Top 5 Surprising Things Disney Parks Don't Allow
Trivia Top 5 Surprising Things Disney Parks Don't Allow



Top 5 Surprising Things Disney Parks Don't Allow

Script written by Savannah Sher

Remember these rules because there are some things you cannot do at Disney Parks! Did you know that you can't be shooting video on a roller coaster? That you can't have balloons at Disney's Animal Kingdom? Running is forbidden on their properties and that you can't bring a selfie stick?


Top 5 Surprising Things You Are Not Allowed to Do at Disney Parks

The happiest place on Earth isn’t without its rules and regulations. Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 5 Surprising Things You Are Not Allowed to Do at Disney Parks.
For this list, we’re looking at things that are banned at various Disney parks worldwide.

#5: Having Balloons

While a visit to a Disney park is always cause for celebration, there’s one in particular where there are limits on party accessories. The Mickey Mouse shaped balloons may be prevalent in other Disney parks, but at Disney’s Animal Kingdom within Disney World in Orlando, Florida, they are completely banned. Not only are you not allowed to bring in your own balloons, but also you won’t find any for sale there either. This is because Animal Kingdom is home to many very real animals, and they don’t want to risk the balloons getting into their enclosures. Straws are also off-limits for the same reason!

#4: Shooting Video on a Roller Coaster

It may not be listed on Disney’s official website, but on a case by case basis, guests are disallowed from filming themselves on rides, especially fast thrill rides and roller coasters. While it’s expressly banned to film at Disney parks for any commercial purposes, all loose items are supposed to be contained while you’re on the rides, so it follows that you can get in trouble for having your phone or camera out. On a ride like It’s A Small World, you probably won’t have a problem, but it’s best to avoid it on faster ones like Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster.

#3: Running

Every year, Disney offers several marathons and runs at its various parks, but for the rest of the year, breaking into a jog is not allowed on any of their properties. Because the crowds are so heavy, we can see why this rule was implemented for safety’s sake. That being said however, considering how many excitable children there are making their way from ride to ride we wouldn’t be surprised if this rule wasn’t actually taken seriously all the time. But just know that if you try to move too fast through the crowds, one of the many cast members has the right to ask you to slow down.

#2: Bringing a Selfie Stick

One of the more modern regulations that Disney has put into place and one that made headlines in recent years was the decision to ban selfie sticks at all Disney parks. In 2015, at the height of popularity for the photography tool, Disney barred people from entering the parks with them. They had previously been banned from use on rides for the sake of safety, due to the fact that it would be very easy for them to cause an injury if someone happened to lose control of one while riding an attraction.

#1: Wearing a Costume

The rule that seems to most often cause visitors to be shocked is the fact that adults are not permitted to wear costumes in the parks. This rule is in place to avoid confusion between guests and actual cast members who are dressed up as characters from Disney movies. Many people have shown up to the front gates and been denied entry because of their attire. Exceptions are made for special events like Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. Similarly, masks are also prohibited to be worn by anyone over the age of 14.