Top 10 Times Big Mouth Went Too Far



Top 10 Times Big Mouth Went Too Far

Written by Laura Keating

Puberty can be awkward, but this series reminds us that it can be downright disgusting too. Welcome to and today we'll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Times “Big Mouth” Went Too Far.

For this list, we'll be taking a look at scenes where things got out of hand in this animated adult comedy. The show has been praised for its sex positivity and honesty, but that doesn't mean it's sometimes not really weird... or really dark.

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Puberty can be awkward, but this series reminds us that it can be downright disgusting too. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Times “Big Mouth” Went Too Far.

For this list, we’ll be taking a look at scenes where things got out of hand in this animated adult comedy. The show has been praised for its sex positivity and honesty, but that doesn’t mean it’s sometimes not really weird . . .or really dark.

#10: Basketballs & Penises

In the opening episode, the show was throwing it all out there. After seeing Andrew's penis, it's all Nick can think about, as he wonders if everyone but him has hit puberty already. Seeing his friends in the locker room and then on the basketball court, he starts to imagine them as human-sized, detailed penises! Granted, the scene is hilarious but also shocking: this is a middle school setting, after all. However, there is no hand-holding in this show, as the showrunners are, uh, balls to the wall in their commitment to surprising their audience.

#9: The Pornscape

Like many teenagers, Andrew gets sucked into the world of online pornography. But in this case, literally. Lost in the Pornscape, Maurice the Hormone Monster recruits Nick to try to take him back to reality. Together, they join a young Sylvester Stallone as they traverse a debauched river of kinks, banked by shores of copulating couples. In the heart of darkness of the Pornscape, Andrew has become a lace-up-shirt-wearing porn king. It’s clear that he’s trying to drown his feelings about Missy in an unending stream of smut; and to save him, Nick is nearly molested by a sheep in a thong.

#8: Horse Play

Throughout the episode, the boys (and Maurice's) minds are blown (pun intended) when they discover that girls get aroused, just like they do. The episode sees the female characters obsessed with a new romance novel involving star-crossed lovers, and a beautiful man who can transform into a horse. Andrew’s mother, Barbara, also begins to read the book, and realizes that something is missing in her life. Her husband, Marty, doesn’t get what wrong, but in an effort to make her happy, saddles up. Poor Andrew walks in as the kinky times begin. Even Maurice is horrified by the sight.

#7: Crusty Socks

After spending a night making deposits into the ol’ spank bank, an exhausted Andrew decides to head off to bed. As he makes to leave, Maurice suggests that maybe he should clean up a little, as his room is covered in soiled socks. The image is gross enough, but it still goes the extra mile to show us just how bad it really is. So bad, in fact, that Andrew opts to throw the whole load out in a synagogue dumpster on the street rather than attempt to have them washed or even throw them away in the household garbage.

#6: Take The BJ Train

The ghost of Duke Ellington resides in Nick’s attic, because why the hell not? When his older sister Leah holds a party when their parents are away, Nick starts to hit it off with Tallulah, a girl from the ninth grade. Later, he is informed by his somewhat unhinged older bro that she has a reputation for being a blowjob queen. Confused (especially because he’s been drinking cheap brandy) Nick seeks advice about oral sex from Duke Ellington, who is having a party with other dead celebrities upstairs. The ghosts tell Nick to drop trou so they see what he’s working with – and he is roundly mocked. The night doesn’t get much better from there.

#5: Dance Dance Emission

The title of the episode is “Ejaculation,” so we can’t say we weren’t warned. Brand new to the whole puberty thing, Andrew cannot quite control himself. Not only does he think of little else but sex, with Maurice constantly whispering perversions in his ear, but containing his urges are a living nightmare. So, at the dance, when Missy leads him to the floor, it is just too much. Mid-dance, he loses control and makes a mess of himself. Horrified, he runs to the bathroom, where he only makes matters worse when he desperately tries to wash his pants in the toilet.

#4: Jay & Silent Pillow

Against their better judgement, Andrew and Nick agree to go to a sleepover at Jay’s house on the promise of playing crazy and violent video games all night. Jay, who is certainly the weirdest of their group, and possessing exactly zero filters, is all too happy to let them know that it’s not just video games he uses to amuse himself. In his bedroom, Jay very graphically describes his processes of having sex with his own pillow. It involves microwaved soup. Nick and Andrew are justifiably weirded out, but Maurice – naturally – is impressed.

#3: Head Cheese

Maurice the Hormone Monster is more of an interference than a helper. When Andrew and Missy have to work on a project together, they go to a science center. Andrew just wants some alone time with Missy, but Maurice is determined to tag along. As a distraction, Andrew finds who he believes to be the most sexless person: American public radio icon Garrison Keillor. With his Hormone Monster at bay, Missy and Andrew can take a literal tour of the heart. Maurice still manages to ruin Andrew’s first kiss, but in an act of ghoulish overkill presents Andrew with Garrison Keillor’s severed head – and then defiles it. (Are we only on #3? Oh, boy).

#2: Cream Cracker

Jay's older brothers come home early as the boys are playing video games. Because they are like older, crazier versions of Jay, they tell Andrew and Nick that they have an old Sylvester Stallone porno, but will only let them watch it if they complete a round of dares. At first, this seems like it is just a fight club. However, once they’ve pummeled one another, they present another game: Jizzkit. Realizing Nick has yet to hit puberty (and will surely be forced to eat the soon to be semen-laden cracker), Andrew cuts the game short. What follows is a harrowing, video game-like run to escape Jay's insane household.

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

The Scallops

Midnight Wank

#1: Pillow Shock

Remember Jay’s detailed instructions on what he does to his pillow? (Actually, we’re pretty sure you couldn’t scrub that memory out with steel wool). Well, the episode appropriately titled “Pillow Talk” strives to teach a lesson about safe sex and responsibility. After once more doing the deed, Jay’s pillow tearfully confesses that she is pregnant. Terrified at first, Jay decides to take responsibility and will be a father to his little pillow. Throughout the pillow’s pregnancy, they have their ups and downs, but the biggest shocker comes at the birth, when Jay notices the little cushion looks like his older brother.