Top 10 Things We Need to See in Big Little Lies Season 2
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Top 10 Things We Need to See in Big Little Lies Season 2

VOICE OVER: EB WRITTEN BY: Savannah Sher Script written by Savannah Sher

Now that Big Little Lies is confirmed to have a second season, there are definitely things we need to see next season. Because the music is such a big focus of the show, we want there to be another great soundtrack. The creators of “Big Little Lies” use music in a unique way, making many songs much more present than simply ambient background noise to set the tone. We want to see Jane and Ziggy dealing with the aftermath. After all of the big reveals that take place in the season one finale, we know that Jane now knows who Ziggy's real father is- and so does everyone else involved. How about Celeste and wether or not she will pursue law? What will happen with the legal case?read more...