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Top 10 Signs You’re a Real Star Wars Fan


Script written by Christopher Lozano

Whether you’re a member of the 501st, the Rebel Legion, or just a plain old superfan, Star Wars is your life. From your knowledge of the expanded universe, to fan edits, to correcting people on misquoting lines, Star Wars isn’t just a movie for you: it’s a way of life. WatchMojo counts down ten signs you’re a real Star Wars fan.

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Top 10 Signs You’re a Real Star Wars Fan

Whether you’re a member of the 501st, the Rebel Legion, or just a plain old superfan, Star Wars is your life. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our Top 10 Signs You’re a Real Star Wars Fan.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the traits and experiences that mark a person who really, really likes Star Wars. Keep in my mind that these are all coming from a certain point of view, so it’s ok to disagree.

#10: You’re Knowledgeable About the Expanded Universe

For you, “Star Wars” was always about more than just the theatrically released movies. You eagerly consume every piece of media you can find about your favorite space opera franchise. This includes things like novels, comics, video games, cartoons, and animated movies. Yes, even the Ewok movies. And that “Holiday Special?” You’ve got a couple bootleg copies. Why does nobody ever want to watch that with you? They’re missing out on Bea Arthur’s musical number! With all that Expanded Universe knowledge, you know things like who Mara Jade is, or why Baron Fel is the most awesome pilot ever. Well, after Wedge that is.

#9: You Were Upset When Disney Axed the Original Expanded Universe

When Disney declared that all the old stories from the original EU were no longer cannon, you were less than excited. In fact, you’d even say you were mad, if anger weren’t against the Jedi code. Now, let’s be honest about the Expanded Universe. It wasn’t all great. But some of it really added to the series lore, especially the “Knights of the Old Republic” video games and the Thrawn Trilogy books. Disney’s new Expanded Universe has been solid so far, with the introduction of some great characters like Dr. Aphra and Terex, as well as the reintroduction of a certain blue skinned villain. But you still love those old stories, even if they’re now only Legends.

#8: You’ve Made Your Own Fan Edits

It’s arguable that the only reason many kids of a certain generation went to film school was because of “Star Wars”. Look at J.J. Abrams: he was a huge fan, and got to eventually make a “Star Wars” movie himself. To many fans, “Star Wars” feels like something they own, and that’s why it’s no surprise that they have taken to creating their own edited versions of the films. It takes a real superfan, apparently, to look at a movie and decide to expunge the entire existence of a character. (Looking at you, Jar Jar. Or rather, NOT looking at you).

#7: You Correct People on Misquoted Lines

You already use quotes from the films in your everyday life, so it bothers you when people get them wrong. It especially grinds your gears when possibly the greatest single line in movie history, and the one that revealed one of the best plot twists ever, is so often misquoted. Darth Vader does not, in fact say, “Luke, I am your father.” No, really. He doesn’t. He actually says, “No. I am your father.” Okay, nobody's perfect; so if one of your friends misquotes this iconic line, it’s not a big deal. You just let them know they are wrong, and then pray they don’t alter the lines any further.

#6: You Try to Use the Force

Admit it, this habit from your childhood has stuck with you as an adult. Ever since you saw Luke reach out and grab his lightsaber to save himself from the wampa, you’ve been convinced that you could do it too. All the times you’ve failed have just been because you weren’t concentrating hard enough. You just need to clear your mind, reach out with the Force, and FEEL that remote control that’s just out of your reach. So far, the only success you’ve had using the Force is opening automatic sliding doors. It’s okay, someday you’ll get proper training from a small Jedi master. Probably.

#5: You Own Toys and Paraphernalia

Part of the job description when becoming a Star War fan is that you also become a collector. This means waiting in line at Toys “R” Us before it opens to buy up action figures, and it also means owning a life-size replica of Boba Fett. These are normal things for the average Star Wars superfan. When your wife asks what you're planning to do with all those “toys,” you respond by saying, “You mean, our kid’s college fund?” However, you secretly know you’d never part with your unopened original Boba Fett with jet pack. Why do kids need to go to college anyway? Luke Skywalker dropped out of Jedi school, and he turned out fine, mostly.

#4: You Prefer the Old Special Effects

Computer-generated graphics are great and everything, but you’ll take the work of Phil Tippett and other old- schoolers from Industrial Light and Magic any day. While we admit some stuff the “Special Editions” added was cool, like dogfighting spaceships, other changes from practical effects to CGI were just plain unnecessary. Did we really need a CG Jabba the Hutt? No, not really. At least we got to see the movies on the big screen when they were re-released. But we could’ve done without the vocal stylings of Sy Snootles.

#3: You Have Opinions About Which Version of the Original Trilogy is the Best

When the Special Editions of the Original Trilogy were released, old-school fans cried foul. New scenes were deemed unecessary, dodgy new CGI was criticized, and as for Han shooting second…well, the less said about that the better. But decades have passed since the release of the Special Edition version of “A New Hope”, and to a new generation of Star Wars fans, the supposedly “inferior” remasters are the versions they’ve grown up with. Whether you hate the added and altered scenes for ruining the pacing, or think they add some extra depth to the Star Wars galaxy, you definitely have an opinion, and aren’t afraid to share it.

#2: You Think Grand Admiral Thrawn Is the Best Villain of All Time

Casual fans might not know who he is, but real fans know why Thrawn is the most compelling villain ever. The Emperor was scary, sure, and Darth Maul was cool, but they weren’t nearly as cunning and pragmatic as the Grand Admiral. Thrawn is a tactical genius who learned about his adversaries by studying their species’ art. In the original EU, he nearly brought down the entire New Republic with only a fleet of Star Destroyers. With that kind of reputation, it’s no surprise that Disney reintroduced him into cannon in the third season of “Star Wars Rebels”.

#1: You Have Strong Opinions on the Prequels

If you want to be accepted into a gathering of nerds, all you have to do is drop a line about how bad the prequels were. Don’t get us wrong, there were plenty of problems with those movies, but . . . hot take: That’s to be expected when you’re creating a broad foundation for every major blockbuster that would follow. So, it can be forgiven if there were some mistakes. (Well, except midi-chlorians; we all know that can’t be forgiven.) But whether you love them or hate them, a real “Star Wars” fan has a strong opinion about the prequels.

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