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Justice League vs. The Avengers

Written by Zack Tobin They work together to defeat threats that they could not stop alone. Welcome to and today we’ll be looking at the Justice League and The Avengers to see which is greatest superhero team of all time. Although a fight between the two teams would be pretty awesome, we’ll be looking at a variety of categories to determine the winner, and not who would win in a fight. Have an idea you want to see made into a WatchMojo video? Check out our suggest page at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest and submit your idea.

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They work together to defeat threats that they could not stop alone. Welcome to and today we’ll be looking at the Justice League and The Avengers to see which is greatest superhero team of all time.

Although a fight between the two teams would be pretty awesome, we’ll be looking at a variety of categories to determine the winner, and not who would win in a fight.

Round 1: Founding Members
In one corner we have the Justice League, created when DC Comics brought their seven most popular superheroes together to form the team. The original seven were Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter. Four of these guys had been published continuously since the 1940s and the other three were instrumental in jumpstarting the Silver Age of comics. Their first official origin story was told in 1962’s Justice League of America #9, when the seven heroes all came together to battle the evil space invaders known Appellaxians.

Unlike the Justice League, the Avengers weren’t exactly Marvel’s most well-known heroes. The Avengers who came together in 1963 to defeat the evil trickster Loki were a mixed bag. Sure, Iron Man and Thor were pretty popular, but Hulk’s first comic had already been cancelled and Ant-Man and the Wasp were second stringers. Sure, the roster that was gathered together for the 2012 film featured characters who were big box office by then – but that was the movie. If you stick to their original comic origins, they definitely weren’t a team comic book legends.

Now we have grown to love all the heroes, but the original Avengers simply lack the iconic status and star power that the Man of Steel and Dark Knight bring to the Justice League.

Winner: Justice League 1/ The Avengers 0

Round 2: Additional Members
So now that we looked at its original core, let’s now take a look at the characters who were acquired later on.

DC went all out on the original team, but that didn’t leave much room for expansion. A lot of the members added down through the years feel like they were strictly B-team. Let’s just say that a whole lot of the later members are not superheroes most kids would have heard of. Sure, you did have the likes of Green Arrow, Black Canary, and Shazam. But you also had Vibe, the Elongated Man, Rocket Red, Gypsy…need I go on?

Unlike DC, Marvel took time giving Avengers membership cards to some of their biggest names. Many of their most loved Avengers came after the original squad was formed. This list includes Black Panther, Captain America, who became the leader of the Avengers, Wolverine, and of course everybody’s favorite neighborhood superhero Spider-Man.

While Justice League’s founding crew is a lot more impressive, the names that were added to the Avenger’s roster further down the line tip the scale in Marvel’s favor.

Round 3: Team Chemistry
For any team to succeed, whether it be a sports team and or a team of superheroes, they need to learn to work together.

The Justice League are a pretty diverse group of characters that consist of gods, aliens, humans with powers, and humans without powers. It’s tough to find two members who have something in common. That’s not to say there aren’t memorable relationships in the group. Batman and Superman are known to have a love-hate relationship based on their different ideologies. The Flash and Green Lantern have always been best buds. And Wonder Woman has had a flirtatious relationship with pretty much every member in the group. Still because the members of the Justice League come from all walks of life, they have more of a working relationship.

Some of the relationships in the Avengers kind of parallel those in the Justice League. Just like the Justice League, the Avenger’s main leaders are a cynical billionaire and a big blue boy scout. And – shocker – just like Batman and Superman, Stark and Rogers butt heads. What makes the Avengers different is that they have a lot more in common with each other, as most of them behave more like normal humans and don’t let their capes and masks get in the way of building relationships. It also helps that a lot of them were friends before joining the Avengers, like Iron Man and War Machine, and Captain America and Falcon. This gives them a lot more common ground, and they seem to hang out with each other when they’re not kicking butt.

While the Justice League may have been called Super Friends, it’s Earth Mightiest Heroes, who are actually friends. For that they take this round.

Winner: Justice League 1/Avengers 2

Round 4: Villains
Everyone knows that a hero is only as interesting as his villains.

The Justice League has to fight loads of infamous bad guys, like the maniacal Lex Luthor or the all-powerful Darkseid. That’s not even mentioning other threats like Anti-Monitor, Brainiac, and Starro. And it’s a common trend in the DC universe is that the bad guys love to form groups of their own, such as the Injustice League and the Crime Syndicate. With bad guys like these constantly looking to cause trouble, the Justice League has plenty to of worthy, top drawer enemies to keep themselves busy.

On the comic book pages, the Avengers have enough baddies to keep themselves plenty busy. They have to deal with the likes of Thor’s jealous brother Loki, who both in the comics and films brought the team together. The horrific android Ultron is another villain made famous by the cinematic universe and the sinister Normon Osborn is a major adversary to the Avengers in the comic books. Even though the fierce foes sometimes join up, they don’t do it with the same panache - or frequency – as their DC brethren in crime.

In recent years the Avengers may have the more recognized rogues gallery, the villains and teams of villains the Justice League face off against is just too menacing to ignore. We’re going to have give this point to the Justice League.

Winner Justice League 2/ Avengers 2

Round 5: Film & TV
For our final round it’s time to look at which team has been more successful at leaping from comic pages to the small and silver screens.

The Justice League’s strength comes from their television appearances, where they captured the attention of children across generations. First they gave us the campy but fun “Super Friends” in the 70s, then they gave us the epic “Justice League” and “Justice League: Unlimited” in the early 2000s. Not to mention the short lived but well worth your time series Young Justice. While an official movie Justice League movie won’t come out until 2017, we have seen the world they are creating for it, with “Man of Steel,” “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” and “Suicide Squad”. Granted these movies are, lets face it, kind bad, they certainty haven’t soured us to the Justice League, and we’re looking forward to the future outings of DC’s premiere heroes.

The Avengers haven’t done as well on the small screen, although the cartoon “Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes” was fantastic, it was unceremoniously replaced by Avengers: Assemble, a show that did not live up to it’s processor’s quality.

As for animated features, once again DC has Marvel absolutely trounced in this category. Marvel has very few animated features based on the Avengers and even less to write home about. DC on the other hand has a whole host of great animated features that we really wish the live action movies would take a que from.

The Avenger’s real success has come from their fantastic movies. With a huge host of blockbuster movies based around it’s members, and three team up movies under their belt, the Justice League have a lot of catching up to do.

When it comes to television and animated appearances, the Justice League takes the crown, but in the cinematic department, The Avengers win by an absolute landslide. As close as this round is, we have to give the overall category, and the match to The Avengers.

Winner: Justice League 2 / Avengers 3

So it looks like the Avengers were able to assemble and knock off the Justice League with a tight 3 to 2 victory.

Did we pick the right team? Be sure to debate it in the comments and of course, don’t forget to subscribe to WatchMojo for more entertaining versus battles.

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