Top 10 Celebrities Who Look Like the Young Version of Iconic Actors



Top 10 Celebrities Who Look Like the Young Version of Iconic Actors

Script written by Katherine Slattery

It's crazy that these celebrities aren't related!For this list,we'll be looking at celebs that bare an uncanny resemblance to the thespians of yesteryear.These stars may look related, but aren't, so, actors and their mini-me children will not be included. Emma Stone looks just like the young Sally Field! Lee lee Sobieski looks so much like the young Helen Hunt! If you compare Ian Somerhalder & the young Rob Lowe you'll be blown away!

Top 10 Celebrities Who Look Like the Young Version of Iconic Actors

If Hollywood has taught us one thing, it’s that good looks never go out of style. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Celebrities Who Look Like the Young Version of Iconic Actors.

For this list, we’ll be looking at celebs that bear an uncanny resemblance to the thespians of yesteryear. These stars may look related, but aren’t, so, actors and their mini-me children will not be included.

#10: Emma Stone & Sally Field

Field may not have played Stone’s relative in “The Amazing Spider-Man” movies, but photos of a young Sally Field compared to a present-day Emma shine light on the good looks the two share. Although she’s a natural blonde, the “La La Land” starlet generally rocks a more coppery ‘do, similar to the shoulder-length style that Field modelled in her younger years. Both Oscar-winning actresses have talent and good looks to boot. And the young Stone should only hope she ages as gracefully, because, Sally’s still got it even while being in her seventies in 2017.

#9: Cillian Murphy & Charlie Chaplin

In 1918, silent movie maverick Charlie Chaplin famously came in 20th place in a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest. While we’re used to seeing Chaplin sport his iconic look, which featured a toothbrush mustache, a bowler hat, baggy pants and a cane, without all that, the late actor and filmmaker looks nearly identical to a modern day Cillian Murphy. Despite different genres of expertise and nearly 100 years separating them, the two talents do have something in common. Chaplin’s works will forever be attributed to the 1920s and 30s, and coincidentally, the “Redeye” actor stars in the 1920s era gangster drama “Peaky Blinders,” which even featured a Charlie Chaplin impersonator in one episode!

#8: Leelee Sobieski & Helen Hunt

The “Joan of Arc” actress may be twenty years her junior, and yet she could still pass for Helen Hunt’s sister. With their narrow eyes, slim noses, thin lips and light locks, these two look like they must be related. Or at least that’s what people have been saying since the 90s. Since she stepped on the scene in 1995, many have referred to Leelee as a young Helen Hunt. If Sobieski, who took a break from acting in 2012, ever chooses to return to the silver screen, it would be a crime to not cast her alongside the “Twister” star as her sister, daughter, or a younger version of her.

#7: Ian Somerhalder & Rob Lowe

Those baby blues, dark hair and sharp jaws have left many wondering if the star of “The Vampire Diaries” is related to Sodapop Curtis from “The Outsiders.” Despite allegedly not sharing any genes, these two do share some strikingly good looks. Their visual similarities are pretty much where the connection ends, with their long-standing and iconic television roles being basically complete opposites: Somerhalder plays a dark and alluring bad boy vamp, whereas Lowe plays Chris Traeger on Parks and Recreation, who is “literally” the most enthusiastic and well-intentioned character to grace the small screen.

#6: Cameron Diaz & Ellen Barkin

The blonde beauties were both featured in the 1998 film “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.” But somehow, the pair wasn’t cast as relatives. Cameron Diaz’s narrow eyes, blonde hair and wide smile makes her a shoo in for the younger version of the “Diner” star. Diaz has been known for her sex appeal and even featured on Empire’s 1995 list of 100 Sexiest Movie Stars in film history. Barkin, contrastingly, has been referred to as “unconventionally beautiful” and even "pretty-ugly.” All we can say is that these talented stars are absolute stunners in our book.

#5: Christian Bale & James Brolin

Christian Bale is known to change his appearance drastically for a role, but if he were ever to play a young James Brolin, the “American Psycho” star wouldn’t have to make much of a transformation. Earlier on in his career, Brolin, the star of 1979’s “The Amityville Horror”, was often seen sporting a sharp suit, beard and dashingly handsome looks – sound familiar? Aside from their appearances, Bale and Brolin share another connection, and that’s through the DC comic book universe. Bale’s most commercially recognized role has been Batman, but the more senior of the look-alikes had minor roles in the 1960s television adaption of the caped crusader’s story.

#4: George Clooney & Cary Grant

Clooney’s smouldering gaze, suave style and reluctance to settle down make him a dead ringer for one of Hollywood’s most infamous womanizers. Beyond their similar good looks, the two actors’ onscreen talents prove another connection. Clooney has been known to successfully tackle both drama and comedy, a skill that Grant also mastered. The “Ocean’s Eleven” star may have been born decades after Grant, but the two actors prove the that a dapper leading man never goes out of style. And with regards to Trump’s opinion on the matter, we have to disagree.

#3: Sebastien Stan & Mark Hamill

It doesn’t get much more iconic than Star Wars, and while Anthony Ingruber looks an awful lot like a young Han Solo, the similarities between Sebastien Stan and a young Mark Hamill are downright eery! With many fans proclaiming their similarities, including Mark Hamill himself, the dimple chin and strong jawline are just too much too ignore! Does this mean there’s a Marvel-Star Wars crossover in the works? We won’t hold our breath, but it’s always fun to compare the metal arms of the two. And if Disney ever decides they need a young Luke Skywalker for a Star Wars Spinoff, they need look no further!

#2: James Franco & James Dean

Casting Franco in the 2001 biopic “James Dean” was definitely no mistake. Once he donned the leather jacket and began to emulate the classic Hollywood bad boy, the two became nearly indistinguishable. And yet, James Dean passed away in 1955, 23 years before “Freaks and Geeks” star James Franco was born. Dean is famous for embodying the agony of adolescence on screen, and people were shocked that Franco could portray the cult figure with such an uncanny likeness. As such, Franco’s turn as another famous James won him a Golden Globe in 2002.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Tom Hardy & Marlon Brando

Debra Messing & Lucille Ball

Jennifer Lawrence & Helen Mirren

#1: Brad Pitt & Robert Redford

When the actors shared the screen in 2001’s “Spy Game”, many wondered whether Redford and Pitt were father and son. There is no relation, but these fair-haired heartthrobs share blue eyes, chiseled chins and undeniable talent. While 2017 sees him in his eighties, the debonair Redford shows how a class act can age well in Hollywood, while Brad reminds us just how handsome “The Sundance Kid” was back in his heyday. These classically handsome actors are truly remarkable, proving once again that sometimes lightning really does strike twice.