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Top 10 Actors Who Look Young For Their Age – Best of WatchMojo

Script written by Q.V. Hough May they stay forever young. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Actors who Look Young for Their Age. For this list, we're focusing specifically on male actors who inexplicably never seem to get older. Special thanks to our user roxy for submitting the idea on our Interactive Suggestion Tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Script written by Q.V. Hough

Top 10 Actors Who Look Young For Their Age

May they stay forever young. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Actors who Look Young for Their Age.
For this list, we’re focusing specifically on male actors who inexplicably never seem to get older.

#10: Rob Lowe
Born: March 17th, 1964

Remember that slick TV producer with all the hair gel from “Wayne’s World?” Well, that was a late-20s Rob Lowe, and decades later, he’s managed to retain his relevancy in DirecTV ads and by starring in FOX’s “The Grinder.” Oh, and he’s yet to hit the “distinguished grey” phase that someone like Alec Baldwin has so wonderfully embraced. No, Mr. Lowe isn’t quite ready for the salt and pepper, and he’s still capable of selling products and sitcoms with his youthful looks alone.

#9: Paul Rudd
Born: April 6th, 1969

It’s hard to be jealous of someone with such a friendly visage, but we mean c’mon, Paul Rudd – how do you do it? Wasn’t it just yesterday that he and Cher hooked up in “Clueless?” Oh, that was a couple of decades ago? This guy has been around so long that his 2001 film “Wet Hot American Summer” received a Netflix update nearly 15 years later, which clearly demonstrated that Paul Rudd has a case of the Benjamin Buttons, as he seems to be reversing in age. And what’s even more astonishing is that he’s more hilarious than ever.

#8: Jim Parsons
Born: March 24th, 1973

Let’s be clear. You probably don’t know this Texas native from anything other than “The Big Bang Theory,” even if he’s been in the entertainment industry since the early 2000s. To pull off a character like Sheldon Cooper, one must have that rare ability to remain forever young, both in appearance and spirit. And Jim Parsons has that special formula. In fact, a large majority of his fan base probably believes that he’s actually the same guy from TV, and while that’s certainly not the truth, the hand of God has surely touched him since he never seems to age.

#7: Tom Cruise
Born: July 3rd, 1962

Love him or hate him, Tom Cruise continues to handle his business at the box office, decades after arriving on the scene. In the mid-‘80s, he was pool sharkin’ with Paul Newman and flying an F14-A Tomcat in “Top Gun,” and somewhere along the line, he decided that aging was not an option. Ok, maybe he’s “tweaked” his appearance here and there, but the fact remains that many older movie stars don’t (and can’t) pull off their own stunts. Case in point: “Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation.” Tom Cruise has stayed in shape and that iconic face never seems to change.

#6: Tobey Maguire
Born: June 27th, 1975

Every so often, Tobey Maguire decides to make a movie…and it kills at the box office. Why? Well, first of all, he’s a phenomenal actor, but he’s also capable of playing someone between the age of 14 and 30, even if he’s a tad bit older than that. Believe it or not, Maguire actually had an uncredited role in the 1989 Fred Savage film “The Wizard,” which doesn’t scientifically seem possible given that he likely still has to flash his ID just to buy a drink. How old is Tobey Maguire? Well, no one knows for sure. Let’s just say that he may be the real Nick Carraway.

#5: Keanu Reeves
Born: September 2nd, 1964

Now here’s an actor that truly understands how to maintain a movie star persona. It’s all about the hair. Think about it. Have you ever NOT seen Keanu Reeves with long hair? Ok, calm down Mojoholics, that’s a hypothetical question, but we can all agree that long-haired Keanu is better than short-haired Keanu, simply because it means that he’ll continue to grace the screen with his youthful presence. No, he’s not the best actor of his generation, but he’s certainly one of the most important - and given his enduring reputation as a timeless star, there’s plenty more Keanu to come. Also, how many actors do you know have spawned an internet campaign that tries to gather evidence of his so-called immortality and/or that he’s possibly a vampire?

#4: Will Smith
Born: September 25th, 1968

So, what’s the deal with this guy? How does one make gold records in the ‘80s, conquer TV in the ‘90s, destroy the box office in the 2000s and still manage to look like a college student? Hold on – we think we know the answer…perhaps it’s because Will Smith has kept the exact same haircut and facial hair for a good 25 years. Just do a Google image search and you’ll see what we mean. At this point, a grizzled and bald-headed Will Smith would only cause permanent emotional damage to his rabid fan base, as they’ve become accustomed to his clean-cut façade.

#3: Samuel L. Jackson
Born: December 21st, 1948

You may not realize it, but this legendary actor is actually 85 years old. Ok, he’s NOT, but given his 100 plus acting credits, it seems like he’s been around since the ‘40s. But here’s the thing – even though he made his film debut in 1972, Samuel L. Jackson didn’t become a Hollywood “name” until he was close to 40 years of age, and some die hard fans may remember him as Eddie Murphy’s uncle from the 1987 stand-up special “Eddie Murphy Raw.” He’s now recognized as one of the most admired actors of his day, and he’s certainly paid his dues, yet his greatest accomplishment may be his victory over Father Time.

#2: Jared Leto
Born: December 26th, 1971

He was an ABC heartthrob in the early ‘90s, and upon growing a Jesus-like beard, he went on to even bigger things as the lead singer of “Thirty Seconds to Mars.” With a filmography containing modern classics like “Fight Club” and “American Psycho,” Jared Leto has established a cinematic legacy, and if you’re weren’t convinced by 2013, his transformative and Oscar-winning role in “Dallas Buyers Club” sealed the deal. Only a select few can sport a thick beard while keeping a youthful vibe, and when Jared Leto does shave his thick mane, he usually just looks like a slightly older version of Jordan Catalano.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
- John Stamos
Born: August 19th, 1963
- Mario Lopez
Born: October 10th, 1973
- Eddie Murphy
Born: April 3rd, 1961
- Chris Rock
Born: February 7th, 1965
- Owen Wilson
Born: November 18th, 1968

#1: LL Cool J
Born: January 14th, 1968

In the same year that James Todd Smith released his debut album “Radio,” he appeared in the Def Jam film “Krush Groove,” and while he’s proven that ladies do in fact love Cool J, no one can grasp the concept of his inability to age. No, it’s not his endless lip-licking that does the trick, and probably not even his well-groomed presence – we’re going to chalk it up to physical fitness and hard work. That’s right, one can stay young by taking care of oneself, and with one look at LL Cool J, you can tell that he’s lifted a dumbbell or two. After all, you don’t need to be a movie star to purchase a gym membership.

Do you agree with our list? Who is your favorite actor who looks young for their age? For more mind-blowing Top 10s published daily, be sure to subscribe to

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