shin finds out where Bong-soo’s hideout is, she’s terrified that he’s going to send her away. She pleads with him, and pulls him into her arms. For a long moment, she’s not sure what he’ll do next… and the anticipation of his next move is overwhelming. She can’t see the tears in his eyes, but then when she does, she wipes them away before giving him the kiss of a lifetime. The scene is understated yet profoundly emotional, which makes it our most memorable.

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