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Top 10 Greatest Couples From Musicals

Script written by Zachary Sykes Their love inspires are! These are the Top 10 Couples from Musicals! We’ve included iconic couples like Sandy and Dandy from Grease, Sky Masterson and Sarah Brown from Guys and Dolls, Eliza Schuyler and Alexander Hamilton from Hamilton, Angel and Collins from Rent, Tevye and Golde from Fiddler on the Roof, Tony and Maria from West Side Story, and Elphaba and Fiyero from Wicked!

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Top 10 Couples From Musicals

True love is always best displayed with song and dance. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Couples from Musicals.

For this list, we’ll be looking at romantic couples found within original musical productions. Musicals that are adaptations of films will not count toward this list. Sorry, Link and Tracy! However, if a couple was created specifically for the musical adaptation, then they’re fair game. Also, musicals that have film adaptations are acceptable.

#10: Danny Zuko & Sandy Dumbrowski [aka Sandy Olsson]

This pair is sure to electrify you. An exciting summer fling that turns into a troubled and rocky relationship, this couple only survives when Sandy and Danny are willing to make compromises for each other. These two exemplify what it means for opposites to attract; Sandy is a stereotypical “good girl” who does her homework and Danny is a lazy greaser who’d rather be out having fun than caught doing work. And with one of the catchiest duets in any musical, what’s not to love?

#9: Jack Kelly & Katherine Plumber

While it was a film first, Katherine didn’t exist in that version, so this pair still counts! Jack and Katherine are a couple that mutually support one another; Katherine grows as a reporter by covering Jack and the Newsboys strike, and without that exposure, Jack’s protests would be far less effective. The character of Katherine is far more compelling as a love interest than the one in the movie, and the song added in the Broadway adaptation is beautiful and adds so much to this romance. This is one couple that gives us something to believe in.

#8: Eliza Schuyler & Alexander Hamilton

These two are based on a real historical couple, which makes their love story all the more touching. Eliza and Alexander are adorable together on the stage, and their love survives despite war, infidelity, and the death of their son. And even after Alexander is killed in a duel, Eliza goes on another fifty years, loving him and honoring his memory by building an orphanage. This musical couple is faced with real problems and bolstered by real heart and strength of character. The love they share on stage leaves us totally helpless.

#7: Sky Masterson & Sarah Brown

“Guys and Dolls”
Sometimes taking a risk will lead you to the woman of your dreams. Another case of opposites attract; Sky is an incorrigible gambler and Sarah a devout missionary. Yet the two are able to see strength, resolve, and goodness in each other. While the Nathan Detroit and Adelaide romance is also quite sweet, it is these two who steal the show with their growth and sweetness. Watching them slowly fall in love over the course of the play is delightful. By the end of the story, Sky and Sarah have become better people for having met one another, demonstrating how strong their relationship is.

#6: Elphaba & Fiyero

Who knew that the Wicked Witch of the West and the Scarecrow would have one of the most heartwarming romances in any musical? While Fiyero starts off as lazy and unconcerned with the larger issues in life, he becomes inspired by Elphaba’s drive to make the world a better place and to do good, and he himself becomes a better person because of her. Seeing these two get a happy ending is so satisfying, after all the troubles and obstacles they face. Elphaba and Fiyero definitely deserve one another!

#5: Angel Dumott Schunard & Tom Collins

These two characters are pulled together almost magnetically, helping each other through the shared experience of living with AIDS. Through their time together, they both learn from each other and grow. The heart-rending conclusion to their romance, when Collins sings a reprise of their duet at Angel’s funeral, solidifies this as one of the best romances in musical history. While the other couples in this show have a laundry list of issues, this pure romance captures our hearts and lets us believe that love is possible even in the darkest of times.

#4: Cosette & Marius Pontmercy

“Les Misérables”
Don’t tell Eponine, but these two are some of the few in this musical to find true love, in what is otherwise a truly miserable experience. Though love-at-first-sight may be a tired trope now, it works beautifully with Marius and Cosette, who breathe hope into a dark tale filled with death and sorrow. Cosette presents an interesting dynamic in the story of the June Rebellion in Paris, challenging the young revolutionary Marius. Shall he aid his friends and fight for a cause he believes in, or escape with his love? Thankfully Cosette and Marius have a happy ending, and continue their lives blissfully in love.

#3: Tevye & Golde

“Fiddler on the Roof”
True love sometimes isn’t obvious, and sometimes has been battered by years of hardship. But while Tevye and Golde didn’t marry for love, and may not have said the words much over the years, their bond is unbreakable. This musical couple is special because it is very different from the young kids who fall in love at first sight; this is a marriage that has grown stronger over the years, with the two having barely noticed the love between them. Tevye and Golde are goals for anyone looking beyond young love for something that can be translated into real life.

#2: Captain von Trapp & Maria von Trapp

“The Sound of Music”

Based on a true tale of historical love, this musical couple manages to be sweet and adorable all while being tested by the political tension in Europe. Maria and the Captain are a stronger couple for all the trials they go through. While neither like each other very much at first, they both learn to open up and start to understand one another. The relationship progresses naturally, as both characters learn to fall in love. In addition to feeling very natural and real, this romance also features some of the best love songs of all time.

Before we reveal our top pick, here are some honorable mentions.

Evan Hansen & Zoe Murphy
“Dear Evan Hansen”

Billy Crocker & Hope Harcourt
“Anything Goes”

Curly McLain & Laurey Williams

#1: Tony Wyzek & Maria Nunez
“West Side Story”

Of course there’s a place for these two on our list. Love at first sight at its purest, these two lovebirds make us desperately hope that their romance can triumph over the gang warfare of their families and friends. Coming out on Broadway the same year as “The Music Man”, with its lovely Harold and Marian romance, Tony and Maria were able to capture our hearts with their tragic tale of love amidst chaos and hatred. Despite things not ending well, the love these two share does bring some hope in inspiring the gang violence to end, and hopefully lead to a brighter future.

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