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Top 10 Gifts for Movie and TV Fans

VO: MW WRITTEN BY: Thomas O'Connor

Script written by Thomas O' Connor

Some people are hard to shop for, but we got your back. From Breaking Bad: The Complete Series Blu-Ray, to the Star Wars: Darth Vader Optical Illusion Desk Lamp, to some incredible unique movie posters, these are the ideal presents for movie and television conossieurs. WatchMojo counts down ten gifts for movie and TV fans.


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Script written by Thomas O' Connor

Top 10 Gifts for Movie and TV Fans

Some people are hard to shop for, but we got your back. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our top ten gifts for movie and TV fans.

For this list we’ll be counting down some great and affordable gift ideas for the movie and TV fans in your life, because we’re all about making your holiday shopping experience less stressful.

#10: Breaking Bad: The Complete Series Blu-Ray

Even years after its final episode aired, this incredible series from creator Vince Gilligan and star Bryan Cranston remains one of our absolute favorites, and reminding our friends who haven’t watched it that they really should is practically a full-time job. What better way to encourage your friends to let the series take over their lives with this box set, which includes the complete series on 16 Blu-Ray discs.The set is surprisingly affordable and comes loaded with special features, including a feature-length documentary that chronicles the production of the show’s final episodes. Just make sure they have 40-plus hours to spare to watch it all!

#9: Movie Buff

We here at WatchMojo know a lot about movies to put it mildly, but we all have at least one friend whose knowledge of all things cinema knows no boundaries. For that friend, we highly recommend this movie-trivia oriented board game. With a simple set of rules, this game is perfect for quiet nights in or heated, brutally competitive movie-geek battles with all of your cinephile friends. We can’t say that it will prevent your know-it-all friends from dropping movie trivia into every conversation, but hopefully it will give them an outlet for their passion that only occasionally ends in a fist fight.

#8: Star Wars: Darth Vader Optical Illusion Desk Lamp

Who doesn’t dream of having the Dark Lord of the Sith watch over you as you sleep? Oh, just us? This clever desk lamp creates a convincing illusion that the three-dimensional image of Darth Vader’s iconic helmet is staring back at you, despite the image itself being entirely flat. The lamp includes color-changing LEDs that cycle between six distinct colors, but we wouldn’t blame you for sticking to blue to evoke the look of the holograms used in the films. There’s a variety of other designs to choose from, including R2 D2 and Yoda.

#7: Stranger Things Blu-Ray

Getting back to TV shows we love to pester our friends to watch, why not treat your TV-loving friends to the complete first season of this Netflix surprise hit, for those days when the Internet is out, or if you still have friends who don’t have the streaming service. In keeping with the show’s 80s-tastic references, the Blu-Ray set is designed to look like a VHS case, meaning you can also have fun (and feel old) explaining what VHS is to your younger friends and relatives. The only real downside to the set is the absence of any bonus features, but that just means you can also pick up the soundtrack on vinyl!

#6: Unique Movie Posters

For movie and TV fans, choosing just the right posters to decorate the walls of their home can be a nearly impossible decision. What movies perfectly express their impeccable taste, and what posters do they choose from the massive variety of styles on hand? Why not take that choice out of their hands by picking out a nice poster for them? It’s hard to go wrong with minimalist designs that boil down our favorite movies and shows to simple and evocative imagery. If all else fails, you can even find beautiful poster designs printed on thin sheets of metal for that extra wow factor at a surprisingly low cost.

#5: Loot Crate Membership

Why settle for one gift when you can get your friends a boxful of gifts every single month? One of the latest sensations to take the geek world by storm, these services offer themed boxes of assorted knick knacks and swag delivered to the subscriber’s door every month, for a relatively small fee of course. There’s a massive variety of subscriptions to choose from, with some offering video game and geek themed loot, and others bringing boxes of snacks, books, and more right to your doorstep. Most of the larger services regularly include merchandise for the latest summer blockbusters or must-see TV releases, a sure-fire win for movie and TV fans.

#4: Adventure Time: The Official Cookbook

Cooking can be a tricky and intimidating thing to get into, but this mathematical cookbook from Pendleton Ward’s fan-favorite series makes it a snap. The book is written entirely in-universe, presented as an old cookbook that Finn has found and added to, making reading it as much fun as eating the tasty treats it helps you make. The book includes time-tested staples like grilled cheese, as well as dishes right from the show, and you know what that means: Bacon Pancakes in yo mouth! This book is a must for fans of the show AND fans of eating, which is everyone, right?

#3: Replica Longclaw

We all want a chance swing around Longclaw, Jon Snow’s iconic Valyrian Steel sword from “Game of Thrones”, but there are a few problems with that idea. Firstly, a real metal sword replica can easily run you a few hundred dollars. And second, swinging around a metal sword, even a replica, isn’t exactly safe. Thankfully, this foam duplicate solves both those issues. The soft blade looks great, you can wave it around as much as you like without fear of injuring your friends and loved ones, and it runs a much more reasonable sixty bucks. If you really need some metal “Thrones” swag, there’s also this Iron Throne miniature.

#2: Cinemaps: An Atlas of 35 Great Movies

Some of our favorite movies take place in epic, interesting or just plain massive landscapes, from sweeping jungles to fantastical cities. While we may not be able to buy our friends tickets to these incredible locales, this book is the next best thing. With recreated maps of movie locales from “King Kong”, “Metropolis”, “Indiana Jones” and even “Mad Max: Fury Road”, the book offers an in-depth look at some of the iconic landscapes of cinema, as well as well-written and thoroughly engaging analyses of the movies themselves and the role that their environments play. This book truly takes you into the movies!

#1: Streaming Service Membership

While it might seem unheard of, it’s worth remembering that a lot of people still haven’t made the leap to streaming TV and movies, either because they want to hold onto their physical copies, they don’t know how, or they just haven’t gotten around to it. If that’s the case, why not show that friend what they’re missing by helping them make the transition to streaming and treating them to the first few months of their subscription? There are tons of TV shows and movies, including original content that can’t be seen anywhere else, and you could be the one to usher them into that world!

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