Top 10 Gifts for Gamers!

Script written by Nathan Sharp

Hey man, gamers are picky! We'd want advice if we were in your shoes too...These are the gifts - both cheap and pricey - that are sure to satisfy the gamer in your life. Whether they be PC elitists, console lovers or simply mobile-curious, these stocking stuffers and tree toppers are sure to get you in the good books for years to come. NO GIFT RECEIPTS NEEDED HERE BOYO. Welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Gifts for Gamers, 2017 edition.

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Top 10 Gifts for Gamers 2017

Looking for gift ideas for the gamer in your life? We’ve got you covered. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten gifts for gamers for 2017.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the latest, hottest items in the gaming world and ranking them based on popularity and desirability.

#10: Arcade Light Switch

Who wants a boring old light switch in their house? This plate comes equipped with two large arcade-style buttons and goes over any flat light switch. It’s perfect for a playful child’s room, a gaming room, or if you just want to get a little lively and throw it on some random light switch in the house. The plate looks great, the buttons are responsive, and it’ll satisfy that nostalgia vibe you’ve been feeling since the second season of “Stranger Things” was released. It also hovers around 10$, so it makes for a fun and inexpensive gift for that gamer in your life.

#9: Hover X LapDesk

Sometimes you just want to play some PC games while lazing around on the couch or in bed. We get that. Enter: the Hover X lap desk, a device which allows you to play games on your laptop while sitting on a couch. However, this thing is more than just a piece of plastic - and for over 100$ price tag, it better be! It’s made from bamboo, so not only does it look really cool, it perfectly traps and maintains heat, so you don’t have to worry about your laptop over-heating. It also comes with a quality built-in mousepad and a cable slot which can hold phones and mini tablets. Convenient, practical, and awesome.

#8: HyperX Cloud Stinger Headset

We get it. You really want a good gaming headset, but you’re afraid to ask someone to buy you one because they tend to be pretty pricey. Good thing there’s the HyperX Cloud Stinger, which seems to strike a nice balance between affordability and quality. It’s going for around 50$ on Amazon, and the headset comes with a few nifty features, including memory foam ear cups and a noise-cancelling microphone. While it may not be the pinnacle of gaming headsets, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better one at that price.

#7: NECA Action Figures

Forget the funko pops. NECA is where it’s at. We’ll just say this out front: some may scoff at the price points of some of these action figures. The prices range anywhere between 20$ all the way up to 120$ and beyond, but you know what they say: you get what you pay for. These figures are both extremely accurate to their video game counterparts and are highly detailed. Seriously, the amount of work that must go into each of these figures is staggering. These are the Madame Tussauds of action figures, and if you’re willing to splurge, they make for a fantastic gift.

#6: Corsair K70 RGB LED Mechanical Keyboard

These keyboards are certainly not cheap, so the person you ask may laugh at the idea, but just tell them that it’s a really, really good keyboard, and that’ll hopefully change their mind. Probably not, but you never know. It really is a beast of a keyboard, complete with multicolor backlighting, complete customization, and anti-ghosting. This one is for serious PC gamers, but if you have the money and the right recipient, you will undoubtedly make their day.

#5: Xbox One X or PS4 Pro

While they’re not quite the hottest consoles on the market right now, you really can’t go wrong with an Xbox One X or PS4 Pro. Well, actually, make sure they have a 4K TV or HDR compatibility first. In case you’re unaware, these bad boys serve as upgrades to their respective predecessors, offering more power, space, visual detail, and better performance. Sure, they’re not quite on the same level as some of the top-of-the-line gaming PCs, but they’re the most powerful consoles ever, and that’s got to be worth something. They’re certainly not cheap, but come on, it’s Christmas!

#4: Nintendo Switch

It’s the hottest new console! Get them while they’re hot! Well, it’ll probably be hot for a long time seeing as how many stellar games have already been released, but still! The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s newest console, and if you buy it for someone, you’ll be their favorite person for weeks. Everyone has been getting their hands on one, and it has enjoyed what is arguably one of the greatest and most successful console launches in gaming history. It is THE hot toy of 2017, even if it does cost $400. But hey, it’s cheaper than a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X, so there’s that to consider!

#3: Controller for Their Console

Rather than buying the console itself, think about buying an extra controller for the one they already own. Believe us, they’ll thank you for it. Controllers are certainly not cheap: they cost just about as much as a brand new game. That being said, gamers are more likely to buy themselves a brand new game than a new controller, so you’d be doing them a big favor. Many gamers keep with the original controller until it dies or is misplaced, and many refuse to buy extras, meaning local multiplayer is out of the question, and with so many officially licensed “pro” and “elite” controllers on the market, the upgrade is sure to make a difference.

#2: NES or SNES Classic

If you can actually get your hands on one, the NES or SNES Classics are sure to bring a smile to any gamer’s face. These little guys are mini versions of the classic consoles and come equipped with pre-loaded video games. They’re a great gift for nostalgic gaming enthusiasts or just gamers in general, as it allows them to own and try pieces of gaming history. And the good news is that the SNES version only costs 80$! Well, 80$ retail. Who knows what you’ll actually end up paying in the resale market.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Seagate 1TB External Hard Drive

Retro-Bit Retrolink Classic USB Controllers

#1: Steam/Xbox Games Store/PlayStation Store Gift Card

Sometimes the greatest gifts are the simplest ones, and what could be simpler than a gift card? Some people hate the idea of giving gift cards as presents, but the recipients never seem to complain. It really is a win-win scenario: you get to choose how much to spend pretty much down to the cent, and the recipient gets to spend it on whatever they want. You don’t have to worry about giving them a crap game, or even a good game that simply doesn’t interest them. Just buy a gift card and give ‘er. It’s easy peasy, and it makes for the perfect gift.