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Top 10 Blake Shelton Songs

Script written by Q.V. Hough Top 10 Blake Shelton Songs! For this list, we’re focusing on Blake Shelton’s official studio releases which means that no guest spots or live covers have been included. Studio covers DID make the cut, however. We’ve included “Sure Be Cool If You Did”, “Hillbilly Bone” feat. Trace Adkins, “Some Beach”, “Ol’ Red”, “Who Are You When I’m Not Looking”, “Boys ‘Round Here” feat. Pistol Annies & Friends and “God Gave Me You”.

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Top 10 Blake Shelton Songs

He’s the Sexiest Man Alive, outspoken, Mr. Gwen Stefani and a country boy turned pop culture icon. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Blake Shelton Songs.

For this list, we’re focusing on Blake Shelton’s official studio releases which means that no guest spots or live covers have been included. Studio covers DID make the cut, however.

#10: “She’s Got a Way with Words”
If I’m Honest (2016)

For this track, Blake acknowledges the power of a woman’s mojo. He keeps it light and fun, using clever wordplay for a mischievous touch. After seventeen straight country #1s, Blake didn’t achieve the same feat with “She’s Got a Way with Words”, but it’s the message that counts. Women can relate to this song, and Blake’s humble approach makes it something that the fellas can get behind as well. This here is a country jam that is surely a karaoke favorite at bars and grills all across North America.

#9: “Sure Be Cool If You Did”
Based on a True Story… (2013)

All right, all right, all right. Just listen: Blake is floating on cloud nine in this love song. He’s feeling both frisky and vulnerable, as he thinks about the potential of a new romance. With “Sure Be Cool If You Did,” Shelton steps away from his manly persona by detailing all the little things that drive him wild. He knows what he wants, only he’s not sure if he’ll get it; and it’s that state of uncertainty that shines through. There’s no pressure here – just some open dialogue, as this Blake classic is communicative, cool and completely country.

#8: “Hillbilly Bone” feat. Trace Adkins
Hillbilly Bone (2010)

Oh yeah, Blake is bringing that TWANG with this one, y’all. The message is simple – you don’t need to be a southerner to get down with some country music, but you might appreciate it more if you’ve made the journey south. “Hillbilly Bone” earned Blake an Academy of Country Music Award for “Vocal Event of the Year,” and it sure does have an epic feel to it. Shelton’s pumping out some major backwoods vibes with this one, and his guest star Trace Adkins provides some extra grit for the celebration of hillbilly spirit.

#7: “Austin”
Blake Shelton (2001)

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and take in the beautiful intro of this Shelton classic. Now open your eyes and check out Blake’s fabulous mullet. Sure, his look has changed over the years, yet Blake has always been pulling at our heartstrings with love songs like this. Sure, it’s a classic country saga of troubled love, but in the most beautiful and stirring way. The answering machine message hook really resonates, emotionally. “Austin” is what put Shelton on the map, and on our minds, too.

#5: “Ol’ Red”
Blake Shelton (2001)

In this song, a dog is indeed a man’s best friend. Originally recorded by the legendary George Jones, and later by Kenny Rogers, “Ol Red” has a distinct outlaw feel with its jailhouse narrative. Blake captures that mood with his pacing and vocals, as he details the narrator’s quest to confuse a lovestruck Bloodhound and use the dog to help him escape. This one is all about the storytelling, along with Blake’s ability to vocally sell the drama. Shelton himself considers this perhaps his signature song. When you factor in his onstage charisma, “Ol’ Red” becomes even more dramatic when it’s performed live.

#4: “Who Are You When I’m Not Looking”
All About Tonight (2010)

For this cover song, Blake raises an important question – one that can seem terrifying even if it’s not meant to be invasive. This song highlights that feeling when you’re really into somebody, but they’ve still got their guard up for some reason. Shelton wants to know more simply because he cares, and you can hear that longing in his voice. Originally recorded by Joe Nichols, “Who Are You When I’m Not Looking” shows off Blake’s romantic side, all the while breaking down an important element of successful relationships: communication.

#3: “Boys ‘Round Here” feat. Pistol Annies & Friends
Based on a True Story… (2013)

Here’s some everyday country lifestyle. “Boys ‘Round Here” has that good ol’ boy vibe going on with all the talk of cold beer and trucks, and it’s that way of life – that REAL southern livin’ – that Shelton loves so much. He mixes a little country rap with some traditional country twang in this one, while his then-wife Miranda Lambert and the Pistol Annies provide a touch of female counterpoint. While Blake may be a superstar these days, he’s most definitely a country boy at heart.

#2: “Honey Bee”
Red River Blue (2011)

Now THIS is the crossover hit that made errybody pay attention to Mr. Blake Shelton. With its intoxicating mix of romance and wordplay, “Honey Bee” appeals to anyone in a positive, growing relationship . . . or just anyone with a human heart. Shelton shot up the the Billboard Hot 100 with this single, and he also earned a Grammy nomination for Best Country Solo Performance. As with so many of his hits, Blake infuses traditional country themes with serious charm and personality – the characteristics that have made him so popular on NBC’s “The Voice.”

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

“I’ll Name the Dogs”
Texoma Shore (2017)

Bringing Back the Sunshine (2014)

“The Baby”
The Dreamer (2003)

#1: “God Gave Me You”
Red River Blue (2011)

For Blake, this love song may be bittersweet, yet it’s adored by all of his fans. With its inspirational lyrics and soaring vocals, “God Gave Me You” will likely give you goosebumps and take you on an emotional ride; especially if you’re thinking about that someone special. For Blake, the inspiration was Miranda Lambert, as hearing Dave Barnes’ original version inspired him to propose. Although that relationship eventually didn’t work out, it’s the concept that’s important: faith in another human being, faith for the future and faith that you were brought together for a reason.


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