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Top 10 Rick and Morty Original Songs

VO: DM WRITTEN BY: Laura Keating
Written by Laura Keating They showed us what they got. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Rick and Morty Original Songs. For this list, we will only be considering songs that were created for the series, not featured tracks. Have an idea you want to see made into a WatchMojo video? Check out our suggest page at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest and submit your idea.

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They showed us what they got. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Rick and Morty Original Songs.

For this list, we will only be considering songs that were created for the series, not featured tracks.

#10: “Fathers and Daughters (Doo-Doo in My Butt)”

“The ABC’s of Beth"

Father of the year, Rick is not. As Beth shows obvious disillusionment for the man she’s always defended and idolized, he reminds her that he created an entire world for her. But like in any parent-child relationship, that doesn’t actually matter – you can literally give them the world, but what they need is your time. After discovering she is more like her father than she believed, they build a clone together, as the song Rick was writing plays. The potty humor belies the weirdly touching message that there is no one right way to be a father, (and many wrong ways), but in the end, just sharing moments is the most important thing.

#9: “Noob-Noob”

“Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender”

Morty only gets to pick one in every ten of their adventures, and like a regular teenage kid he wants to go on an adventure with superheroes. Rick is less than impressed by The Vindicators, all except for Noob-Noob, the little alien of the team, who keeps getting stuck with custodial work. Rebuffed by Morty, Rick puts together an elaborate puzzle-maze à la Jigsaw, with each puzzle meant to take the Vindicators down a peg and prove they’re not so great. After killing most of the team, a tearful video shows it was all for Noob-Noob – who didn’t even get on this adventure – and who Rick has already forgotten all about.

#8: “The Rick Dance”

“Ricksy Business”

Stranded on an alien planet, Rick sends Morty, Abradolf Lincler, and Nancy off to get kalaxian crystals, which will apparently help them out, when in fact they just help Rick get super high. After taking a nose-full of the spacey party drug, Rick busts a move in a choreographed line-dance he aptly names the Rick Dance. Party goers join in like he just invented the Macarena. There really isn’t much too it, mostly hopping and flailing elbows, but because it’s Rick, everyone loves it. Well, except for Morty, and seeing as he nearly died so his grandfather could get a fleeting high, we can’t say we blame him.

#7: “Summer & Tinkles Song”

“Total Rickall”

Man, going to bed early sucks – unless you have an imaginary friend who takes you to raves in a rainbow- saturated magical world! Tinkles the lamb whisks Summer away to the aptly named Never Past Bedtime Land. There, they dance the night away to inescapably catchy tunes. No one believes Summer, but she knows (at least while infested with parasites) that Tinkles is the real deal. Even after she’s blasted to goo, the song lives on. She might have been a false memory implanted by an alien parasite, but Tinkles and her cuddly crew know how to lay down some sick trance beats.

#6: “Flu Hatin' Rap”

“Rick Potion #9”

Hey, kids! What’s cooler than not getting sick? Rapping about it, of course. When Morty arrives at the poorly thought through Flu Season Dance, the Flu Hatin’ Rapper is doing his thing and telling it like it is about influenza and sickness prevention. Meanwhile, in a rather perverted attempt to get his crush, Jessica, to like him, Morty accidentally gets the entire school to lust after him. At this point, the band on stage has changed their message to something more pressing: Morty’s genes, and how everyone wants them. Let that be a lesson: don’t try to trick girls into liking you.

#5: “Tiny Rick Song”

“Big Trouble in Little Sanchez”

After transferring his consciousness into a younger clone of himself in order to help kill a vampire at Morty and Summer’s school, Rick finds he loves being Tiny Rick! Popular and less bitter than his older self, the kids seem to like him better too … until Summer picks up on a disconcerting message in an impromptu song. While Morty at first does not believe that the angsty lyrics are a cry for help from the original old Rick, by the time of the school dance, things get a little less ambiguous, and Operation Phoenix is given the literal axe.

#4: “Human Music”

“M. Night Shaym-Aliens”

You would hope that you’d notice if you were stuck in a simulation. Rick did when it was running at high capacity; Jerry … well, Jerry is a Jerry. When the simulator built by the Zigerions can’t function with another human clogging it, they turn down the believability to focus on Rick. Even with the most blatant of bugs, Jerry goes about his day oblivious to the glitches. Turning on the car radio, he is treated to music: “Human Music”. Which is totally real, made for humans by humans. Yep. Boop boop boop. At least he likes it.

#3: “Goodbye Moonmen”

“Mortynight Run”

Unable to justify their part in the death of another lifeform, Morty takes it upon himself to save the gaseous being, later self-dubbed as Fart. As they traverse space to take Fart to safety, it serenades Morty with a ditty about living together in harmony, while simultaneously providing some trippy images. Later, when Morty learns of Fart’s intention to kill off all physical life forms, he has his Fart friend sings him the song one last time before pulling the trigger. Performed by Jemaine Clement, the mellow interstellar ballad is a throwback to early David Bowie, and nearly as catchy the original space rocker’s tunes.

#2: “Terryfold”

“Rest and Ricklaxation”

After one adventure too much, Rick and Morty are at their breaking point, and have a meltdown. Realizing that their lives have become too toxic, they plan a spa day to unwind, and purge all their unhealthy elements. On the way back, feeling good and functioning like a happy family for the first time ever, Morty turns on the radio. A slow jam R&B-like track plays softly in the background as Rick and Morty discuss their future options. It’s not until the end credits that the audience gets to really hear just how weird the song is. Essentially taking a light jab at repetitive, meaningless pop hits, “Terryfold” doesn’t mean anything unless you make it mean something . . yet we all get it.

#1: “Get Schwifty”

“Get Schwifty”

While the song that won the Cromulons’ contest and saved the planet may have been their final entry, it was “Get Schwifty” that won our hearts. You know, getting Schwifty, everyone is going to get Schwifty up in here! Showing them what they got, the lyrics shift back and forth between total nonsense and crude humor. It is maybe the dumbest song in the world – so why do we love it so much!? We guess Rick was right: don’t overthink it, good music comes from the heart.


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