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Top 10 Reasons We Love Blake Lively

VO: JR WRITTEN BY: Savannah Sher
Script written by Savannah Sher There are so many reasons to love Blake Lively. Not only does she have the cutest family, but she’s such a sweet person on camera and in interviews, it’s pretty hard not to love her. Did you know that she is a serious foodie? Blake Lively considers Martha Stewart to be one of her idols, and has described watching the Food Network as one of her favorite activities. She’s a feminist! She has spoken on several occasions for the feminist cause and continues to be an inspiration to young girls everywhere when it comes to fighting for gender equality.

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Top 10 Reasons We Love Blake Lively

She’s beautiful, she’s talented, and she’s charismatic to boot. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Reasons We Love Blake Lively.
For this list, we’re looking at our absolute favorite things about this A list actress.

#10: She's a Gamer

Lots of celebs aim for that cool girl vibe, but for Blake Lively, it is totally well earned. Lively admits to loving video games and in particular- Guitar Hero. In fact, she says she has actually competed in tournaments in Brooklyn. Though she claimed in 2014 that she’s never won, she did make it to the semi finals. The writers of “Gossip Girl” even wrote her faux-guitar skills into the script, with Serena competing against Vanessa in a Guitar Hero battle in the show’s first season.

#9: She's Not a Party Girl

Considering the reputation of her most well known character, you’d think that Blake Lively would share some of Serena’s hard partying ways. Lively insists that she’s nothing like Serena though, and in fact doesn’t drink alcohol- at all. She also says that she doesn’t follow any particular diet and likes to feast on chocolate, so we can only imagine that skipping those high calorie beers and mixed drinks is what gives her her enviable figure. Having celebs follow a responsible lifestyle is a great influence to the young people who look up to them.

#8: She's a Foodie

While she may not be interested in alcohol, she sure does love food. Blake Lively considers Martha Stewart to be one of her idols, and has described watching the Food Network as one of her favorite activities. Considering how busy her acting career must be, we honestly can’t imagine how she has time to do things like learning to make her own puff pastry and studying at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, which she said had long been one of her greatest aspirations. We’d let you cook for us any time Blake!

#7: She's Multi-Talented

We’ve already talked about her culinary skills and Guitar Hero prowess, but this actress has even more up her sleeve than that. No one can say that she’s spent any time coasting on her good looks, because she always seems to have a new project in the works. One of her most recent ventures was Preserve, an online community she started that was part online shop and part lifestyle blog. Unfortunately she claims that she was too ambitious with the initial launch and has shut the site down, but plans to revive it - or something like it - in the future.

#6: Her Instagram

Blake Lively has 18 million followers on Instagram as of November 2017, and if you’re not already one of them, you definitely should be. If you want to get a behind the scenes look at what it’s like in the life of Lively, be sure to hit follow. She posts regular snapshots of her fashion looks and glamorous outfits before big events, but also lets you in on some more lighthearted and intimate moments. And be sure to read her captions because she almost always has something witty to add to her images.

#5: She's a Feminist

While some celebs are a little more tight-lipped about their personal and political opinions, Blake Lively has never been shy about standing up for what she believes in. She is a strong supporter of many causes, but has put a particular emphasis on advocating for women - be it in Hollywood or the rest of the world. She has spoken on several occasions for the feminist cause and continues to be an inspiration to young girls everywhere when it comes to fighting for gender equality.

#4: Her Relationship & Family with Ryan Reynolds

As far as celebrity couples go, these two have to be one of our favorites. Blake Lively met Ryan Reynolds during the filming of “Green Lantern” in 2010 and before long they were buying their first home together and hosting a super under-the-radar wedding. Whenever either of these two are interviewed, their love and affection for one another is palpable and they seem to only have the utmost respect for each other’s careers. It doesn’t hurt that their kids are totally adorable too!

#3: Her Fashion Sense

Ever since she first hit the scene after being cast as Bridget in “The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants”, Blake Lively has been upping our fashion aspirations with every outfit she wears. Whether it’s for glamorous red carpet events or more casual everyday street looks, her signature laid back California girl style is always on point. She’s a darling of Vogue magazine, and has graced their cover more than once. Even while she was pregnant, she showed that you don’t have to cover up to achieve great maternity style.

#2: She's a Philanthropist

In addition to her support of feminist causes, Blake Lively also does advocacy work in an effort to protect children from child trafficking. She appeared in the 2015 documentary series “A Path Appears,” where she helped to investigate the issue in the United States. During the 2008 presidential election, Lively came out in support of democratic nominee Barack Obama, even shooting a commercial with fellow “Gossip Girl” star Penn Badgley to encourage young people to vote for him. It’s clear that she holds these political causes close to her heart, and that’s totally admirable.

#1: Her Sense of Humor

In the modern day, being a successful actress is about much more than how to turn in a convincing performance onset. Celebs have to perform the talk show circuit whenever they’re promoting a new project, and how likable they are in these interviews can dictate how much attention their work receives. Blake Lively seems to have no problem laughing it up with late night hosts, and always seems to have a hilarious anecdote to share with them. She seems to genuinely not take herself too seriously, and never shies away from a self-deprecating joke. You can just tell she’d be a blast to hang out with!

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